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Camouflage Cowboy

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As an agent he always did his jobAs a man he always did what was rightA single mother with a sick child was not something Agent Nick Cavanaugh was prepared to face Unfortunately his very special assignment included finding the woman and protectin. I haven't read any other books in this series and it probably would have helped if I did as there was a lot going on from previous books Nick Cavanaugh is a former Marine who now works for CSaI and he's on a special assignment for the governor Grace Marshall is on the run from her former brother in law and is also looking for her birth mother Her young son needs a bone marrow transplant and he has a rare blood type Melody hopes if she can find her biological family they might be able to help When Nick and Grace meet he likes the young single mom and starts to help her This was a sweet romance with some suspense built in and an ongoing story line that continues into the next book

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Their way into Nick's heart Peeling back Grace's layers Nick uncovers a mysterious past and also a passion that stirs his soul and inflames his desire As he struggles between what is dutiful and what is right a killer unexpectedly makes his move. Miniseries Daddy Corps

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G her from learning the truth about his client and the vultures about to descend on her privacy With no choice but to stick by Grace Marshall until all threats were neutralized it took one little boy and his need for a cure no time at all to work. Interesting will read from this author

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