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Michener tells the poignant story of how he dreamed of writing an epic novel of Mexico actu. Well I cannot uite decide what to say about this book I loved Michener's novel Mexico Mom knew this and when she saw this one at a recent library book sale she added it to her stack of goodies just for meOn one hand it was interesting to see the detailed way in which Michener approached his work outlines planning lots and lots of notes research and plotting before the actual writing startedOn the other hand there was the story of the manuscript being lost Mom would correct this word usage though It was not lost it was only misplaced For thirty years And Michener didn't care because he had given up on the project as an unworkable story But when the manuscript was found placed he got excited about it all over again I cannot believe that someone somewhere did not think to look in the place where the manuscript was eventually found but then what do I know right Stranger things have happenedWe have one hand to deal with here the GR blurb touts the never before published novella The Texas Girls included in the pages of this book This lasts from page 103 to page 152 I did not read the novella itself just Michener's footnotes explaining certain points at certain places In thechapter after this section the author explains that his publishers asked him to delete the entire section from Mexico that it was intrusive and did not fit into the story properly And that he agreed with themHe admits that oddly enough this was the very criticism he had received thirty years earlier and which produced the fit of piue and hurt feelings where he decided to give up on the novel and pack it away Only now he was a mature writer better able to deal with such a rebuke He cut the whole section and was able to figure out how to rework the other parts of the story that would be affected by this part going missing So the only reason he adds it here had to have been that he simply liked it still and needed to see it in print And I suppose his publishers at this point were willing to indulge him After all he was James Michener right But I still wasn't interested in reading something that he himself admitted did not belong in a book that I thought was stunning for everything that was in itIf you are a Michener fan by all means read this book Just the peek at the thought process is fascinating BUT do not read this until after you have read Mexico There are no major spoilers here but there are enough plot details discussed that if you read this book first the trip through Mexico will not have the same magic as it should

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Ally wrote most of the novel and lost the manuscript Its discovery 30 years later led to th. One of Michener's last works in which he chronicles his struggles with publishing Mexico He started the book in the early sixties but abandoned it due to criticism from his publisher Thirty years later the manuscript was found and prepared for release; though it was rejected by two well know publishing houses first Happens even to the bestIn the reading Michener refers to John Fulton an American who obtained the highest ratings among bull fighters He also sold drawings from his shop in Seville Spain in the 1960s A light bulb went off in my head and I raced down to the garage where I store many of my old artifacts from my two years in Spain 1968 69 Sure enough hanging in my garage was a cheaply framed print signed by Fulton Toro de la Marisma

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E recent bestseller Mexico Also includes the never before published novella The Texas Girls. This was an interesting read I picked it up because it was recommended to me I am familiar with James A Michener This book provides a peek inside his mind and the process of how he wrote his novel Stage Mum published novella The Texas Girls. This was an interesting read I A Faint Cold Fear (Grant County, picked it up because it was recommended to me I am familiar with James A Michener This book Sweet Mandarin provides a Sweet Mandarin: The Courageous True Story of Three Generations of Chinese Women and their Journey from East to West peek inside his mind and the The Lost Heart of Asia process of how he wrote his novel

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