SUMMARY The Pain Detective 109

  • Hardcover
  • 158
  • The Pain Detective
  • Hillel M. Finestone
  • English
  • 08 March 2019
  • 9780313359934

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    Actually very interesting read on how a body can hold onto painif the mind expects there to be pain among other thingsEasy to follow good food for thought

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    Well the first bit of the book is an explanation of cognitive behaviour and how it applies to pain Very informative if you have no idea what cognitive behaviour is Since I have had some pretty extensive education in this it served as a primer to re engage my knowledgeFurther to that it is case studies of various people with different conditions This book can allow you to understand how pain works and what might be done to alleviate same Sometimes it's a matter of how you do tasks and in other cases how one reacts and processes pain psychologicallyNot being a fan of self help books I have based my rating on how well it is written and whether I feel it would help someone understand and perhaps cope with pain It should be noted that I was asked by the Author to read it

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The Pain Detective

Hillel M. Finestone ã 9 SUMMARY

No immediately obvious causeTaking the reader into several diagnostic sessions to illustrate what he sees as a detective process to find the source of pain Finestone explains how psychological and social issues can influence health and healing for better or worse Low back and neck pain fibromyalgia and even work related pains are delved intoIn addition to vignettes that illustrate the ideas discussed.

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Pain is everywhere and everyone is talking about it says Dr Hillel Finestone MD a researcher and rehabilitation specialist whose work has been featured in publications as diverse as The Lancet and USA Today The key to understanding causes and solutions for many apparently mysterious recurring aches he explains lies in understanding the mind body relationship and the real meaning behind symptoms with.

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And show dramatic incidences of how healing the mind can also heal the body Finestone uses uniue and useful diagrams which explain how mind and body are physiologically connected and reactive to each otherIn these pages readers can follow Dr Finestone through patient sessions and understand step by step how the pain detective works to help his patients and perhaps his readers too find lasting relief.