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About those who like cogs and gears than feathers and fur People who prefer the call of a train whistle to the sueal of a guinea pig Or maybe dream of a smudge of soot on their cheek not slobber In this spectacularly illustrated. I picked up this

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Everything you need to know about finding keeping and training your very own pet trainFinding advice on caring for a dog a cat a fish even a dinosaur is easy But what if somebody’s taste in pets runs to the mechanical kind What. Great book and re

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Picture book kids who love locomotives and what kid doesn’t will discover where trains live what they like to eat and the best train tricks around everything it takes to lay the tracks for a long and happy friendship All aboar. This is a book fo

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    Have you ever wanted a pet train? Well this book will help you choose a train freight monorail or steam name your train train your train and help you make friends with other pet owners Everything you would teach a furry pet you can teach your pet train The illustrations are alive vivid and imaginative Some of the illustrations are troublesome standing on the train tracks and pulling your train across a bridge but the author writes a cautionary note at the end of the book warning against doing these activities A good book for little engineers who wants a pet train

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    Great book and really fantastic illustrations — like something out of an old Norman Rockwell catalog A cute engaging story about how a kid can find catch and train his very own train Nice use of humor for both adults and kids My only ding would be that some of the illustrations show kids standing on tracks waving at a train to stop I realize that I may be a little alarmist but that's kind of a terrifying image to show to a small child and I find myself always stopping the story to remind my boys that they must never actually do anything like that That particular image is one that should probably have been left out

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    All the pieces of advice you might get when picking out a pet are given here for picking out a pet train Do you want a freight train they are found on the frontier and they run in herds a monorail found in the city and they run alone or a steam engine mostly found in museums? Sometimes you have to catch your train before you can train it Then of course you have to give it a name There are some awesome suggestions here if you're having trouble choosingOlder kids may catch of the humor than younger ones but the littles may just giggle all the way through The illustrations in this large picture book are terrifically fun as they depict children picking out trains as pets working with them training the trains Great images and lots of smiles in store for kids in this one

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    I picked up this book while looking for books for Christmas presents this year It is absolutely adorable and a great little story for any elementary age child I plan on buying a copy for my nephew for ChristmasI Love loved the illustration The book really leaves the reader open to some great possibilities It would make a wonderful project for a class to get involved in the story and create their own trains

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    My two year old loves this I've read it every night for over a weekA book with pictures

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    Brilliantly appealing concept pitch perfect text and luscious gorgeous illustrations Can't go wrong with this one Little boys between 2 and 10 will all enjoy this eually and the surprise to me was that my 4 year old daughter was just as into it as my 7 year old There is NOT ONE weak spot in this fun romp Perfect present for birthdays Pair it with a Little wooden train for the ubiuitous train table and you are set

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    This is a fun book that takes the concept of unusual pets to a new level The narrator dressed like he's on a safari explains to the reader the ins and outs of finding catching training and raising a train as a pet Where Elisha Cooper's book Train is a nice uiet look at trains this one is raucous and enthusiastic I think I'll use it for a storytime about things that go

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    This is a book for those kids interested in exotic pets The kind of pets that eat coal and needed to be oiled to function fully It details the steps you need to find a wild train and guides the interested child in train taming tacticsWhy I started this book Found it in the library todayWhy I finished it Too funny Perfect birthday gift for the train enthusiast in your life

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    Is it wrong that I want to make my 10 year old love trains as much as he did when he was 3 and 4? Because this book would have been like magic to him then It's super enjoyable for the not so train obsessed too

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    Just the whole concept is so out there and so fascinating for kids to consider and then John Rocco's illustrations wow My favourite part though might be the Dear Readers message by Rocco at the end of the book

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