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Bumps in the Night

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From the author and illustrator of the bestselling books about The Stupids and Miss Ne. A fun little chapter book filled with strange animal characters and scary suspense if you are learning to read

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Lson comes a creepy ghost story perfect for Halloween or any time Stratospheric height. Cute spooky fun Loved the story and the adorable illustrations Shocked that this book is freuently challengedbanned but I guess the type of people who ban books are the same type of people who are beyond extra about anything vaguely occult or ueer The ghost a male horse gives the main character a male stork a kiss Anyway I really enjoyed reading this silly little ghost story

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S of tomfoolery the deadpan telling could coax guffaws from a stone Publisher's Weekly. When all those strange bumps cause Dudley to lose sleep his friend Trevor Hog suggests he try a medium an alligator named Madam Kreepy Madam Kreepy holds a seance with Dudley and his friends to see who is causing the bumps The ghost turns out to be Donald the horse who once lived in Dudley's house All that Donald wanted was a friend and he and Dudley hit it off right away The plot as described above is rather corny Characterization considering that this is a beginning chapter book is minimal Nonetheless it does display a sense of humor through the text and pictures that kids will love This will fill a need for very beginning chapter books and with the well known author and illustrator should go out well

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