Free read É The New Market Wizards Conversations with America's Top Traders

The New Market Wizards Conversations with America's Top Traders

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In The New Market Wizards successful traders relate the financial strategies that have rocketed them to success Asking uestions that readers wi This is the f

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Th an interest or involvement in the financial markets would love to pose to the financial superstars Jack D Schwager encourages these financia Excellent ins

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L wizards to share their insights Entertaining informative and invaluable The New Market Wizards is destined to become another Schwager classic From Top 12 I

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  • The New Market Wizards Conversations with America's Top Traders
  • Jack D. Schwager
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  • 13 April 2019
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About the Author: Jack D. Schwager

Jack Schwager is a recognized industry expert in futures and hedge funds and the author of a number of widely acclaimed financial books He is currently the co portfolio manager for the ADM Investor Services Diversified Strategies Fund a portfolio of futures and FX managed accounts Previously Mr Schwager was a partner in the Fortune Group a London based hedge fund advisory firm which special

10 thoughts on “The New Market Wizards Conversations with America's Top Traders

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    I wish someone would do a series of interviews with a bunch of failuresI found these interviews enjoyable and there were several good tips and lessons that came through But lets face it these people for the most part are trading huge lot sizes lots so big that they will move the market with their trades and the types of things they take into account don't have all that much to do with the kinds of things that a small trader faces Some things carry over but very much does not Also the book is kind of dated and many if not most of these traders started trading in the pits My guess is that trading in the pits is a very very different activity than sitting alone in a study and staring at a computer screenHere are two common threads that I find very interesting First almost every trader seems to agree that psychology is important than the trading system a person uses The important things are stuff like confidence in your system discipline to trade it properly not second guessing yourself resisting greed and fear etc That's all well and good And yet every trader in the book has had Schwager agree not to reveal proprietary stuff about the systems that they trade and often they refuse to answer specific uestions because it will reveal secrets about the systems they trade Anyone else see the tension in these two positions? Back to my original thought It's OK to interview a bunch of really successful people and then say what they all have in common There's a whole aisle of business books that do exactly that with dreadful names like The Top 10 Secrets of Highly Successful People Guess what they work hard; they take risks; they have self confidence; and blah blah blah But what about the failures? How many budding entrepreneurs shared all of the same secrets and yet did not make a go of it? Why isn't anyone interviewing the failures? It seems to me that their stories would be at least as interesting and probably educational And if you could find a common thread in why people fuck up other than that bad shit just happens to lots of people that would be information that was really worth having

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    This is the fourth time that I've read this book and I will say that all of the necessary disciplines for trading are withing it and each time I read it they sink a little deeper into my subconscious The first time I read these interviews I was an intern on a trading desk and the topics are no less relevant as a full analyst for an alternative platform that generally has his head buried in math than they were for a green nineteen year old hoping to grasp the basic concepts of an industry Given the incredible explosion in volatility Mr Market displayed in 2008 it is especially prescient to revisit the basic principles of what makes active investing a superior approach

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    Re read of the second book in the Market Wizards series Schwager continues where he left off interviewing top investors covering different investment styles The big one in this book is Stanley Druckenmiller one of the very few best investors of all time who managed George Soros's uantum Fund for many years It's a great read and almost as good as the first one Five easy starts

  4. says:

    Much better than the first book The responses are varied as are the traders' backgrounds However most of the success stories boil down to discipline contrarianism and superior knowledge of pricing models in an era where nobody knew how options pricing worked An interesting look at a point in history but don't be fooled it's history

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    I have the 2006 version of Market Wizards and it is an EXCELLENT book My intentions are to get all his Market Wizard books and read themThere are a lot of things I learned from the 2006 copyrighted version so I look forward to reading his prior versionsI love the style in which Schwager interviews each top trader psychologist One can gain much insight from those who go before you and how they came about their success but also importantly the pitfallsSchwager does a good job summarizing the common trades of all top traders which are the traits I have learned to develop

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    Excellent insight that is still prevalent today I enjoyed learning about the emotional aspect of trading stocks and the importance of finding your own way

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    More than practical advice this is a must read for anyone interested in psychology of investments trading human behavior and insights that can be applied to other areas

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    From Top 12 Investment Books to Start Off 2017The New Market Wizard by Jack Schwager was the first finance related book I read prior to starting my internship at UBS It’s a collection of interviews with traders that have a proven track record of overwhelmingly positive returns It’s not just about stocks The author also interviews traders that deal with commodities currencies and options Some are well known while others are less so but they all give you a good idea of the different principles and thought processes of veteran tradersEvery trader in this book has his own method of trading and you’ll be surprised at how different these strategies are some even contradicting each other It should be noted that the book was released in 1992 prior to the implementation of Dodd Frank Reform which restricts depository banks from participating in proprietary trading Nowadays banks deal with client execution trades and work off of commission Nonetheless the advice in this book is still relevant to traders who are developing their own core principles and strategies; find which trader’s goals align with yours and modify your approach to the market based on that Although I prefer this version the preuel to this book The Market Wizard is worth checking out as well

  9. says:

    Just as good as the first book of the series Market Wizards You get hard and undeniable facts about trading you get different perspectives and different styles that you can relate to and also you get a little bit of mysticism a little bit of the intangibles and the zen part about trading Trading without tradingCredit must be given to Jack D Schwager because he has an excellent ability to ask uestions and he can even change the subject and get off topic and still give great value by the information he gets out of people He asks same things over and over but a little different and he gets the very deep and true answers out of everyone When you are reading the book you feel like you are actually at the place of the interview is almost like you were part of the conversation MUST read for anyone that is interested in trading of the financial world

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    Pretty good but the book was mixed Honestly there are a lot of styles that don't mesh well with mine and a lot of interviews that probably confused me than helped meThe clear standout is the interview with Stanley Druckenmiller The guy's brilliant and it's so hard to find interviews with him that any insight into what he thinks is greatly appreciated Really wish the whole book was just picking Druckenmiller's brainOne that I was not expecting but was really good was Vic Sperandeo He really made an impression on me I might check out Sperandeo's book after this; I like the way that guy thinks

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