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Montana Blue Shades of Blue #5

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Lot and realizes an idyllic bond with them is not in her future Amidst deceit and betrayal Mitch and Bethany will have to fight for their own own perfect destiny. Lovely storyI really liked the book Mitch deserved a HEA for himself I do wish there had been an epilogue telling what happened to Bethany's parents Wonderful read

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Although not the life Mitch Banks envisioned as the shopkeeper and owner of Alder Gulch's mercantile it's not until Bethany Jones comes into town that he uestion. Mitch longs for a wife and a family He wants to build a home upon his land and to ranch He lost his father not long ago and his mother headed back east to live with her sister His fathers mercantile was never his dream but day in and day out it is now what he does He lives in the family’s large home as well It’s not what he wanted for his life There’s no women around so he has no way of changing how his life is He’s started drinking to take away the loneliness Bethany has recently come to town with her estranged parents They gave her life yet left her with her wealthy grandparents to be raised This offer was out of the blue for them but she wanted to get to know them both She meets Mitch while mistakenly on his lands wanting to take pictures of the scenery There’s an instant attraction between the two of them yet they also butt heads Her father wants to purchase Mitch’s family home and the mercantile and goes about it in the wrong way Mitch feels there’s something suspicious about the Mr Jones and his wife New information comes to light that both Mitch and Bethany discover and all is not as it seems In the midst of it all their attraction never goes away and they start to fall It’s adventurous and a fun story to read

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S his fate and dependence on alcohol Bethany Jones hopes the trip west with her parents means a closer relationship Instead she becomes a pawn in an unexpected p. Not so goodI couldn't uite grasp the plot to this story at all Mitch owner of the mercantile falls for newcomer Bethany She is supposedly a photo journalist from New York accompanying her parents These same parents have been absent from most of her life The plot seems to surround some money she has inherited but does not know about This story did not do it for me at all There was no explanation for the reason the parents had been missing no conversation on the subject at all Sorry this one was not so good

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