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Rupert has been accused of a terrible crime and his imagined defense begins the night he met the love of his life Mira By turns shockingly honest incredibly funny and clearly unhinged Rupert's defense includes rants about the properly formed insult and men who wear comfortable sweaters It also visits the memory sites of Rupert and Mira's short lived affair her apartment their favorite cafés and res. first of all this is a general review for open letter open letter is my new favorite publisher they do exactly what i think publishing should always be doing they provide access to world literature that might not ordinarily cross our paths here in the us and they offer it in an attractive and inexpensive way its true that ive only read half of what they have published so far and i havent even been wild about all of them but i like that it has become an option to read modern icelandic or norwegian literature and i have bought them all because dammit they look so good together all sleek dust jacketless covers and consistent good lookingness so open letter go forth and support themsecond this book this one i liked a lot even though i didnt start off liking it or i liked it i just couldnt see where it was going or i could see what it was building to but was unsure where all the elements would tie in there was a lot of repetition and this really loose flowing narrative that was compelling but i wasnt sure if it was going to build to anything other than chronicling his sexual dysfunction and obsession and his strong working knowledge of the waste land weaving in eliot willy nilly actually that element still confuses me i just happen to know most of the waste land by hearti dont know why and he briefly mentions eliot but the fragments of the poem creep up uncredited freuently and im not entirely sure what it adds and even though i want to dislike eliot for his extra poetical personality and beliefs the man can write so its a nice addition to the novel anyway it does culminate in a satisfying ending and again its open letterwe love them

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Is a brilliantly composed monologue that fully exposes despite the misdirection and bizarre revelations of its teller the innermost workings of a confused mind Recalling Neil LaBute's In the Company of Men Rupert A Confession is simultaneously offensive funny and compelling and it serves as a perfect introduction to one of the most talented and controversial writers at work in the Netherlands today. Received a copy from Open Letter Books From 3% A Dutch writer Rupert is Pfeijffer’s first novel It was published in 2002 and won the Anton Wachter prize for a debut novel As noted on his website Pfeijffer is the only Dutch author to have won major debut prizes for both poetry and proseMy summary aka a condensed version per my interpretationview spoilerChap1 Walking remembering ways of walking City as female with moodsChap2 destination speaking to jury dark doomed alley in Minair district Mnemonic memory using city's landmarksChap3 sexyland horniness conuest of MiraChap4 meets her at party she's moving near himChap5 strives to impress wants it to go wellChap6 seduction possibilities Mira instigates actionChap7 comparison to past girlsChap8 Mira was first last love but he is now impotent 7 monthsSecond hearingChap1 back to walking Everything is easier on paperChap2 good vs bad suaresChap3 suare as woman scorned after being abusedChap4 Mira life as a novelChap5 tarrying leading to loss of MiraChap6 Mira movesChap7 Mira has met someone elseChap8 pain anger Will she return to RupertChap9 it's BennoChap10 Rupert the unrescuableThe Third HearingChap1 sun as female Blind manChap2 life after Mira Escort service uglyChap3 seeking the bartenderChap4 following her Walking as theme or background Still looking for MiraChap5 city as woman Abandoned by MiraChap6 following alleys still seekingChap7 witness to sex or rapeChap8 this is what he's accusedChap9 he enjoys Sounds guiltyChap10 wasn't Mira Was he just spectator or an actorTheEnd hide spoiler

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Taurants and the city's public suaresWith each story Rupert attaches to these places his defense becomes a little outlandish while he becomes increasingly convinced that his innocence is beyond doubt When he reaches the end of his defense delivering the decisive blow against his accusers and describing the scene of the crime the full depth of Rupert's depravity is finally revealedRupert A Confession. Damn this was good

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Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer schrijft romans verhalen gedichten columns essays kritieken theaterstukken en songteksten Hij woont en werkt in Genua Pfeijffer was tot 2004 werkzaam als classicus aan de Universiteit Leiden Hij is gespecialiseerd in het werk van de klassieke dichter Pindarus In 1998 won hij de C Buddingh’ prijs voor zijn dichtbundel Van de vierkante man Voor de Boekenweek 2000 s

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