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Songs In The Key of J

Free read Songs In The Key of J

Jess and Stephanie are best friends who share everything including the big old mansion they live in together Their different personalities keep conflict at bay especially when it comes to men Jess's history with men is cluttered with catastrophe so much so that she has sworn off them altogether Stephanie on the.

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Other hand seems to cruise through life without a care in the world moving from one relationship to the next When Irish band Punch Drunk comes to town Stephanie finds herself in the middle of a fiery fling with the charming and sophisticated bass player James Soon after Jess finds herself being pursued by the.

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Roguish lead singer Robbie Hard to resist and eager to win her over Robbie tries everything to help Jess forget about a past that still haunts her Knowing that Robbie is the wrong one for her desperate to be the person she once was but terrified of having love destroy her Jess battles with her heart and her min.

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    What can I say? I loved it The characters hit you where you live and the sex was part of the story not the reason for it A must A little shorter than I liked but still very satisfying