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Dark Clouds of the Morning

Janet C. Burrill é 2 Review

Down Two ships had collided near the waterfront of Halifax Harbour one of which was carrying tons of munitions On impact a giant explosion occurred which was the world's worst disaster at that time killing and injuring thousands Can Jennie and her extended family rise up from the tragedy and trauma to ultimately trium

Summary Dark Clouds of the Morning

Jennie Grayson found it almost impossible to live up to her mother Helen's expectations As a result they were freuently in conflict A telegram summoned Jennie to nurse a terminally ill great aunt in the town of Truro sixty miles away from her home city of Halifax Nova Scotia The night before her departure Jennie and He

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Len had an intense disagreement over Jennie's choice of whom she would marry In a fit of anger Jennie said unkind things to her mother Could she ever be forgiven On December 6 1917 as she was no longer needed in Truro Jennie made plans to return to Halifax Then came shocking news that completely turned her world upside

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    Dark Clouds of the Morning is the debut novel from Canadian author Janet C Burrill and it is wonderfulFollowing the lives of fictional characters Jenny Grayson and her family and friends the author explores the Halifax explosion of 1917 This novel gets your attention right away I found it very interesting as I have pictures from that era preserved by my great grandfather who was there during the explosion Burrill has managed to capture the devastating scenes and the horror of that day through the eyes of Christian characters that make the novel come alive The novel is well researched I learned things I never knew before like the friendship between Boston and Halifax that was established when the Americans sent teams of doctors and nurses to help after the explosion To this day Boston receives a huge Christmas tree from Halifax that is displayed in their city centre as a token of their thanks and to remember what Americans did for Canadians on that fateful day That's so neatThe only problem I have with the book is the obvious lack of editing it received This surprised me since the author acknowledges the editor and gives him credit for a job well done However the errors didn't take away from the book They were along the lines of misspelled words and punctuation Hopefully the author will go with a different editor for her seuel Sunrise over the Harbour which I look forward to readingYou can purchase Dark Clouds of the Morning through the author's website at or through where it is also available as a Kindle version

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    Christian fiction a prominent thread through this whole book in fact every page

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