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Struck bully; their teacher Miss Sakaki whose heavily bandaged face remains a mystery; and many brothers sisters parents co workers teachers aggressors and victims who are all inextricably linked to one another Ten years later all will have to face what they've done or suffered through and maybe the end of the world Nijigahara Holograph comp. An elegantl

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Butterflies ominously proliferate as children whisper rumors of a mysterious creature lurking in the tunnel behind the school To appease its wrath they decide to offer it a sacrifice a human one But this is only the beginning of Nijigahara Holograph which takes place in two separate timelines and involves the suicidal Amahiko; Kohta the love. You won't c

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Lex challenging and elliptical was named one of the most anticipated new manga at Comic Con International San Diego Hailed as a voice of the current generation in Japan Inio Asano whose Solanin was nominated for Eisner and Harvey awards and was made into a feature film delves into David Lynchian territory with this psychological horror story. A beautiful

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    A holograph is a document written entirely in the handwriting of the person whose signature it bears Inio Asano’s Nijigahara Holograph is a very powerful comic Asano also created Solanin which I like very much; that one is relatable and Solanin as a character is very likeable but this one Holograph which came out in Japan in 2006 is stranger and disturbing by far and also powerful If you are tempted to think that comics are for kids think again This is an artistic accomplishment of the first order Enigmatic troubling moving and at times difficult to read in its subject matter but also it is not a straightforward narrative Arie Kimura is the main character who has suffered much and who is often rather silent but many other characters in the book also seem to have suffered abuse of various kinds largely in silence This tale is for me about the need for art to express the inexpressible In this case the horror and trauma of existence maybe especially for the young And the images Asanao chooses do and do not uite suffice in that process either for coping or the failure to copeFor instance featured in the book are several key images largely unexplained and evocativeGlowing butterflies proliferate I was reminded of the manga horror Uzumaki’s proliferating spirals a bit but the butterflies work another way than the spiralsA magic tin box appears periodicallyThe windows of tall buildings for pushing people out or jumpingA wellA dark tunnelAs with all the serial murders and classroom shootings and racial killings and pandemics in this one of our disturbing periods in the U S or is just a continuing nightmare? it is tempting to wonder if some Monster or Figure of Evil has descended upon us Asano is not an essayist though and he doesn't answer that uestion exactly He’s a kind of poetic comics artist with his own views on the matter maybe but they can’t be summarized adeuately in analytical terms He’s interested in psychological horror or in what we make of the trauma we experience than sociological explanations But a Monster IS one theory posited in this story Is Nijigahara haunted by something terrible? Troubling things keep happening here and some of what happens takes place in a kind of nightmare dream state It's horror as it relates to the everyday the real and maybe much horror works that way The drawing is wonderful and the juxtaposition of images and enigmatic dialogue creates a kind of mesmerizing effect For me anyway I see later some people are bored by it or just confused I can see that it can be confusing and difficult and elusive but I personally liked the mystery in it and that images stand in for mental and psychic states There’s a lot of space to reflect too on the various situations instead of just some really dark and densely drawn experience But that I mean literal white space in many panels This is not a book about plot It’s about trauma of various kinds and how it is experienced psychologically and over time through memory Never just past Always present And there’s a lot of silence when you might hope for Solanin like zest or even rage But sometimes as you know terrible things are as difficult to talk about as to overcomeThis is an amazing comic a work of art about sexual violence and maybe particularly against women about various kinds of violence we inflict on each other and comics as one central way to reflect onrefract experience I thought of filmmakers such as David Lynch Ingmar Bergman and Apichatpong Weerasethakul Uncle Boommee which I had just watchedHere’s a Comics Alliance review I read after I had written my review initially which sheds light on the horror from the perspective of sexual trauma|

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    You won't come away from this story feeling good or happy about yourself and the world around you It's unlikely that you'll close the book turn to the one you love and say 'You know what? I have a feeling that everything is going to be alright'Simply put the book won't let you It will take you gently by the hand and guide you on a walk through a world of twisted and broken individuals unable to recover from the pain and loss of the past and perhaps unwilling to Through the eyes of the characters in the book we see the answer to a simple uestion 'How do you move on from unforgettable unforgivable events?' Rainbow Field Holograph explores several answers to this uestion no matter how awkward painful or unsettlingThough you won't come away with anything resembling positivity when you read Rainbow Field Holograph what you will come away with is an experience A clear snapshot into lives and feelings you should hope you'll never have to experience first handAnd for that reason I think it's a book worth reading

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    Well That was weird and depressing but also intriguing and disturbingI'd give it a 35 but not one that's strong enough to bump to 4I think Thomas Hobbes would really like this book were he alive todayHere's my uick introduction to this storyAn entire town is stuck in a loop of misery despair hopelessness and butterfliesArie was an emotionally damaged young girl and talked about the monster who would end the world a belief her mother had voiced before she left with her son and married another man leaving Arie behind with her father and her mother’s butterfly necklace However a year later the mother went missing and then was found presumably by Arie in a tunnel in town A haunted tunnelThat messed Arie up even and her classmates decided she was too scary to live so pushed her down a well and she spent the next ten years in the hospital in a coma being raped at nightFrom there the people that surround Arie in one way or another are introduced and we see both what they'd been doing when Arie was an abused child as well as what they're doing now ten years later ten years? maybe it was fifteen I don't remember now I read this a week ago and that's way too long for my old memory All these people are connected to each other all the bits of the story lie with these varied and disturbed characters Their lives have all been shattered and the source of their misery centers around Arie who is as the body of the butterfly necklace that was snapped in twoMake sense?No?Yeah that's because you actually have to read this bookThere's so much going on so many little twists and turns and stabs and jabsAnd I liked it I did but I'm getting tired of moving forward in stories by going backward All the jumping around was too much for me since I wasn't in the mood for such shenanigansHowever once the story finished it doesn't actually finish though it's also not set up for a seuel It seems to have an open end and I was able to look back and piece it all together I was impressed Also depressed Because this is not a happy tale people It's just not

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    This is one of those stories you tend to read over and over again just so you could make sense out of it and no matter how many times you read it you find something different about it something you never noticed was right there That is the beauty of Nijigahara Holograph and the gift which comes from the genius mind of Inio Asano the creator of the beautiful manga SolaninIt's funny how the name Rainbow Field Holograph is somewhat of a contrast to the theme of the manga Where the title gives the reader the feeling that the manga will be full of rainbows marshmallows the reality is much the oppositeThe manga starts with surrealistic yet existent images; these images spread across different panels and different pages representing some pivotal moment in each character's life are made up of factors affecting their present and future which in turn are affected by their worn out conflicted and secretive pasts Try not to get confused as these confusing images may not seem related but for your information it is these images which prove as pieces to a jigsaw puzzle; once they end they give rise to the start of a story which is actually the beginning of the end rather than the actual beginningThen when the reader realizes that the story has followed into another story one spanning over 10 years – a story within stories like stories within a story – this one deep than the rest and the rest even deeper when thought about later the reader gets even entangled in the web that is Nijigahara Holograph Moreover the general theme of the manga would be life itself – dark dreary without hope selfish humans humans taking without feeling I came to face such horrors while reading this that I read this manga over three times with some kind of perverse incredulity about the fact that I live in the same world these people do It's just bizarre how we tend to live under the same sky with such different people inhabiting it with us side by side without us even ever knowing the tragedies facing them or what sort of mind sets these people have – we will never know unless we come face to face with them ourselves – and I pray we never doThe major aspect of the story is the butterflies which may or may not make sense even when you have reached the end or you have managed to read the manga a couple of times Apparently after I did some research Asano's Nijigahara Holograph is mostly based upon Taoism There is an excerpt from one of the chapters' panel from Chuang Tszu's techings It says Once upon a time I personal name of Chuang Tzu dreamt I was a butterfly fluttering hither and thither to all intents and purposes a butterfly I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly unaware that I was Chou Soon I awaked and there I was veritably myself again Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man Between a man and a butterfly there is necessarily a distinction In my opinion this manga revolves around a complex attitude towards life in general It has nothing to do with Religion or one's or the characters' Beliefs It is how things are and how things must be Maybe Life the life we are living is not real Maybe what we think is real is just the trick of the mind Maybe Reality is coexistent with the things which aren't realWhatever the case is the butterflies signify the arrival of something important a calamity a revelation; whatever it is it will change the flow of things resulting in how things should have been in the first placeThese butterflies are associated with a character a little girl Every event that takes place in the story is irrevocably linked to her We can say that she is the pinnacle as well as the pedestal on which the story is based on and on whom it ascends and ends with the help ofWhen I start reading a manga the art will be the first thing I'll notice For me good art matters a lot even if I don't like the story all that much However there have been times when I found the story rather appealing than the art itself Nijigahara Holograph on the other hand is one manga whose art actually portrays the story rather than being unidentifiably individualistic to itI just love this manga – not only does it capture the reality of life it captures its essence and the art ascertains the fact that the reader establishes a strong connection to the story through it The art is beautiful; it captivates the attention even if it does not wish to seek it The details are a visual orgasm of things left behind for us to recall and reflect upon to be curious about and to simply unacknowledge to fear over and to be disgusted withThe way things are drawn it's difficult to conceive the beauty of things; what is most amazing is how every single object in the storyline living or otherwise has a personality The magnitude of complexity of detail is astounding; focus is a MUST Emotions are drawn vividly without mercy making the reader digest fully the nature of what is being read Personally I think the mangaka has paid complete attention to how the things are supposed to be drawn rather than what; my view is that he has fixated himself upon nature overall How nature effects all reasons of outcomeAll in all the art is inconspicuously remarkable The expressions are instantaneous and it's as if it is not a manga being read but a film with moving pictures; watching as the scene changes oh so smoothlyThe character design is explicitly subliminal; meaning that every character's personality has been described to the last detail without having to spell it out It's simply amazing how the reader can grasp the entire persona of the character's even how unstable it may seem Every character is uniue having their own problems their own dilemmas and their very own secrets kept away from prying eyes earsSuzuki Amahiko is a disturbed individual with disparaging views of those around him hating the world for being so unfair; he rarely tries to connect with the people he's with and refrains from having any ties with them; he has always been shunned from society moving from one place to another with parents who he knows aren't really his and attempting suicide than once Then comes the girl who seems to be at the centre of it all Kimura Arie; ever since the manga starts I have thought of her to have lost all innocence from the day she achieved ethereal beauty; I sympathize for her – all she ever wanted was something everyone desires having it all go against her in ways which would extract profanities from the reader's mouth; the life she has led would be the cruelest and most unsettling of all Komatsuzaki is an aggressive character who acts in unpredictable ways and whose actions have a veritable significance Sakaki is the trio's homeroom teacher for whom Suzuki has somewhat mature feelings for; she injured one eye in an 'accident' which fits yet another puzzle of the story There are a few 'main' characters whose roles are noteworthy in themselvesI must applaud Asano on how he achieved such character depth within a mere manga spanning almost 300 pagesAt the end of the day this manga needs concentration in every single way It teaches every reader something new something different – what I learned or got from it would be unlike some other reader's life lesson learned For me it indulges in the credence that everyone has a role in life to play and that everyone plays a vital part in someone else's role People living interrelated lives having complicated mindsets yet existing in a clandestine past and living a lie – this is what Nijigahara Holograph is Funny enough it is a whirlwind of feelings with characters that have none

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    An elegantly brutal and supremely confident narrative labyrinth rewarding the multiple readings that it demands Highly recommended to fans of Kobo Abe David Lynch and Apichatpong Weerasethakul

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    I’m just gonna express myself through a series of gifsI’m trying to draw my own conclusions about what exactly the story is about but my thoughts are jumbled and going a bit like this so like was this man raping a comatose patient cuz I saw hospital and then the sex which confirmed it for me later on the story does this dad wanna bone his daughter cuz he got a straight up boner does this kid wanna bone his teacher cuz he also got a straight up boner ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE KILLERS and with weird sense of humours Shit was he fucking his sister? are they twins??? this isn’t horror this is crazinessSo yehI still don’t know

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    One reservation I have with a lot of manga is the episodic nature of its production and how this dictates narrative decisions Like how there are episodes in Uzumaki which could be removed without any loss whatsoever to the whole or the constant cycles of action that bear the reader along across many issues in even something as cohesive as Akira Even Taiyo Matsumoto's narratives unfold in a series of essentially compartmentalized sections I'm listing all things that I like or even love here but I recognize the limitations the form tends to place on long narrative arcs that build subtly across a lot of themes and plot movementsI don't know much about how Nijigahara Holograph was composed but it seems like it couldn't possibly have originated as a serial With its multiple timelines character continuity across 11 years obliuely explained crucial actions that may occur off camera or go unexplained for hundreds of pages and elaborate sustained montaging it would just be too confusing for a reader to wait a month and pick up all the threads again Even here in a single volume divided into chapters though chapters that vary in length and do not exactly compartmentalize their plot character or theme all of which unfold over longer stretches though still providing a meaningful structure this can be confusing but in the best way the way that suggests complexity of concept ambiguity and multiple readings in the way that comics rarely dare to be This is brilliant haunting stuff The past's long claw marks on the present the destructive forces that churn beneath the everyday dark portents mysteries that switch direction suddenly in a flash of motion in the corner of the eye

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    A beautiful graphic novel in the vein of Ring and Akira Nijigahara Holograph is one I'd definitely recommend if you like school set stories or urban legends

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    A disturbing and chaotic read This tale is based around a chilling myth that in the local area a young girl who is repeatedly reincarnated appears with the ability to predict the future and announces that a monster lives in a tunnel that will bring about the end of the world The townsfolk fearful of this revelation sacrifice the girl and her reincarnations to appease the creature not realising that with each death it grows ever larger This myth and it's telling leads the main character a beautiful yet disturbing pale child to be thrown down a well by her school mates where upon she slips into a coma and there remains until the end of the book However even though she is now silenced her actions and her story live on through her affect and interactions with the school bully a suicidal boy in her class and a man who is revealed as raping her just the year before she was sacrificed This book is particularly complicated and disjointed as there are multiple time lines that Asano jumps through and the story's narrator seems to switch randomly as well It's a book to be read slowly and than once and it takes some careful consideration to understand what is real and what isn't who is who and how they are all related and whether the ethereal yet violence inspiring butterflies are the creature or simply an unusual ecological werk You will walk away with a feeling of doubt about what you have read confusion about the seemingly uncaring violence that springs up sporadically throughout and a feeling of disturbance about how so much of the violent behaviour is directed at this one childwoman for no real reason whatsoever It would have got 5 stars of it had been a little less disjointed and had not lent so heavily on violence and rape to get its message across

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    This might sound badBut I think he'd be better off not waking up at allA butterfly portends on Amahiko's rooftop reality confession settling on a head there and corner of eye consciousness as he doesn't know if he is dreaming His decrepit wheelchair confined adopted father calls out someone's name not Amahiko and not for now Everywhere butterflies they only live a day and which is this They wish it had never happened straight down from the gut Sometimes they are children again but without absolution of a way to be different As young adults no one can forget In the tunnels and in the pit where a decade past the collective school children pushed their classmate Arie She remains in her hospital a serene smile of the dreaming The only people who smile in Nijigahara Holograph are the comatose and dead to the living Today the homes are darkened places of stale don't get out of bed today don't move on sit in front of the tv and sick promise of no future A nightmare loop of ruts I felt suffocated by the unshaven faces and it takes too long for the next day to be no different Maki has brief sex with men she knew as boys A girl crush still beats wings in her heart There he is again Kohta Maybe this time Flutters of promise maybe or a way to forget Or to beat Arie the girl that her brother and the young Kohta who had preyed on and raped child Arie Their this never happened and this isn't happening never moving on moved me into the dreaming notdreaming than anything else Another classmate is a police officer and he must visit Arie's hospital bed one time There's no way to get her her life back But to look at what they did There isn't any absolution for anyone in 'Holograph' Asano couldn't imagine any No moving on is possible Their teacher Sakaki is today leaving her husband and children He's from her teaching days She married him because it must have taken effort to meet his wanting looks day in and out It must take too much effort to bear under every day needing of life Her husband must be the only male in this entire book who looks at a female who isn't Arie Her face is bandaged from when she rescued a child Arie from her rape He smashes a brick into her face The teacher hates Arie blames her for disfigurement For the loss of the day to day end's will The students get up everyday and have to go to school with each other Cold hearted monsters The teacher thinks about doing or not doing something the way a bed bound depressive doesn't think about getting up today The gravity of thinking of not doing anything keeps her there She sort of takes Amahiko under her wing watches from an impartial wishy washy place I kept thinking she was going to tell him how to be like her the secrets of how to be the normal kid who gets by I never knew how to do that Not that he wasn't normal really on the outside What I don't get is the gang was bullying other children into jumping out of windows Arie isn't the only kid who had it bad but she is the only one who matters because they are casualties of reality and she haunts The not too late for her This pissed me off so so so so much Was everyone born already bad except for this one kid? I had a bad feeling that the way to be apart was to be apart and know that it is everyone else who is rottenFifth grade Amahiko meets a butterfly and feels he has met God Today he is himself again But what he imagines he could do with his heart swelling power is get rid of the whole world if he wanted Teach shows him a sunset that could almost get rid of every bad feeling for now No one in 'Holograph' can deal with any feeling than by destroying it but that one time a sunset was enough Even the butterflies mean something damning While he's dreaming his father has a hard on to little Arie's back of the head Amahiko sees another classmate Kohta's kid sister Narumi They taunt her and call her thermos he doesn't know why She's always writing in a book They thought they pushed Arie into the well to stop her from talking To stop her judgement of feeding monsters and mob injustice Kohta stops Narumi who knew about Arie He burns their home with her in it I've read theories that the ending means everything is from the bed dreaming of Arie Maybe her nightmare on the rest of them Or none of it ever happened I hate the dream theory and the book opens on a dream theory so it isn't like I could get away from it Their chance to atone for what they did not change the past but learn from it is taken away Amahiko meets his sister again and she says don't you remember Their mother is talking some very Arie prophetic shit that God gets rid of everyone and this hell is their eternity Dad can't deal with this and strangles her in front of the kids Why violence against one person's opinion on humanity is the only way anyone deals with anything in 'Holograph' I can't stomach It was as annoying as when every episode ever of Doctor Who was written off as Oh it all happened because they time traveled It happened because it happened Way to obliterate the point of human existence is to exist in it Nothing happened it was all a dream The police officer is talking about another victim to the tunnel He believes in the monster after all and butterflies swarm his protesting face I believe that people would want to believe in a monster an off the hook it was fated to be But no 'Holograph' was the most moving the most real stakes to me when it was a weight on them A desire for it to never happen that doesn't come true Wake up every day and you aren't a different person who did something so terrible Try to not do it again or keep living in darkness no hope to find whole places The only way out is death except for the one who is judging Is this why only the unliving are the only ones who can smile? Because they are above the living? Fuck no That's not it at all They pull you down with them sometimes sometimes you gotta go find some sunset and feed off of it Asano's artwork is great and I've liked a lot his other stuff I've read like having to live with people strangling But this is bugging the crap out of me I read 'Holograph' in August Amahiko meets an old man who has his name on that roof in the start and in the end He tells him thisNo matter how awful the world is you must be strong of willThe direction your life takes is for you to decideWell yeah But in this fake ass way Amahiko already or did he? Ugh went the only way I can deny you is to attempt to rape you with Arie his nature with say than anything else that could happen This had its moments but I just can't deal with that ending What happened between the only way out is suicide no other options to he told himself so he found it within himself? If he told himself as a boy then why does he feel this way into adulthood? Does it last as long as a sunset? I wish when Maki sees the ghostly butterflies inhabiting the death tunnel that it isn't ruined with a pedantic male story about definitions fate stories Not unless the story becomes a part of life They are silencing I can't stand that Why are the stories in this just a shut up? If there was a way to turn this into wordless

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