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The Right Hook of Devin Velma

characters The Right Hook of Devin Velma

From the author of Greetings from Witness Protection comes another unforgettable middle grade novel about friendship and familyDevin wants to hit it big on the internet by pulling a stunt at an NBA game one the entire nation will be watching Addison can't turn Devin down but he can barely manage talking to his. it can be a shock when 'real life' walks through the door sits down and re

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Or maybe it's something else entirely No matter what though it's risky for both of them and when the big day finally comes Devin's plan threatens than just their friendshipWith memorable protagonists and a wonderful supporting cast The Right Hook of Devin Velma is a one of kind knockout in middle grade fiction. Greetings from Witness Protection was a promising debut and Burt’s talent i

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Teachers without freezing up How's he supposed to handle the possibility of being a viral sensationAddi's not sure why Devin is bent on pulling off this almost impossible feat Maybe it has something to do with Devin's dad's hospital bills Maybe it all goes back to the Double Barreled Monkey Bar Backflip of Doom. This is a sweet feel good humorous middle school buddy story My 11 year old r

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