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劇部「鹿島遊」の弱点。編集者「宮前剣」と「前野」の意外な関係。更には「佐倉千代」は実は過去にも野崎く. Rating 4 Stars ★

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少女漫画家男子以外も、意外な一面ある奴ばっかり。少女漫画家「野崎梅太郎」の得意なことと苦手なこと。演. I can't stop it's

Izumi Tsubaki æ 6 characters

んに告白しようとしてて。今まで知らなかったことが次々と明らかになって、ますますラブギャグが暴走する、. I like this author

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    Scenes I liked in this one making up nicknames for the tones role playing practice for a group date where Yukari and Nozaki are discussing their respective manga but friends overhearing thinking they have a secret romance

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    When you thought the misunderstandings couldn't get worse then you read this volume which is so full of misunderstandings I was just laughing my butt off and also wondering how anyone in the world could go through so many misunderstandingsAnd I am already laughing hard when I read this manga as it is just totally hilarious But in this one I was laughing even harder I also showed several pages to my boyfriend and he was in stitches as well I am also delighted to see some manga only things It has been some time since I watched the anime when it aired but I don't remember several jokes that were in this volume So we are finally getting closer to having some original stuff that the anime hasn't touched Don't get me wrong I am happy that the anime did such a good job but it does make reading manga a bit boring I have several favourite scenes but two of them would be when Seo and Wakamatsu go on a date and the other when Nozaki had to learn to remember the seating places in his manga and every time they tried to teach him he just drew exactly what was in front of his nose He just couldn't see his characters PI also still feel sorry for Sakura That poor girl still likes Nozaki though I really don't get why with each passing volume and he just doesn't get the hint Or thinks she is thinking something totally different I just can't imagine these 2 getting together I also love the other characters though I have to say I just hate that blonde manga editor He is just so obnoxious |The art is really great and I have the feeling it gets better with each volumeWhat ? I think I said all I wanted though I have one last thing left I would highly recommend this one to everyoneReview first posted at

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    I can't stop it's too entertaining This series was already notable for upsetting gender roles but they've really gone for a toss now Strangely the characters are like real high school students than is usual in a manga and there are a lot dirty jokes I like it somehowPlus I'm shipping all these couples so hard It's the first time I haven't wanted to change something in a manga

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    I would give this 4 stars as usual but it is getting 5 because of this volume's cover That is all

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    When you thought the misunderstandings just couldn't get worse you get this

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    Rating 4 Stars ★★★★Monthly Girls Nozaki kun continues to be one of the funniest completely underrated manga series I've ever readEverything about this manga from the delightful cast of characters comedic moments hilarious misunderstandings are what make Monthly Girls' Nozaki kun my favorite manga that I can always count to make me laugh put a smile on my faceIn this volume the side characters have a prominent role throughout the various skits Mikoshiba goes to Nozaki for help on figuring out how group dates work one of my favorite moments in this volume Ken Miyame Nozaki's editor goes to a high school reunion there's a running joke that continues where Chiyo is w Nozaki and learns about Ken which is funny bc Chiyo has a crush on Nozaki but Nozaki doesn't really notice cares about impressing his editor than anyone else Wakamatsu Seo go out to the movies another one of my favorite moments 3 Nozaki Mikoshiba try to act bad to get into the mindset for character creation in another chapter in Nozaki's manga the funniest moment of the whole mangaAnd hilarious moments between the Prince of the school Yuu Kashima Mayuki the drama club directorI loved that there was development to the amazing characters aside from Nozaki Chiyo though I love them too What also makes this manga so great is the subtle jokes you don't see coming until the endThe way the author plays with romance tropes and the great cast of characters is what makes Monthly Girls Nozaki such a great seriesAlso within each skit there's always subtle moments where character development differing sides to the characters gets expanded on which I love so much Because it isn't always obvious Tsubaki not only builds her characters slowly where it works so well but the humor use of tropes in a comedic way always gets delivered in ways I don't expect 3Mikorin Mikoshiba just continues to try be confident outgoing but just can' uite get there He is the shy heart throb I continue to love adore I love seeing how he's growing little by little with each volume ´▽`ʃƪ3 3 3I also loved getting subtle growth to Kashima Mayuki's relationship its really a relationship based on them butting heads with eachother but it works so perfectly Their development is what I look forward to with each volumeAlso another relationship I can't wait to see of is with Chiyo's friend Seo Wakamatsu Their one is just filled with hilarious misunderstandings they easily become one of my new favorite duosOverall what makes Monthly Girls Nozaki kun such a hilarious entertaining series is that its just filled with tropes turned upside down and lots of misunderstandingsThe bonds between each character that are clearly seen with each of them continues to be another aspect of this manga series that I love so much You see how much this dynamic group of friends get into the wackiest situations but are always there for each otherMy only critiue is that because Vol 3 is focused on the character dynamics between each skit and not so much on the weaving of the plot the pacing seemed a little slower to me Because its also character driven it does feel a bit different than previous volumesMonthly Girls' Nozaki Kun Vol 3 continues to build its uniue cast of characters and really focuses on the bonds between them as they get into hilarious situations Though the plot is episodic compared to previous volumes this manga continues to brilliantly put twists on tropes deliver perfect comedic timing is filled with hilarious adventures that continue to bring its characters to lifeCan't wait for volume 4

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    I like this author's sense of the absurd I'll have to see what her Ore sama Teacher series is like

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    Another sweet and funny installment in this series 😊

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    Howling with laughter on every single page Mikorin and Seo are so much fun together and Nozaki's SWOON sign is just too much

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    I really enjoy this series Probably than I should These characters are so fun I can see why the anime didn't take each story and turn it into the anime Still really enjoying it though