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Discover how Jason Myers’s fan favorite character internationally bestselling author James Morgan got his start in th.


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Is digital enovella set in the world of Exit HereIn Destroy James deals with writer’s block while attempting to compo.

2 thoughts on “Destroy By Jason Myers

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    There is literally nothing I love than a Jason Myers book and this one is no exception especially since it follows James Morgan a character that I simultaneously love and hate It's very easy to let yourself get sucked into the potentially offensive things that come out of Morgan's mouth but really what's he doing is being a kind of real that most people are afraid of even coming close to and refusing to let anyone turn him into anything else which is ultimately why I love him I actually have no idea if what I just wrote even makes any sense but it's the best way I can manage to explain why I loved the story Do yourself a favor and pick this up I promise you won't regret it

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    I think this short story might be up there in my favorites from Jason Myers Even though I hate James Morgan it wasn't all that bad It shows the true side of a writer the good and the bad Not too bad

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