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E Last Chance Saloon Rebus is given an old unsolved case to work on in order to teach him and others the merits of teamwork But there are those in the team who have their own secrets and they'll stop at nothing to protect them As if this. Sadly disappointingsomehow this book never lived up to its br

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Rebus is off the case literally A few days into a murder inuiry following the brutal death of an Edinburgh art dealer Rebus blows up at DCS Gill Templer He is sent to the Scottish Police College for 'retraining' in other words he's in th. Scottish Inspector John Rebus has always had a problem with a

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Wasn't enough Rebus is asked to act as a go between for gangster 'Big Ger' Cafferty And as newly promoted DS Siobhan Clarke works the case of the murdered art dealer she is brought closer to Cafferty than she could ever have anticipated. One of my fave authors and I love Rebus but his character is

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    I own both the Little Brown Hardcover and an Uncorrected Proof of this book

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    Scottish Inspector John Rebus has always had a problem with authority but he gets particularly exorcised one morning and hurls a cup of tea at his supervisor For this he is assigned to a stint at Tulliallan a police academy where problem officers are sent for retraining and to see if their careers can be resurrectedThe approach is to take an old case and assign it to the resurrection men working under the close supervision of an instructor who will teach them the teamwork necessary to good police work But Rebus smells a rat when the case chosen for the exercise accidentally turns out to be an old problematic case in which Rebus himself played a large role He realizes that he must trod very carefully while he tries to figure out what is going on hereMeanwhile back home Rebus's protege Detective Siobhan Clarke is investigating the murder of an art dealer There appear to be any number of suspects but finding the killer and a motive is proving particularly difficult Rebus and Clarke wind up sharing thoughts about their independent problems both of which turn out to have much working below the surface than initially appearedThis is another good installment in Rankin's long running series and once you get caught up in it it's hard to put it downview spoiler I did enjoy this book but as much as I love this series I'm giving it three stars rather than four because of the way the plot is developed In earlier books Rebus has taken Siobhan Clarke under his wing and we've seen the two working together as Rebus has taught her a great deal about good police work In some of the recent books though as in this case Rebus and Clark have often wound up working two totally separate cases They often get together to bounce ideas off each other about their cases and then somehow at the end the two cases become magically linkedThat's what happens here Without going into great detail Rebus is actually sent to the academy to go undercover in an effort to get the goods on three dirty cops who are also assigned to his class Through the whole book he attempts to do so while Siobhan investigates the murder of the art dealer Either of the cases would make an entertaining story in and of itself but at the very end it turns out that for convoluted reasons the dirty cops Rebus is chasing are the ones who killed the art dealerWhile you're actually reading the book you get so caught up in it that the implausability of the whole thing sort of slips by you But ten minutes after you put it down you slap yourself in the forehead and say What???? The conicidences involved in making these two story lines come together don't just stretch credulity they smash it into a thousand piecesIt's still a great deal of fun watching Rebus work bending the rules as necessary to achieve a just end But I enjoyed these books even better when Rebus and Clarke were working together on a single complicated case and when it wasn't necessary for the reader to completely abandon disbelief to make the climax of the book work hide spoiler

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    Another Rebus down Rebus is punished and sent to school again for a refresher course He meets a Wild Bunch of officers and they have to work together to solve a cold case At the same time an art dealer is killed at his home after an exhibition DS Siobhan Clarke is investigating this crime and Rebus is giving her some back up while he is in schooling A fast past novel Realistic and noir Rankin is one of the best novelist who take you from wherever you are to the dark rain stained cobblestone streets in Edinburgh Glasgow or Dundee He exposes the underbelly of the city and let us all gawk in and watch Corruption and insubordination are the two major themes in this novel

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    This wasn’t the best place to jump into the series I liked the idea of the possibly too many plots better than the reading of them And I felt like I was missing out on a connection to the character and his world that would have been built in the earlier novels I’ll try at least one in the series It seems like one I should enjoy uite a bit than I did this one

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    Sadly disappointingsomehow this book never lived up to its brilliant premise Rebus a walking nightmare of an employee throws a mug of tea at his female boss and ex lover and gets sent to a combination boot camp for recruitsrehab center for cops on their last chance But really he's there undercover trying to secretly investigate a ring of dirty copswithout revealing his own secrets about a cold case they've been assigned by surprise Or is his boss trying to get rid of Rebus once and for all? Is he setting up innocent men or being set up himself? It can't be a coincidence that a book whose plot depends so much on modern art is all about being framed One cop is known as the Glasgow Rebus which is what inspires our antihero to get set up in the first place Does he want to smash the mirror and bring his double to justice or join him in finally going all the way over the line? Like I said brilliantBut the story somehow just dies unlike Rebus's beloved Saab less than halfway through and I had to struggle to finish it like chewing a bite of meat that in your mouth suddenly turns out to be all gristle There's one sparking moment when Rebus and his doublenemesis Cafferty face each other in a tiny interview room but the will he nill he ambiguity that should suffuse the pages is justabsent Often these books read like novelizations of screenplays to me yes I realize it's the other way round good actors could bring the implicit tensions to life with elouent voices and faces but flat prose can't do itI did like Siobhan very much and her prickliness caused by the way she constantly has to keep charming and soothing the men in her workplace in order to get them to just do their jobs and work with her but also turn them down when they keep trying to bag her and the cautious empathy she and her female boss have for each other A subtheme of this book is women working with men working for men being seen as men's possessions and there's one terrifying moment when the sexualized violence threatens Siobhan herself But a few moments aren't enough to redeem the whole book

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    Resurrection Men by Ian RankinHave you ever read a book that you seriously not only couldn't stop reading but didn't want it to end? This was the Inspector Rebus that ranks among my favorites This was not a 200 or 3oo page book These Scottish mysteries are a good 438 page bools and often So I'm just saying this Ian Rankin is one gifted author to keep an audience and I mean audience enraptured in the life of the main character book after book is saying he's earned the rave reviews and the many awards This series and this author answers the uestion why there are other successful Scottish authors such as James Oswald and Stuart MacBride An Edinburgh art dealer is brutally murdered and it was during this same time that Rebus is sent to the Scottish Police College The other officers sent into exile with him are referring to themselves as the resurrection men They are supposedly being re educated in team work in order to redeem themselves and return to their original headuarters This was a time for Inspector rebus to rebuild his relationship with his significant other Jean This also proved to be just the opportunity for Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke and Rebus to put their heads together and uncover the truth lurking under everyone's noses

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    This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader Another ghost in need of justice Rebus had confessed to her once after too many late night drinks in the Oxford Bar that he saw ghosts Or didn’t see them so much as sense them All the cases the innocent and not so innocent victims all those lives turned into CID files They were always than that to him He’d seemed to see it as a failing but Siobhan hadn’t agreed We wouldn’t be human if they didn’t get to us she’d told him His look had stilled her with its cynicism as if he were saying that “human” was the one thing they weren’t supposed to beThanks to sickness a little bit of travel and general increased busy ness in my non blog life I almost missed my monthly check in with John Rebus Thankfully for my Bookish OCD I made it just in time Even better? This was one of the best in the seriesRebus' drinking and displeasure at Gill Templar's handling of a murder investigation results in him being sent back to school Literally There's a retraining course at the Police College for long serving officers with discipline problems sort of a last chance before the end of the road These detectives are pretty similar they've mostly been at this for years and aren't going to change no matter what happens in the course Most of them know each other by reputation Rebus is well known apparently and he knows another classmate by reputation he's the Glasgow Rebus After some counseling sessions and some class lectures the detectives are given a cold case to work to help learn something about teamwork A couple of the detectives were associated with the original investigation in Glasgow and even Rebus brushed up against it in Edinburgh It's not so clear how much teamwork is being learned it's clear that there are people who know things about the case that aren't in the files and they're not sharing There is something about the case that could involve Big Ger so guess who gets volunteered to talk to him? Rebus is not the only one talking to Cafferty Siobhan Clarke now a DS has a couple of conversations with him Watching Cafferty try to treat the two of the similarly with different results was uite entertaining Clarke reacts to him differently than Rebus but she doesn't take the same angle with him that I think most would I look forward to seeing the two of them lock horns in the futureSpeaking of Siobhan never call her Shiv by the way once again she threatened to take over the book for the first half or so Rebus' drinking with the other problem police and their cold case just didn't grab my attention at first But Siobhan's dealing with the investigation without her mentor to bounce ideas off of and the various and sundry male detectives around her Some of which work with her just fine others not so much at the end of the day DS Clarke is the one who puts the case together and in a pretty compelling way Did I enjoy things a little bit when Rebus came along to interact with a bit? Yeah but it wasn't necessary I also like the way that Rebus and Templar were the ones along with Siobhan herself noticing her doing things like Rebus this time not just other police He's clearly left his stamp on her for good or ill the trick is watching her approach things the way he would but remaining her own person Which she has so far and I bet will continue to do so But this is a Rebus novel at the end of the day and he does get the better material as I mentioned he interacts with Siobhan some because he and the others come to Edinburgh to follow a pretty shaky lead mostly it's an excuse to get away from the college and drink somewhere else Around this point that storyline became intriguing and it did end up being the better part of the novel No one will ever say that the Rebus novels are a fun romp but there was something about Rankin's writing in Resurrection Men that seemed darker than usual not a darkness because of violence or anything just in the telling Everything seemed worse everything seemed sinister it's hard to put my finger on it exactly but there was something grim going on Yeah I laughed a couple of times smiled often than that but overall the noir in this book was blacker We see areas of Rebus' psyche we haven't seen much of before ditto for Clarke we also get some good RebusCafferty backstory The structure of this novel is the real star it was just perfect we get a couple of mysteries to watch our detectives solve plus a couple of other things go on It even seems like Rankin doles out the information in an unusual way only telling us what we need to know when we need to know it there are times when we're in the dark than Rebus because he's hiding the information from his fellow Last Chancers and us what does that say about Rankin's readers? but it works this isn't a case of a mystery writer cheating it's a deliberate attempt to build suspense Complex without being complicated brilliantly plotted but not in a way that feels totally organic At a certain point the way that all the storylines end up seem inevitable even when you're still not sure who the various killers are going to be yet you're surprised when the inevitable happens But along the way each step in the stories each reveal each development catches you off guard Just fantastic structure to the bookI thought it was strange that Rankin started this one off I'm guessing for the American edition only with a little description of the Scottish Police's organization and rankings which was nice but most readers can figure it out on their own Also included was a list of the cast of characters organized by storyline That was helpful too Unnecessary but very nice I'm not sure why these were used but I'll take them This one checked almost every one of my boxes at least once and never didn't hold my interest Rankin clearly knows what he's doing and you should read this one and the twelve before it

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    It is practically impossible to write a review of one of Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus novels without using the word ‘gritty’ so I may as well just get it over with For anybody who has not met him before Inspector Rebus is the classic bad boy of the Scottish police a hard drinking maverick guaranteed to annoy his boss and get his man or woman The difference is that Ian Rankin does it so well and Resurrection Men is one of the best of the seriesAppropriately number thirteen of the series Resurrection Men has Rebus pushing it one step too far and ending up in one of those dreadful attitude adjusting courses It lets him spend time with all the other bad dogs of the force going over an old case that rakes up awkward memories and leaving us wondering exactly who the villains are – inside and outside the force This was how the jobs got done with a tainted conscience guilty deals and complicity With grubby motives and a spirit grown corruptIt says something about the writing that I have read the book several times and still enjoy it even though I obviously know the ending perfectly well The dialogue is good the tension sustained and nothing is too eye rollingly absurd If you like the genre which is detective fiction without guns and babes to prop up thin plots and increase the word count this is one of the best

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    One of my fave authors and I love Rebus but his character is becoming tedious It's nice to see a realistic flawed hero but after all Rebus's experience he is starting to appear not jut disillusionedyou can only play that card so long but stupid He is always getting into situations where he is beat up or almost killed and like the heroine tied to the railroad tracksthe hero rescues him just in time Alsobe nice to see a few wins Although no matter university education he appears to have raw intelligence that you can't be taught at university But as a seasonedexperienced cophe is all emotion and reaction and gets into situations where is at risk his career and life I have read so many of this series that I would like to think with the years Rebus and the the authorHas let Rebus mature or have his Eureka moment It would be nice to see some dimension to this character

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    Rebus is one of the series I have read out of order and this trip to the library was part of doubling back and reading a couple I have missed over the years An undercover plot against corrupt policemen proves a tough and dangerous assignment for Rebus

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