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Cami Avesue is a shy wannabe journalist working for the largest newspaper in Ohio She’s stuck editing classified ads until she lands her big break That break comes when the only female sports reporter goes on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy For some reason Cami is chosen to cover The Slam a rugby team in Colt Ohio They have a chance of going a. Loved this book Goes to my favorites It was much different than most

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Ll the way to the Rugby League ChampionshipUnfortunately Cami has a poor track record with jocks and going all the way is one of her problems Because of her past she hides her assets behind clothes that are a size too large and big glasses that camouflage the sexual sizzle that eats ripped bodies for lunch Shy she must remember she’s shy If only man muscl. Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest reviewWOW Hot alpha mal

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E didn't bring her wild side out to play she might survive a rugby tryGorgeous brothers Van and Joel Stelson own manage and play for The Slam They see through Cami’s cover up and attack in order to make their goal Who will be the first to get her in bed Who will be the first to win her heartRemember in rugby 80 Minutes 15 Positions No Protection Lets Ruck. I enjoyed the first two books in the completion series and couldn't

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    ★★★3 Rugby Stars ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest reviewI’m not much for sports except as a fan of tennis and occasionally European football and college basketball but I’m as huge a fan of tennis as I am with sportsathlete romance So while Kick is all about Rugby players I’m all for reading hot muscled sweaty athletes Why not?A journalist waiting for her big break was just handed her huge stepping stone into the industry A shy woman who’s had terrible experiences in the past when it comes to jocks athletes and basically any male specimen with muscles Cami Avesue spends her time editing classified ads when a too good to pass up opportunity was given to her be a sports female writer and cover the rugby team in Colt Ohio The Slam Shoot she has to write about the team which means she has to research and follow them around to get the whole experience How will that work out for a muscled men sucker such as herself?Van and Joel Stelson the brothers who own manage and play for The Slam Yes that team that the shy Cami needs to cover for her newspaper assignment But these brothers aren’t old or nasty looking they are good looking and way too sexy for Cami’s hidden libido But what happens when sexy broody and shy get together?I have to say Holly S Roberts did a fine job writing about rugby I don’t know a single thing on what the rules are in playing that game but I enjoyed reading the fans and the celebration that happens when it’s rugby season in Colt Ohio The support that the fans have for their team the love they have for their town and athletes that’s something that I can relate to and appreciate a lot And Joel sigh other than the essence of the sport that I felt from the words in this book this guy is the other reason I didn’t give up on this book I almost DNF ed because of how the love triangle happened I hated Van He’s obviously a jerk and I can tolerate him but after that morning after? Uh huh Super a hole But Joel saved it not just Cami but me from closing the book He’s a broody guy but kind hearted and such a perfect balance for Cami’s insecure personality I love how he makes Cami feel beautiful and encourage her to be confidentI’m just sad though that it’s a 3 star rating for me I just feel like there’s too much “wild Cami” monologues that I’m comfortable with and Cami annoyed the heck out of me for the most parts She’s not all bad she’s ambitious strong and she somehow matured in her way of thinking throughout the story but what stuck with me was how she’s like a 14 year old teenage girl who wants pink yesterday and yellow today IndecisiveStill a likeable story and if you’re a fan of love triangles and sports romance I suggest you give this one a shot I’m only a fan of the latter and even though the love triangle was not to my liking I enjoyed the “feel” of Kick and well Joel tooStars 3 starsRecommended to Sports romance fansPOV First person Female POVSeries Yes but standaloneExtra Comment Overall I liked this There are just some things that didn’t work for me

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    Loved this book Goes to my favorites It was much different than most romance books I've readFirst of allCami and Joel had an actual chemistry going on which was emphasized as their romance progressed something that rarely to never happens to most romance books They had a steady and sweet sweet romance growing between them and a lot of sexual tension too Thankfully it never once felt rushed or unrealistic The heroine has a muscle fetish which I found a little funny but also not hard to believe since there are always other worse fetishes than that and it's uite possible to happen anyway xD I loved Joel I can't stretch enough how much I loved Joel He's an amazing big bear of a man badass gentle with the heroine caring loving and surprisingly shy and sensitive due to his injury that alone made me love him even I LOVED the fact that Cami ended up with Joel and not with Van There were some moments in the book that I feared the author would do the ever cliche thing of having the heroine end up with the manwhore of the story and if that would happen I'd honestly give this from 1 to 2 stars best not to mention the ranting I'd give to the author lol I'm just tired of reading stories where the heroine ends up with the manwhore who has treated her like a 1 use tissue and then ''somehow'' ends up being a great guyJoel was the perfect guy for me He could easily be the definition of it The man was both badass and gentle both a predator and yet not a manwhore I LOVED THAT He's the example of how a man can be undeniably sexy and an Alpha without having to be necessarily a manwhore like Van wasTo be honest I'd have liked to read a little about Joel and Cami since they made up the end was a little rushed it got us suddenly in the future but I'd like to read about their current relationship and romance But I still loved it as it isThe book was a thrill in general got me going on till the end and I was hooked But the most important thing that held my attention was Joel if not for him not sure I'd be as excited5 Joelicious stars 3

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    I haven’t read 1 book by Holly Roberts that I haven’t devoured and Kick Completion Series is no different I must say that the Completion Series is my favorite series of hers and she blew me out of the park with this oneKick is about 1 girl 2 Rugby Players who just happen to be brothers and how their lives will lead to a tangled web that will be hard to find their way out of When Cami is sent on her very first assignment to investigate and interview The Slam a rugby playing team and uickly finds herself surrounded by half naked Rugby playing that hold her weakness male muscle Coming from the past she has come from she hates athlete’s and always keeps herself covered and blended in with the background not wanting to relive the torment she went through when she was youngeruickly after packing up and living in a new small town of Colt Ohio she is first introduced with 100% male muscle Van who uickly steals her breath away and leaves her weak in the knees Trying to keep is professional and not drool every time she sees him which turns out to be harder than she thought His advances his smirk and sly smile and all the ripped muscles that have taken over body finally does her in and she become putty in his handProblem is he’s an jerkJoel the grouchy uiet and intimating brother gives Cami every indication that he isn’t impressed with her One walk of shame uickly changes that and Cami is now thrown for a loop when the brother Joel is the one who she craves for comfort The intense one still ripping with muscles is the one who treats her for than just a piece and will stop at nothing to show her how truly different he is from his brother Joel is intense but passionate Deep down he has a romantic side you won’t see coming but when pushed his asshole side will shine and shine brightWhat happens when Cami finds herself growing feelings for Joel also knowing that she still craves the touch of Van? What happens when the feelings on Joel’s side outweigh everything else and it puts brother against brother? Van the playboy has made a grave mistake and now Cami finds herself stuck between the mad who has had her and the man who wants her for than just one night Will Cami be able to complete her assignment? Will Cami’s actions turn brother against brother leaving The Slam knocked out of the championship game because of their clear distaste for each other or will the truth about the feelings between the 3 finally come out leaving Cami with the right brother?I must say that The Completion Series by Holly S Roberts all are stand alones have been so enjoyable for me and Kick isn’t any different It’s flirty fun and down right sexy and Holly threw me into the loop of everything Rugby and has been hooked Her emotional scenes are spectactular and her steamy scenes fog my windows Joel was dark mysterious and sexy as sin and I wanted to crawl into his body and never leave Van was your typical Casanova playboy that gave me some twists and turns I never saw coming Cami was a bright and funny character that needed to find that one special person to break her out of her shell and break the walls of insecurity that surround herHolly’s writing style had me addicted from her first book and I never see myself not loving anything she puts out I must say that I loved Play Strike and Kick so much that I would LOVE to see these turned into movies I cannot explain into words what Holly does to me but she leaves me wanting so much I cannot wait to see what book is next in this series and what characters she will give me to fall in love with

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    received copy from netgalley for an honest reviewKick hat a LOT that interested me and kept me actively engaged and then some things that bummed me out I'm gonna start with I didn't likeI felt the middles lost some of the same excitement that was found in the beginning and I felt the end was SO rushed A couple of parts were kinds of cheese factory and had me rolling my eyes but all in all I'm still giving it 4 stars and let me tell ya whyStruggling writer gets sent on assignment to interview two brothers that play rugby Girl falls in love with player and sport Drama happens resolution happy ending This novel was light fast and enjoyable readCami was likableeven if annoying at times She was believable yet her transformation was hookie She was a girl struggling with her body image and self assurance and I think we can all relate She had growth during the novel and was able to stand up for herself YayNow let me tell you what I liked about this book most people won't get but I hope they can appreciate rugbyThe author did an unbelievable job depicting the essence of rugby fans the sport and most importantly the culture She really captivated the sport and the players and I thought she did an amazing job at this That being said if I didn't know anything about rugby I would still be able to come away with the gist of it simply by the writingFinally A TRIANGLE Yes I'm partial to the love triangle and I loved the way this one was sorted out It was super cute2 hot rugby playersneed I say ? The end

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    I have to say that after reading Kick by Holly S Roberts I never knew one thing about the sport of Rugby Now it's a whole different story because be prepaired to learn it from reading KickNow to my review The story centers around journalist Cami Avesue who gets her big break from the paper that she works for by being assigned to cover a story aboutyou got it Rugby Not just any story but about the biggest Rugby team out there the Slam and the championship How Cami gets this gig is because the current sports reporter for the paper that she works at is now on temporary disability due to a high risk pregnancy and the job is reasigned to CamiCami is shy and very and hides herself away with wearing glasses and baggie clothes and covering her biggest assetswell you get what I talking about because the books tends to bring up the big goods alotAfter coming to the town of Colt Ohio home of the Slam she meets the two owners of the team brothers Van and Joel Stelson who also play for the team Van and Joel are completely different where Van is hot and a total womanizer Joel is uite and reserved and hot too and has had to deal with a tragedy that involved him years ago While both brothers try to win Cami over there is only one brother that will be the true winner of her heart and this story So get ready to read about the Stelson Brothers and learn a little about the game of Rugby

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    Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest reviewWOW Hot alpha males brothers and men on a field Will keep you glued and make you a fan Cami is a journalist but she mostly does the copy editing for the classified's section of the newspaper she works at She hides behind plain baggy clothes for a personal reason She also has an obsession with men and their fit hard bodies but her past has her hiding from all men and in fact she doesn't have a lot of friends because she keeps to herselfShe finally gets her first break being a journalist but she is not sure how she will be able to manage to do her job Her job is to interview the team brother's who is also owners of the National Rugby Football Team The brothers are looking for publicity to try to get fans and get popularity When she meets the two brothers there is a lot of sparks and when it comes to her writing her piece for her newspaper she gets then she bargains for

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    I enjoyed the first two books in the completion series and couldn't wait for Kick to come out I love the way Holly writes strong female characters with spunk As much as I Ioved the men in this book and they are smokin hot Cami was once again my favorite character in the story How can you not love someone who thinks like this? I didn't think I could fake my mental dislike of jocks or my body's lust for them I could see myself salivating at their muscles with a sneer on my face I laughed when Cami found her backbone I got ticked off at both of the brothers and wanted to slap some sense into them and in the end I was in love with them all and didn't want to leave I just wish there were pictures

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    Hot damn Holly Roberts can sure put out a panty changing HAWT read kept me on the edge of my seat to the very end While this read did include the sports theme of Rugby of which I know nothing about I just enjoyed the relationship dynamics and story line that hinted at either a menage situation or a love triangle for the first half Of course you'll have to read this yourself to find out which direction the author went in but overall I'm one happy girl who will definitely be on the look out for a Rugby match if the guys are anything like those depicted in this book D

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    This was yet another wonderful sports story from Holly She has a knack for getting the feeling of being right there with the action of the game and into the relationship of the charactersI fell in love with Joel sweetheart but rugged attitude Him and Cami just clicked The only problem was her insecurities because they surfaced at the wrong time In the end she got a backbone and the most romantic proposal to boot Now I need to know about the woman that captured her other conuest heart

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    You do not have to be a rugby fan to love this book but there is a very good chance you will become one after you've read it I am a big Holly Roberts fan so I expected I'd like Kick I would never have guessed I would be cheering for The Slam to win Kick is written in a way where you feel like you're part of the crowd You can't help but fall for both the Stelson brothers even when you don't want to I can't wait to see what's next in The Completion series

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