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I Have a Little Problem

SUMMARY I Have a Little Problem

Lp they have no time to find out what the bear's problem ISEveryone knows how it feels not to be listened to especially chi Cute illustrations but the story didn't do much for me

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The bear has a problem and absolutely everyone has the perfect remedy The only trouble is they're all in such a hurry to he EXCELLENT 2010 WOULD RECOMMEND

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Ldren Young readers will understand the bear's frustration completely as they enthusiastically join in the repeating refrai Sweet book reminding us to listen and to be mindful of others And to not interrup

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    My dear “book buddy” brought this book one I might never have found a delightful story about the need to really listen when someone is trying to tell you something What a terrific story it would be to use when discussing listening respectfully This bear has a little problem but each person encountered in the story is so busy thinking that their area of expertise is just what the bear needs that he doesn’t get a chance to tell what the problem is He gains a hat a scarf glasses and so on but finally one good listener actually stops to listen The illustrations are filled with the details of each encounter while the bear stands uietly not solving his “little problem” at all

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    I picked this up looked at the title and jacket and immediately thought this looks foreign Whaddya know I was right Janisch and Leffler are Austrian CoolThis was not what I was expecting It won't be what kids are expecting either I'll bet Bear has a problem obviously But no one will let him actually state what the problem is They're too busy diagnosing it and trying to fix it without even listening and before long Bear has boots wings a hat and scarf and a pig on a chain none of which help him with his problemWhat his actual problem is caught me by surprise Kids will never guess it but it makes for a satisfying ending Very cute

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    Cute illustrations but the story didn't do much for me

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    All about the challenges of really being heard

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    Someone please listen to this bearI loved watching the children's faces when I read this book Charlotte was so worried about the bearI was surprised that neither of the kids said why didn't anyone listen to what the bear wanted to sayIt was a good opportunity for us to talk about listening

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    It is amazing how the author shows how things really are when talking to people and how little they care about what are you talking about However there is always going to be a friend who really cares about you and takes hisher time to actually listen to you

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    Bear has a problem Everyone has a solution

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    Sweet book reminding us to listen and to be mindful of others And to not interrupt people when they are trying to speak to us Also wonderful illustrations

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    Liked when the bear sat with the fly but too many visits around town Kids lost interest