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Wins War

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Was raised by his grandfather as the third generation of Marines and has lived to serve and protect Somehow he will do that againEmily Fisher thought she’d be a doctor like her father until her mother produced a son when Emily was ten Now Emily works as a physical therapist at Naval Medical Center San Diego and saves her money for med school She is devoted to.


Win Johnston was tall dark and handsome before he lost both legs in Afghanistan He's still dark and handsome though his smile is a little one sided from a scar on his lip His dark eyes can change from malted milk chocolate to hard dark chocolate in an instant when he thinks about the woman who sent him a Dear John letter because she valued her career than him He.


Helping the men and women who protect our country return to active participants in life Her sister's faithless husband who uses his combat injuries to gain sympathy and sex has inoculated Emily against any romantic involvement with the men she works with She can hold out against their physical pain but when they show emotional pain that’s another story  ?.

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    With love everything can overcome hardshipsWin is a double amputee whom Emily is his physical therapist She helps him overcome being a amputee and learning to walk again with his bionitic leg He in turn counsels several of the other patients on how to return to society There are ups and downs Ted the leach being Emily's supervisor Somehow they are able to learn how to overcome obstacles and learn how they both love each other

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