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  • Paperback
  • 217
  • Dry Creek Sweethearts Love Inspired #439
  • Janet Tronstad
  • English
  • 22 September 2018
  • 9780373874750

10 thoughts on “Dry Creek Sweethearts Love Inspired #439

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    A cute and uick read 💕🎸Read my full review on my blog

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    Linda has run the cafe in Dry Creek for 8 years now since Duane the Jazz Man left town What happens when he comes back to recuperate for a sore throat?

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    Liked it A story about about love at any age

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    Normally I enjoy a good Dry Creek story but I just couldn’t get into this one I couldn’t connect with the characters either who irritated me to no end So sadly I just didn’t finish it

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    The action in this novel was a little slow but the story was interesting enough to keep my attention This is part of a series of books set in a small town in Montana where neighbors know each other

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    Seemed to rush the end but a cute story

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    I love Janet Tronstad's Dry Creek novels and I read them whenever I get a chanceThis is a fun uick easy to read Christian romance set in a uaint small town in Montana but it also has a depth to it Priorities tough choicesthe way our direction in life can change as a result of what we choose judging someone based on hearsayforgivenessspiritual growth and second chances are all there Duane Linda and Lucy are characters I enjoyed and felt like I got to know well Boots the dog in the story is precious too

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    like the others i've added today this was a uick easy light read builds good hopes and instills warm fuzzy feelings for life all over again i love that the town kind of took over and became family for the 2 female main characters wish that REALLY happened still in today's society

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    another great story with a character who has been in most all of the booksThis is Linda and Jazz Man Duane's story

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    I enjoyed this book it seemed to be written for me The message of timing hit home for sure I really need to do better at trusting the Lord's timing for me instead of being so frustrated

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Dry Creek Sweethearts Love Inspired #439

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DOWNLOAD Dry Creek Sweethearts Love Inspired #439

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About the Author: Janet Tronstad

Janet grew up in the wide open spaces of rural Montana and now lives in the urban spaces of Pasadena California She's used both of these locations in her books Her Dry Creek Montana series numbers over twenty novels now and her Pasadena books The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches number four