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Witness in Death

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Zeugin – und ermittelnde Beamtin Denn natürlich setzt Eve alles daran diesen Fall besonders schnell zu lösen Gehört das Theater doch schließlich ihrem Mann dem geheimnisumwitterten irischen Geschäftsmann Roarke Aber jeder von Eves Ver. Mix some J D Robb with some Agatha Christie and you get genius In the way of Christie the murderer is obvious but hard to seeReread July 2018 — “The plays the thing” In this case the thing is murder Eve and Roarke have a night out at the theater Its an Agatha Christie mystery that uickly becomes too real Great book

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Dächtigen ist ein exzellenter Schauspieler der für ein bißchen Scheinwerferlicht alles tut Bald fragt sich Eve nicht mehr wer lügt – sondern nur noch wer die Wahrheit spricht Der neue superspannende Lady Thriller um Lieutenant Eve Dall. “Death is just the last scene of the last act”― Joyce Carol OatesA murder is committed as the last act of a theater performance in front of the whole cast crew and thousand's of people who have come to watch this play including Eve Dallas As the story progresses we come to know that the Theater world is filled with people who like to perform on stage and outside of it that relationships are not that simple in this world and you never know who is acting and who is genuine We also discover that the victim was in fact a Vile man but Eve Dallas is determined to seek justice even though the victim may have got what he deservedThere is blackmail and then another murder to silence the blackmailerThe ending was a surprise to me and I liked the note on which the story endedThere are few tribute's to Agatha Christie in this book I also love the futuristic setting of these stories and that is part of the main attraction for me along with the mystery and of course RoarkeThe problem in this story as in few of the previous one's is that either Eve is targeted by the killer or someone close to her gets involved and she becomes biased or emotionally conflicted due to this This is becoming a pattern now and hope this changes in the further books In this book one of the things she did was unacceptable but she did it to solve the case that's the justification and I didn't like it very much view spoilerThe way she discloses the paternity to Carly was unacceptable hide spoiler

read ¸ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì J.D. Robb

Original Cover Edition for ASIN B004OL2BX0AAls bei der Premiere seines neuen Stücks ein berühmter Bühnenschauspieler direkt vor ihren Augen ermordet wird findet sich Lieutenant Eve Dallas in einer neuen Rolle wieder Sie ist zugleich Augen. Book ten in this series and I feel I'm well and truly settled into it to the point where the characters have become old friends Roarke and Eve are still feeling their way in their lives together producing a few sparks and a lot of passion and romance There is a lot of humour in their relationship and both are learning to give and take from each other Peabody is enjoying her two men classy outings with Charles and hot sex with McNab but is good at hiding her true feelings from herself Fun to see Roarke giving out dating tips to McNab during their not uite legal incursions into police and locked files The plot is an engaging one based on an Agatha Christie theme with a murder committed during the opening night of of Ms Christie's plays and Eve convinced one of the cast or crew is responsible Her sleuthing to uncover the secrets and relationships of those involved is just as complex as a Christie novel including the final scene where she assembles the main players Poirot style to reveal the killer Always an enjoyable light read with great characters and fun plots

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  • Witness in Death
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  • 10 September 2017
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About the Author: J.D. Robb

Nora Roberts The futuristic suspense series stars Eve Dallas a New York City police lieutenant with a dark past Initially conceived as a trilogy readers clad for of Eve and the mysterious Roarke Shadows in DeathSt Martin's Press September 2020 is the 51st entry in the series