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Jigsaw Author Jason Cox

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Ce of a mysterious person known only as “the shepherd” As the day unfolds Coon and Grace learn the shepherd’s approach to life which allows them to arrange the pieces of their lives into something beautiful than they could ever have possibly imaginedLighthearted yet inspirational Jigsaw is a powerful parable wrapped in a novel with complex characters that teaches the “how” of both marriage and life.

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Newlyweds Coon and Grace have just returned from a blissful romantic honeymoon and are settling into the routine of daily married life Unfortunately the transition isn’t nearly as smooth as they’d hoped and is disrupted by conflict and disagreementAs tensions mount and tempers flare a gracious presence intervenes and throws the pair together for a day with four older couples who’ve weathered many storm.

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S Not only have these couples survived they’ve also learned how to thrive both in life and in marriage Having experienced virtually every stressor a relationship can face this wildly diverse group led by a colorful rural sheriff openly shares their vast experiences and how they successfully overcame each obstacleDespite their diversity one common theme that runs through each veteran’s story is the presen.

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    Jigsaw is unlike any book I’ve ever seen It can be read merely as a novel Content wise it is a clean read and it is captivating at that It is real page turner that draws the reader in The stories that are shared by the four couples are told in such a way that the reader is able to experience the highest highs and the lowest lows of life There are parts that keep the reader laughing and there are “tear jerking” parts The range of experiences and personalities in the stories leave the reader identifying with at least one character in the book and often they can see themselves their friends andor their loved ones in several of the characters’ lives There are “real life” stories of damage and ruin brought about by selfishness and unfaithfulness stories of sorrow brought on by loss and stories of pain resulting from broken relationships to name a few; but the stories also showcase the power of forgiveness and healing and a life lived with purpose The stories are truly inspirational that speak to the human heart and have many elements that would appeal to the Christian reader and the non Christian reader alikeAlthough Jigsaw may be classified as a Christian novel Jigsaw is not like other Christian novels that I’ve seen It is than merely “clean fiction” Beyond that and beyond the elements of the book that make it an interesting novel a “good read” there is teaching woven throughout the stories that are shared And although the stories are told to a newly wedded couple who are trying to figure out how to have a successful marriage they teach the way for all kinds of people to realize a truly satisfying fulfilling abundant life as a foundation for having success in all areas of life and in all relationships including marriage The cover of Jigsaw was appropriately designed The polished gold puzzle piece on the spine and on the back reflects the theme of the book that deals with placing the hard to place “puzzle pieces” that life hands you in such a way that your final life’s image is a beautiful masterpiece And the beautiful mountain lodge on the front with the exterior lights on and the lights burning in the middle of the cabin’s interior conveys warmth and love and welcome–the sense of “home” and embrace that is conveyed by the book to those searching for the truly abundant life of joy for which every human heart longs The paperback is available through CreateSpace The Kindle Version is available through

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    This was a very interesting book It feels a little like an inspirational self help book with some fascinating antidotes The back stories of all the characters are well thought out and presented and they make it a very interesting read I found a number of profound uotes that spoke to me and I shared them with one of my daughters while I was reading The style of the book reminded me a bit of Max Lucado and also a little bit of The Shack It presents some wonderful thoughts on marriage and living a Christian life in general

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    This is a great book The only reason I gave it five stars was because I couldn't give it six stars

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