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    MemoirSpanning almost a hundred years this evocative memoir recounts the lives of three generations of remarkable Chinese women back coverHelen Tse recounts her family's story beginning with her grandmother's birth in 1918 near Guangzhou China She was born into extreme poverty in a China still recovering from devastating losses from World War I The 1918 19 Spanish Flu epidemic killed 20 million people than the war itselfThe women of Tse's family struggle with desperate poverty and deeply entrenched Chinese tradition which severely limit their options in life Their tenacious strength and determination to seize any opportunity to better lives for themselves and their family is inspiring The women must make so many personal sacrifices that it is even impressive that their determination never flagsWe follow their lives to Hong Kong London and many other places The author is a marvelous narrator taking us along the journey with descriptions of the cities and countries that we feel as though we're there I loved the armchair journeyThe family finally begins to achieve success through sheer relentless hard work and determination only to suddenly suffer unforeseen setbacks They uickly recover and strive to improve their lives immediately drawing strength from each other and the generations of accumulated wisdomThis was a fascinating look at Chinese culture and traditions through the years and at life in London for a Chinese born members of the family who consider London homeThe author's weaving into her story of Chinese history added another layer of interest I very much liked the uotes that began each chapter in English with the Chinese version below such as If you are patient in a moment of anger you will escape a hundred years of sorrowThank you to Good Reader Debbie Zapata for the gift of this lovely book

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    Sweet Mandarin by Helen See narrated by Liz Sutherland produced by BBC WW downloaded from audiblecomSpanning almost a hundred years this rich and evocative true story recounts the lives of three generations of remarkable Chinese women Their extraordinaryjourney takes us from the brutal poverty of village life in mainland China to newly prosperous 1930s Hong Kong and finally to the UK Their lives wereas dramatic as the times they lived through Helen Tse's grandmother was forced to work as an amah after the violent murder of her father Crossing theocean from Hong Kong in the 1950s Lily honed her famous chicken curry recipe Eventually she opened one of Manchester's earliest Chinese restaurantsBut thanks to gambling and the Triads they lost it It was up to Helen and her sisters to re establish their grandmother's dream Helen and her two sisters are well educated women each very successful in their own professions But they decide to set their professions aside and open a Chinese restaurant again in Manchester which they name Sweet Mandarin This book gives you history of the family than it does information about the three sisters and their lives But it’s an excellent book

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    A great read for me and the book flows well making it easily read in a couple of sittings What I found different about this book was that as well as it being the true story of Lily and working hard to get herself out of the poverty in China that she was born into was that this story showed just how easily that she managed to lose it all again yet she managed to still have that focus and worked so hard to get it back It also describes how Lily's family were the first chinese faces to be seen in the streets of Middleton Manchester in 1959 and how they were welcomed into the community and not so welcomed by others yet she won most people over with her famous Lily's Chicken CurryThere are also humourous points throughout such as when her Manchester restaurant was visited by The Hollies and Cliff Richard Little did they realise that Lily far from being cool simply had no idea who they wereWell worth a read in my opinion

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    Helen Tse's true story of her family's history and journey to England where they established themselves in Manchester and opened a restaurant Helen is there operating Sweet Mandarin I would love to go there and order Lily Kwok's Chicken Curry UPDATE NEWSFLASH in 2014 my sister Robin and I are going to England and Scotland and will definately be going to meet Helen and enjoy the food at Sweet Mandarin

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    This was a sweet book An amazing journey for the women in this family their struggles and hardships and the love of food and family recipes that brings everyone together around the table whether in a small China village to Hong Kong and then to Manchester England Something for everyone in this touching story

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    I began this book in 2019 as my sauna read; I love to sit in the sauna and while away the time Unfortunately I lost interest early on and set it aside One of my goals this year is to finish the books I have started and clear my TBR pile This was my first read to be finished I actually enjoyed the book and found myself wondering about Lily's next adventure

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    Excellent story of family through generations with Lily being a main character

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    The story of a Chinese family who came from China to Hong Kong to Manchester A lot left unsaid a lot glossed over It did feel a little like an advert for the restaurant

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    Reviewed by JodiG for TeensReadToocomFor Lily Kwok the world did not seem to offer much hope In addition to being a female in a male dominated society she was also born into a severely poverty stricken village in rural China In 1918 there didn't seem to be much of a chance for a different life SWEET MANDARIN is the story of how three generations of women beginning with Lily made their way out of the oppressive confines of culture and poverty to become successful businesswomen in their own right Lily was born in a small farming village near Guangzhou She had one thing that many other young girls of the time didn't a father who cherished his daughters He also had the desire to provide a better life for his family and set about to improve their lives by making and selling soy sauce While Leung was very successful he also drew the envy of others in his village Before he had the opportunity to secure a completely comfortable life for his family Leung was murdered leaving his wife and daughters to the mercy of family Lily worked hard to help provide for her mother sisters and eventually her own husband and children Through a twist of fate Lily had the chance to make a difficult choice for her family She would follow her employer to England and be away from her children in order to secure them a better future in the West When Mabel and her brother Arthur finally joined their mother Lily in England they were strangers to both the country and their own mother Lily opened a take out restaurant in Manchester Not only were they the only Chinese family in the neighborhood they also offered a service that nobody else did a fast affordable and tasty meal that could be taken home to the family The work was hard and the hours long and Mabel learned the skills and recipes that she would one day pass on to her own daughters Helen and her sisters grew up under the wings of both Lily and their mother Mabel The two generations of women that preceded them gave them opportunities that a young Lily may have only dreamed of Helen grew up to go to an ivy league school and become a lawyer and her sisters shared similar successes But they found that their heritage called to them and they opened Sweet Mandarin a restaurant that serves the recipes that guided the lives of all three generations of successful Chinese women SWEET MANDARIN is an inspirational account that proves that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles like poverty murder addiction and oppression if you have the determination you can achieve your dreams

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    Review AT Mama Kucing Meow Sweet Mandarin By Helen TseReviewed on 6th December 2010At first I thought this is just another novel coz I bought this book due to the author's name Love reading books from Asian writersLater when I read through I discovered that this is not just any novel It's a true story of the courageous journey by 3 generations of Chinese women in a familyHelen Tse's grandmother Lily Kwok came from a very poor farming family in China When her great grandfather tried to make a life for his family by venturing into business his life was cut short by an unfortunate incidentHis widow and 6 daughters were left at the mercy of his relatives They were bullied But Lily Kwok was a bright child and managed to get herself some sort of education and become an AmahShe married for love and had two children Arthur and MabelHelen's mother But love does not surviveDuring Japanese Occupation she was with a Dutch family and since the Dutch were not fighting with the Japanese she was protected She even learnt a bit of Japanese which probably have saved her lifeAfter the Occupation she went to work with a British family And subseuently had the hard choice of following the family back to UK or to stay in Hong KongAt last she went to UK There she managed to built a life for herself and bring her children to stay with herShe worked hard and managed to built a small fortune Arthur moved away and Mabel got married Then they lost everythingIt was very hard but their perseverance paid off Lily Mabel and later on Helen with her siblings re built what they have lostThere is one part which really moved me Helen's restaurant have been broken into and everything was stolen Helen asked Lily how could Lily sit there and be so calm when faced with the destruction you know what Lily replied?She laughed and said when you get to be my age you'll stop asking why things happen and learn to accept themI guess she is right at some point Like the recent petrol and sugar price increase Guess we'll just have to learn to accept them and find a way to deal with it

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Sweet Mandarin

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Pulled each generation through the most devastating of upheavals Helen Tse's grandmother Lily Kwok was forced to work as an amah after the violent murder of her father Crossing the ocean from Hong Kong in the 1950s Lily honed her famous chicken curry recipe Eventually she opened one of Manchester's earliest Chinese restaurants where her daughter Mabel worked from the tender age of ni. I began this

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Spanning almost a hundred years this rich and evocative true story recounts the lives of three generations of remarkable Chinese women Their extraordinary journey takes us from the brutal poverty of village life in mainland China to newly prosperous 1930s Hong Kong and finally to the UK Their lives were as dramatic as the times they lived throughA love of food and a talent for cooking. Sweet Mandari

Free read ¾ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ó Helen Tse

Ne But gambling and the Triads were pervasive in the Chinese immigrant community and they tragically lost the restaurant It was up to Helen and her sisters the third generation of these exceptional women to re establish their grandmother's dream Sweet Mandarin shows how the most important inheritance is wisdom and how recipes passed down the female line can be the most valuable heirlo. Reviewed by J

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