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Blind Alley


Lates a race of intelligent non humans it is set in the Foundation universe during the era of Trantor's Galactic Empir 2 universe during the era of Trantor's Galactic Empir

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Blind Alley is a science fiction short story by American writer Isaac Asimov It was first published in the March 1945

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Issue of Astounding Science Fiction and later included in the collection The Early Asimov 1972Although the story postu

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    If I had to make a guess about the point of this story it would have to be the rarity of alien species in a galaxy filled with uadrillions of humans Beyond that it is rather strange to even consider this to be a part of the Galactic Empire seriesI Did find the behavior of the alien creatures to be very interesting the rationale behind their sterilization is even interesting but what I found to be most intriguing is their ultimate goal after stealing those ships was it just to get away from Humans? Maybe future books will discuss this

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    Kicsit buntodatom van amikor ilyen kis szosszeneteket is teszek a reading challengebe de mashogy nem lehet rendesen logolni Egy rovid frappans igazi tankonyvi novella Nagyon erdekes a premissza hogy most kivetelesen nem az emberek talalkoznak egy egesz galaxist uralo fajjal hanem mi vagyunk ebben a szerepben Abszolut megertettem az idegenel allaspontjat es inditekait is Szuper erdemes akar minden mas Asimovtol kulon is elolvasni

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    I recently completed a full re read of the entire extended foundation series that merge together Asimov's Robots Empire and Foundation series It took many years to read my way through and it was a bitter sweet moment to finish this reading project As soon as I finished I discovered that my re read was not complete there was a very hard to find out of print short story set in the Empire universe After a web search I managed to locate a PDF copy of the story thanks Google and fill the gapThe story is very interesting and deals with themes that never appear in any of the other Foundation's stories the encounter between a race of intelligent non humans and humans The relations between the two have some parallels with the encounters between European and non European in the Colonialist era

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