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It's 1939 and a group of children have been evacuated to Misselthwaite Hall Emmie is far from happy to ha. 3 starsFirstly I n

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Of the house a boy crying at night a diary written by a girl named Mary and a garden A very secret garde. This review was o

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    Too much cat related side plot but it captures some of the original's essence Sidetone Did Mary marry Colin? She's supposed to be with Dicken Though that opinion is heavily influenced by The Misselthwaite Archives web series one of my favourites

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    3 starsFirstly I need to point out that I do not think that is a bad book or that it is a bad book based on the writing Its a bad book based on my nostalgiaIm left feeling drained from my emotions about this book Im struggling to give it 3 stars because I am so tornOn one hand the story itself if it had NOT been a seuel would have been uite good Written during World War 2 this MG story was done well I liked Emmie I LOVED her love for Lucy the kitty The story of the orphans going to live at Misselthwaite Manor this HUGE house in the country which was so different to their London life It was enjoyableButsighI hold The Secret Garden book very dearly in my heart I grew up with it I was 8 when it came out as a movie in 1993 and my copy of it was the movie tie in edition Which I got that Christmas making me 9 yrs old It was my first grown up book It had special photos inside and I just loved it I loved everything about it the story the characters Everything Sodeep breath No Nooooopppppe and No I did not like how the characters Mary Colin Dickon and Martha were portrayed Martha was actually ok She stayed pretty much the same But the others NOOOOO I didnt enjoy reading about them at all the way Holly Webb had written them If they hadnt been connected to the original they would have been fine Butview spoilerIt then got worse and took things to a whole other level Did anyone else remember that Colin and Mary are COUSINS Yet it seems to not matter in this book because Mary and Colin are actually husband and wifeExcuse me while I throw up hide spoiler

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    This is a perfectly fine children's book and will no doubt find an audience amongst those who are less strongly of the opinion that a seuel is a thing you read straight after reading the original Featuring another spiky young heroine in orphan Emmie Hatton evacuated during WW2 from the Craven Home for Orphaned Children to Misselthwaite Manor the first half of the novel follows closely in the classic's footsteps as Emmie befriends a gardener and a robin and explores the manor If you're looking for one of those seuels that just retreads familiar ground we're off to a flying start Cries in the night and a lonely boy soon get added to the mix The second half explores the impact of the war on the Craven family and the orphans they have taken in taking the novel in a fresh direction at last Sadly my attachment to the original novel meant I didn't get the emotional journey I was looking for as Emmie's need for a place to belong is far important to this narrative than the emotional travails of the CravensAdd to it some specific issues for me with style and the awkwardness of including Mary Lennox's diaries 'previously in The Secret Garden' much? and it left me rather dissatisfied as a fan of the classic It's a shame as this is otherwise a well written children's book about wartime and displacement both of which I think are important themes given current events and which I might have enjoyed if it weren't clinging to the coat tails of an old favouriteFull review on my book blogFull disclosure I received an advanced copy to review

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    Since I've yet to finish a book yet this year I thought it was a good time to go ahead and work on the reviews that I never had a chance to post last year Which especially in the case of Return to the Secret Garden is a shame This book was absolutely adorable and I wish I'd been on top of my reviews enough to give it the pre release love that it deserved On the bright side hopefully I'm reminding some of you out there of its existence and it will scoot up your reading lists after this reviewFirst off I feel it's only fair to explain to you that the original book is one of my all time favorites Coupled with that is the fact that Holly Webb is one of my all time favorite Middle Grade writers So you can easily see that my expectations were high here I was so thrilled that the seuel to my favorite book would be done by one of my favorite authors It doesn't get any perfect than that I was so eager to make my way back to Misselthwaite and explore it with new eyes I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointedMuch like the Mary we remember Emmie is a little tough to love at first An orphan Emmie is used to mainly caring for herself and is as such a bit distant Still I could tell right away that she was a spitfire at heart Her deep thoughts her love for her adopted stray cat all of it pulled me in to her world It wasn't obvious early on how she would be tied in to the Misselthwaite of old but I knew she'd fit in just wonderfullyAs it turns out I was right The backdrop of this book is the Blitz and it sets the stage expertly for Emmie's transition to her new home I loved watching her go through the same kinds of feelings as her predecessor It was that moment when she stepped into the garden though that really had me rapt Holly Webb evoked that same magic the same air of sweet mystery that the original book so wonderfully had I ate it up Even if the original characters hadn't been tied into this which they absolutely are I would have been happy just with this small piece of my childhood restored Stepping back into the secret garden with new eyes was a wonderful feelingTruth be told I really wanted to give this five stars It was missing this small something that I couldn't fit my finger on though and so I settled with four It's really a fabulous book though and I highly recommend it as an addition to your TBR Emmie will steal your heart and if she doesn't succeed alone so will your new trip into the secret garden

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    35I had some hesitation about there being characters from The Secret Garden in this book and can't say I completely loved where that went but I did really like this book In particular it captured a lot of the magic of that garden and house Misselthwaite Manor which was wonderful And I loved the characters Emmie Jack and Lucy the cat I think Holly Webb wrote this with a lot of love for the original and that comes through and is appreciated

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    This review was originally posted on Between My LinesIs there any book that you love as much as the books that you loved in your childhood?  For me I think not those early books have nestled into my bookish heart and I can't logically review them as I'm all wrapped up in feels for them  But a seuel hello Return to the Secret Garden by Holly Webb to one of those books is fair game My Thoughts on Return to the Secret Garden by Holly Webb I adore The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett so when I saw this follow up book in my library I grabbed it  And my verdict is; if you already love the original and by far the best then you should enjoy this book In some ways it feels like a weak imitation as it also features a sulky lonely orphan girl a rich child at Misselthwaite Hall who is lonely and cries at night A grumpy but soft hearted gardener the gardens with their special magic lots of talk about plants being wick Friendly robins However there are also some uniue additions a catch up with the original characters World War 2 setting A London orphanage evacuated to Misselthwaite Hall I just took the book for what it was A fun way to see what happened to Mary Colin and Dickon and a chance to wander nostalgically around the gardens Nature bursts into life in the book and that was my favourite part I also really liked the new main character – Emmie – who is stubborn sulky and screaming to be lovedI was less impressed by how samey the plot was And I never really understood why Jack was left to cry at night Surely his mother would have noticed how he was feeling After all it was hearing Colin’s pitiful cries all those years ago that started the friendship between Colin and Mary I feel Mary is portrayed as a slightly distant mother and I wasn’t buying that It was of a plot device to make Jack seem like Colin and so mirror the original storylineBut overall I had fun reading this and I thought the writing flowed really well Especially all the nature descriptions; the fabulous roses the scrawny cat and the friendly robin Who should read Return to the Secret Garden by Holly Webb? I’d only recommend this to you if you are a fan of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett If you already love the gardens at Misselthwaite then you should enjoy this follow up

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    It has been a long time since I read The Secret Garden but as I read this a lot of it came back to me This is a seuel but it is written in a different style and much child friendly Holly Webb has this story take place in 1939 when a group of orphans have been evacuated from London and are now living in Misselthwaite Hall The theme of being abandoned and forced to move somewhere new and foreign is the same feeling that Emmie has in this book as Mary did in the original Emmie the main character is an orphan or at least has no parents that claim her She is stubborn can be mean spirited and speaks her mind Her only friend is her stray cat that she is forced to leave behind when they evacuate When she finds Mary's diaries in her room she reads them and falls in love with the Magical Secret Garden She finds the door to the garden and it is no longer locked She spends many hours there and begins to find solace and happiness with the flowers and the robin that lives in the hedge When the old gardener befriends her she tells him about her cat Mr Craven who is in the navy hears about the cat finds it and brings it to Emmie when he is home on a visit Emmie also befriends Jack the Craven's son and they work magic on one another The garden becomes their Garden of SecretsEmmie's character is well developed throughout the story It is wonderful to see her go from being lonely frustrated and angry to healing others around her and finally becoming part of something very special It was wonderful to see the characters from the original novel in this story all grwon up I think the themes of loneliness love of nature secrets and friendship are shown and developed in this book Now to get out the movie and watch it again with my grandchildren A nice seuel that children will enjoy and even their parents The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley

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    it was ok but for me not a patch on the original

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    This is as magical as the original story by Frances Hodgson Burnett Webb has placed her seuel in 1939 which is really effective as it presents a believable way to bring children back to Misselthwaite Hall with the same sense of abandonment a search for family and a need to belong that Mary had in The Secret Garden It is also effective as the whole concept of being taken away from the city and deposited in the middle of the countryside in a big rambling old house is very appealing to children and perhaps echoes the same idea used by Rowling and Blyton with boarding schools Orphaned Emmie the main protagonist has the same traits as Hodgson Burnett's Mary making her a little awkward and hard to like or warm to because of her stubborn attitude and slight unkindness but again in keeping with the original characterisation this is deliberate and initially children will still respond to Emmie as they will relate to the way she is judged and poorly treated by her teachers Emmie's character softens very uickly as the novel continues and there is a lot of empathy and sympathy created for her when her lonely and vulnerable side is revealed once the children arrive at the Hall and she explores the grounds Emmie is desperate to find something for herself a place for herself a place to belong and in which to be happy She stumbles across an old diary written by Mary and the similarities between them as subtly revealed On her discovery of the Robin who seems to want to communicate so much to Mary than just his pretty song Mary writes sadly I don't think I ever had a friend and I should like one Emmie's relationship with her kitten Lucy exactly mirrors this Webb has successfully modernised Mary's voice so her diaries are very accessible and read as fluently as a contemporary characterEmmie is able to find the hidden key and then discovers the secret garden She is so disappointed to find that it is no longer secret but decides that It wasn't a secret garden any but it could still be her garden full of secrets Once again the garden will show its healing power and work its magic I thought the way Webb weaves her story in and amongst Hodgson Burnett's story was really clever and interesting She captures the same tension and suspense of the howling wind the crying at night the discovery of a secret place and the connections it has with the family's past The references and cross overs were sensitive and totally in keeping with the original Emmie's character is well constructed; her emotions are well represented and we follow her journey from being lonely frustrated and angry to healing others around her and finally becoming part of something very special Webb's writing shows respect and real affection for The Secret Garden and a very deep understanding of its themes and ideas It is an authentic seuel and one of which France Hodgson Burnett would definitely approve Webb shows that the themes in Hodgson Burnett's novel are still very relevant to a modern audience and still as heartwarming and affirming I really enjoyed it and can't wait to share it with my daughter For me it is as captivating memorable and as special as The Secret Garden

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