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SONORA PASS is an action packed humorous murder mystery taking place in several locations including Montreal Canada; Vermont; Southern California and Central America The protagonists are college friends who were members of JABBERWOCKY Fantastico 5 stars to this modern 100 page graphic novel that spans huge historic geographic terrain to bring to a fine brew the author's broad fields of expertise engineering crime drama travel and music And what a breath of fresh air that is in a sea of tired cliches clogging the book shelves today physical and cyber Now the art might slightly throw newcomers to graphic novel painting with its exaggerated angularities and stark pencil shadings but this has been standard since DC Comics pioneered it in the early 1990's which I bought religiously just about the time animation really hit with MTV too And if it's good enough for Neil Gaiman up to this day see GaimanOthers 1993 The Books of Magic and the 2014 GaimanCampbell anthology detractors from even name review sites clearly need to stop hiring high school dropouts as their reviewers The artist's word balloons indeed do forget a period every odd page on average but that just adds to the underground feel imo I would redesign the cover logo for the 2nd edition however; something a bit customized as the interior art certainly deserves to be matched with a bit than a common font treatment for its cover impression But others too might like the underground look of that 48 of 5 stars


A rock latin fusion band The band holds a 25th reunion in Montreal for their college friends and fans Following a wildly successful reunion party in Montreal the female singer Celia is found dead Jonah the saxophone player in the ban Full disclosure I've known the author for over 34 years I thoroughly enjoyed Sonora Pass The novel is intricately constructed and uniue depicting multiple cultures and worlds It's a murder mystery that incorporates music corporate espionage and revolutionary Central America Kevin Nichols does fantastic work on the illustrations which are memorable in and of themselves

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D investigates and identifies the cause of Celia’s untimely death The story involves several flashbacks to the 1970s relating to Celia’s relationship with Esteban and Rodrigo and to her troubled past in revolutionary Central Ameri Great story Fast paced international murder mystery Well written with great illustrationsSonora Pass Recent Editorial Review from Reader's FavoriteReviewed By Emily Jane Hills Orford A rock Latin fusion band Jabberwocky is holding its 25th reunion in Montreal It is a big event attracting fans and friends It’s a wild crazy party which ends in tragedy when the lead female singer Celia is found dead The band’s saxophonist Jonah takes the lead role in the investigation and as events unfold he uncovers a trail of the woman’s lost loves and a deeply troubled past that spans from Montreal to Vermont Southern California and the revolutionary outposts of Central America It is an intriguing murder mystery tale with a lot to keep readers turning the pagesJaime Olmos’s graphic comic book story Sonora Pass is a compelling murder mystery with a lot of action and a dash of humor The illustrations are sombre setting the stage for the unfolding events carried through by dialogue The author combines his passions and knowledge of music engineering crime and geography into a fascinating tale of murder and mayhem The plot progresses at a good pace but it’s really the illustrations by Kevin Nichols that carry the story along They are works of art on their own

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