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Hush AUTHOR Jacqueline Sauvageau

Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Jacqueline Sauvageau

Ings couldn't get any worse Until of course she discovers that she's failing algebra The only mercy comes from Brandon Taccone Jenna's attractive golden eyed guitar playing math teacher Fresh out of graduate school and frustrated with the lack of respect he receives from his students he decides that he'd be willing to help Jenna salvage a grade providing she abide by a simple ultimatum show up for after school tutoring Yet neither are prepared for what will ensue when a simple act of forgetfulness leads Je Ohhhhwhere do I even start with this bookI was really excited about reading this but as soon as I started I was instantly irriated with all of the grammatical and spelling errors I was absolutely horrible and it almost seemed like I was reading a first draft that was not even written in a microsoft word because at least word would have caught some of the horrible mistakes Some of the sentences were so bad that I couldn't even figure out what the author was trying to say because it didn't make sense I hope that the author thinks twice about the next time that she publishes a book with so many mistakes because there is no reason in this day and age to have so many misspelled word and messed up sentences No reason whatsoever I thought the writing was atrocious and I didn't enjoy it at all I finished the book only because curiosity usually gets the best of me and I wanted to know what happenedThe story line could have been good but I feel like the entire book was a hot mess The relationship between Brandon and Jenna was flat I felt like there was nothing emotional or intense about their romance For example when they finally made love that's all they did They basically went to bed I would have liked a little detail but it was just soflat And I understand that some authors are uncomfortable with having detailed sex scenes or they it's just not their thing but they usually make up for it in the romance department and I feel like this author didn't do that either I also thought that when Jenna made the decision about the abortion and took Brandon with to go through with it the author wrote that she cried but afterwards it's like they both moved on as if it was nothing Jenna basically grieved for like a day and Brandon was completely indifferent about it Now fortunately I have never been in that type of situation but in my experience girls just don't get over an abortion in 24 hours Usually it stays with them longer than that even if they don't talk about itI would have expected Brandon to fight for the baby or do something But he just kind of let it play out and had no feelings about it at all I also thought that it was weird the way that their relationship just ended Imean from what I gather they just drifted apart but again I felt like the author should have been detailed It never really explained as to why they just drifted apart and why they didn't do anything about it Obviously they still had feelings for each other but it's like they just both gave up And I thought this was especially weird since he resigned and then she graduated so they were no longer studentteacher and were free to pursue their relationship Finally it really irritated me that Brandon ended up with Renee and that Jenna ended up with uin It seemed like neither of them really had feelings for Renee and uin and they just started dating them because they were there A couple things that I DID like about the book I liked that Jenna decided to abort the baby because not many authors choose that route for their prengant teens Most of the time the girl can't go through the abortion and ends up parenting the baby And believe it or not that is the right choice for some people I also liked that Brandon and Jenna didn't end up together Usually the couple who has the forbidden relationship always ends up together and this was different and I enjoyed that because life is not always perfect And I know that I may be contradicting myself because earlier I said that I thought it was weird that they didn't end up together but I just think that the author should have written a little bit as to why they made that decision Overall I didn't enjoy the book and I was very disappointed Mostly it was because of the unedited writing and it just took all the enjoyment away from reading it I think the storyline could be turned into something decent if there was some depth and an emotional connection that a reader is supposed to get with its characters

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Nna to seek Mr Taccone out in a place she should never have stepped into They're thrown into each others worlds of passion pain and forbidden emotions Will they keep their distance and abide by the line that separates them or reach out to grasp the untouchable Hush is a boundary stretching story about love self examination and the irrational feelings that come with falling for the ones we shouldn't but simply can't deny Recommended for readers 17 due to sexual situations language and a mature dramatic scen This was probably the first book I have thought after a few chapters that it wasn't going anywhere but finished I was determined it would get better and about 34 of the way through it did Briefly Then straight back down hill It was not a particularly long book but felt it The story dragged so little happened especially in the first half I was relieved when I finished it it was uite frankly depressing A little sad in parts but mainly it made me feel depressed I read it on my kindle and I'm not aware how books are transferred into kindle form but somebody needs to correct a lot of mistakes in the book This just added to my disappointment

Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Jacqueline Sauvageau

Jenna McCarthy is the limerent wide eyed daughter of two successful over bearing parents She lives alongside her younger brother Matt in their giant empty house amidst the great looming buildings in the city of Boston Jenna has everything she could ever need and lives a uiet predictable life Where everything's the same and nothing really changes And she likes it that way But when her best and only friend uin ditches Jenna for his new Bonne Belle wearing platinum haired girlfriend Jenna is convinced that th This book was alright It sounded very good and i was excited to read it but it was a bit of a let down i suppose it was just because it wasn't the fairytale ending between the two main characters even though this is real life i'm just that kind of girl i suppose

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