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Mr Monk and the New Lieutenant Mr Monk #19

Review Mr Monk and the New Lieutenant Mr Monk #19

S new lieutenant AJ Cartledge a man of limited skills whom Monk finds insufferable Even the presence of Lieutenant Cartledge won’t keep Monk and Natalie from attending the funeral of Judge Oberlin and it’s a good thing In typical fashion Monk examines the body in the casket and finds evidence of poison The judge was murderedWhile there are no traces of the poison at the judge’s house Monk detects that there had been an intruder Th. A uick cozy Several shorter mysteries as well as the feature Nice writing

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An all new story starring Adrian Monk by Edgar® Award–nominated Monk screenwriter and coexecutive producer Hy ConradIt’s compulsive page turning funMonk and Natalie have finally settled into a new office routine Now they just need to work things out with their neighbors a print shop run by hippies whose music leaks through the walls driving Monk nuts But the detectives soon have a serious conflict to deal with Captain Stottlemeyer’. Mr Monk And The New Lieutenant is the fourth book Monk series by HyConradThis series' books are uick readsThe book consisted of what seemed to me short stories of three or 4 uick cases for Monk and Natalie to resolve and one major case That case centers around the recent death of Judge Oberlin and the attempts on the life of Captain Stottlemeyer As the title suggests Lt Amy Devlin is on a leave of absence and she has been replaced by Lt A J Thurman Thurman is the most competent policeman on the force and certainly lack the social skills that Monk would expect Monk and Natalie are paying their respect at funeral of Oberlin when Monk states that the Oberlin was poisoned and not by a disease he picked up on a visit to Thailand Soon Capt Stottlemeyer begins to have similar symptoms that Oberlin had Since the doctors knew what to look for they were able to treat him get him on the road to recovery But then there are a couple attempts on the Captain's life A note is soon found that alleges that the death and death threats are the tied to case that was tried before Olerlin and was investigated by Stottlemeyer Monk and Natalie need to find the murderer before another murder if committedConrad states in the authors notes at the beginning of the book that he will no longer be writing any books in this series but stopped short of saying that the series is over

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E next rainy day when Captain Stottlemeyer begins to show the same symptoms Monk deduces that there’s a diabolical killer at work someone who wanted both the judge and the captain dead  Monk and Natalie turn to the captain’s ex lieutenant in Summit New Jersey for help but even that might not be enough to solve this crime With his friend in danger and an enemy close Monk will have to put his reservations aside to crack the case in tim. One sitting 5hours later Wait it’s been 5hours Really This monk story is really goodIf you’re not familiar with monk Adrian Monk was the best detective SFPD had until a car bomb meant for him killed his wifeMonk is now riddled with OCD and no longer works as an officer Instead he works as a consultant to the police who bring him in to help with difficult cases In this book case someone is trying and keeps failing to kill Monks old police Chief Monk is trying to return to the past And Natalie has her hands filled with the mysterious woman who’s not who she said she is and helping a another find the person who been leaking information to her competitor

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  • Mr Monk and the New Lieutenant Mr Monk #19
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  • 24 January 2019
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