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Of Nina’s closest friendsWith the help of her police detective ex husband a mysterious coroner’s investigator her formerly felonious employees and her zany neighbors Nina sets out to uncover a killerbefore another victim ends up planted six feet unde. This series should be reuired reading to all authors who want to write cozy mysteries The thing that makes a mystery “cozy” is a loveable cast The elements that makes a mystery good are intrigue action and drama If you want to add a romance into the mix then it is IMPERATIVE that the characters be likeable and have chemistry This is a series that has all of that Everything about this series is done beautifully and to perfection Normally when I am reading I am OCD I am constantly looking at ways to make the story better I would change this or I would change that My favorite reading times are when I can completely relax and enjoy the story because there is NOTHING I would change This is that kind of series From the first page of book one until the last page of what I believe is now book 7 I have been absolutely and completely entertained Kudos This is not only a must read series but like I said before should be reuired before an author is allowed to start writing a “cozy “


Ng up after Mother Nature’s fury is the least of her worriesIt soon becomes clear that there is no lack of suspects in the man’s untimely death As a shady contractor and philanderer he’d angered a lot of people before he disappeared including some. Landscape designer Nina uinn of Freedom Ohio drives through a torrential storm to arrive at her house and find a crime scene opposite Nina's friends Perry and Mario are busily fixing up their new home and did not expect to find a body uprooted by the storm Finding good help has been a problem for Nina and friends Nina believing that all souls deserve a second chance hires ex cons to start them over in life However even Nina is concerned when she learned a 'shady contractor and philanderer' Joey Miller was employed as project manager for her friends home and then when he goes missing The giant Ash tree is felled by the storm and clutched in it's roots is the missing Joey Suspects are plenty and colorful as Nina works with her family and friends to uickly solve this crime This novel has humor suspense twists of storyline and characters that you won't easily forget Romance is an underlining theme but does not go smoothly for anyone Then finally just who is the new Coroner Assistant And why does he look so familiar to NinaI truly love this series It has been in e format but luckily for me Ms Webber published some print copies I'm glad because I want this one on my bookshelves to re read in the future

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When a spring storm rolls through Freedom Ohio landscape designer Nina uinn expects to get her hands dirty with the mess left behindBut after high winds uproot a tree revealing the corpse of a man inside its rotted hollow Nina uickly realizes that cleani. I'm really hoping that she picks this series up again I came to it late Just finished this last book and truthfully there was a lot that was left a little too open in the ending Such as view spoiler Nina's and Kevin's relationship status Brickhouse and Mr Cabera How was Seth going to figure into all this hide spoiler

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