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    Fun book I loved seeing how Nick ended up participating in the cooking lessons also not just watching and trying to get to Eden's computer Within a few days of meeting her Nick felt really bad about his deception but there wasn't anything he could do about it at the time Eden really liked Nick and was attracted to him also She had trust issues because of her ex boyfriend so I could see that Nick was going to run into some problems I loved the old guys in the cooking class and their matchmaking attempts The slight mystery in the story was good but not really the main focus of the book I did enjoy the tension and some of Nick's antics to maintain his cover were pretty funny

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    Nice story Like a lot of these the suspense plot overshadowed the romance plot It was the excuse for the romance but it seemed to me that too much time was spent working around the ethical issues and clues It might have worked better without the suspense plot at all but it was the reason for the black moment which seemed to get resolved a little too easily The heroine's issues involved lying and I think a different black moment could have been found without much problem Still it was a nice story

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    Second in the Too Many Cooks series this story is about Eden Tremont and Nick Duncan Eden's a partner in her family's catering business and Nick's a detective investigating some money laundering he's got his eye on Eden's brother and didn't intend to fall for a suspect's sisterAn interesting plot and great cast make this an enjoyable read

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    Miniseries Too Many Cooks?

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Ted of laundering drug money it's almost too easyUntil Nick meets Eden Tremont his new cooking instructor and the suspect's sister The bubbly blonde is a whiz in the kitchenand with his old grandfather And bef. Nice story L

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Detective Nick Duncan will do anything to crack his latest case Even if it means engaging in some less than legal undercover work When his grandfather begins taking cooking classes at a catering company suspec. Fun book I l

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Ore he even realizes what's happening Nick is ambushed by his feelings for the woman It's been a long time since he's cared about anything other than his job But his reckless deception may cost him than his ca. Second in th