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This outstanding anthology traces major critical statements from classic theorists like Plato to the contemporary This standard From Plato to the late 1960s the search for a way to find meaning in literature seemed to go down one rabbit hole after another By the end of Hazard's compilation we get statements like this from Murray Krieger the last contributor For the poem as discourse and thing is motion and is in motion Yet it is motion in stillness the stillness that is at once moving and forever still A self licking ice cream cone of self contradictory nonsenseI have other complaints about this book First all of the contributors as far as I can tell are white males from Europe or North America Did no women no men or women of color or from any other continent have anything meaningful to say about literatureSecond the title suggests that this is a book containing literary criticism theories In fact it contains almost exclusively theories of criticism of poetry Poetry is placed on a high pedestal while prose when mentioned at all is relegated to a far lower positionThird once the selections reach the 20th century only a few of the critical theories get any attention primarily Marxism structuralism and New Criticism All the others it seems deserved no attentionFourth the title suggests that the selected contributors will explain the background and basis for their theories Instead most spend their time criticizing the work of other sometimes long dead criticsPerhaps this book works well or can be made to work well as a textbook with the course instructor helping to provide context and meaning Or for the professor or professional critic it can provide a historical perspective on how theories of poetic criticism developed For any other reader it's not worth the time and trouble


Selections bring the anthology into contemporary times and show students how critical theory has evolved and progressed over tim I consider this the most useful and salient collection of critical theory I've ever encountered Adams gathers togther a very choice collection of essays private letters tributes speeches reviews and arguments which have trickled down to us throughout the ages The selections here come from Greco Roman philosophers Renaissance painters; medieval monks courtiers epic poets Elizabethan playwrights existentialists religious historians surrealistsa vast panorama of creative intellects breathe their opinions into this one weighty handsome volume Whether one is a student or a professor if the field is the humanities this book is a must have on one's shelf

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