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    When Life Gives You Pears by Jeannie Gaffigan is a memoir of the journey of a wife and mother of five and business partner diagnosed with a brain tumour Jeannie Gaffigan is the spouse of comedian Jim Gaffigan Together as a family they faced uncertainty fear surgery a long recovery period and adapting to a new kind of life all of it done with strength love a sense of humour and a positive attitude This is an example of grace under pressure I will remember this book for a long time and use its wisdom if life gives pears

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    45 stars Certainly the funniest book about surviving a brain tumor I've ever read

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    Sincerity hilarity heartfelt love with SuperMom charm Jeannie is someone we should all welcome in to our homesPrior to this Goodreads giveaway I had no idea about Jeannie and her career However after reading this I feel like we are the best of friendsI'm an empath I feel emotion than anyone else and this was chock full of nuts soul and compassionIt will have you laugh cry and split your pants laughingCan you imagine a brain tumor can somehow put your whole life and future into an entirely different realm? One that is positive for all?I can't imagine her pain her adversity her courage to face the unthinkableWhat I can note is I've had a friend die from brain cancer and he always had carried this backpack around with him I had no idea that backpack was to keep him aliveI later learned he had stage 4 glioblastoma and passed away rather uickly from initial diagnosis leaving behind a wife and two handsome boysI say this because life is short Life must be lived to the fullest I believe after reading this Jeannine had several angels on her shoulderI also believe it was meant for a reason To slow down and enjoy what she may have been taking advantage of all those yearsWhile she mentioned she's not going to write about God and faith she definitely has been touched by someone from up aboveHer relationship with her family and friends has clearly grown from this alarming situation What we fail to realize is the toll it takes upon our loved ones when Super Moms get sick Jeannine is lucky to have such great support as not all of us have such a supportive system in place

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    This was a deeply personal story I am a huge fan of Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan and I was there on Instagram when Jeannie had her brain surgery It shocked all of us fans because we know of the two Jeannie is the health nut and she is so young and they have 5 kids I felt a personal connection to this book because for 4 years I have seen Jim Gaffigan perform here in Milwaukee on New Year's Eve please come back we miss you Jim and we the audience enjoy knowing that he is here for the holidays spending time with his wife's family that live here I also felt personally connected because Jeannie talks about Lake Park Froedert and Columbia Hospital I have 3 kids and I can't imagine and maybe I am a control freak like Jeannie is but still I can't imagine going from our normal hectic crazy everyday schedule to going into brain surgery not knowing if I would come out alive or be the same physicallymentally again This story is about resilience Jeannie is a fighter and even in the worst of times she realizes the beauty of this terrible situation She finds a new lease on life and she learns what life is really about enjoying the moment and being good to others I loved this book and it was hard to put down I have always admired Jeannie and Jim's marriage Jeannie gets very personal in this book and you see that their marriage definitely went through some very hard times I enjoyed Jeannie talking about her faith and how God worked miracles into her diagnosis surgery and recovery This is a must read for any Gaffigan fan

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    If you’re feeling down and need a little perspective this would be a great read for you This is a great reminder to appreciate the moments and people in your life It’s also a great reminder to always laugh

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    This is an ambling autobiographical introspective telling of the author's medical crisis when a tumor is found in her brain Jeannie is a decent writer and she's open and vulnerable so I connected with it early and was engaged throughout Most of the humor didn't really connect for me but the heartfelt faith and introspection drew me in well enoughAnd I'm finding I don't have much extra to say about it or the experience reading it Most of her insights are rather obvious really But I don't think that's a bad thing And her sincerity and humility give it enough power to drive those points home in ways that have meaning beyond merely herselfI think she's at her best in telling of her faith and family and this is very much a faith affirming story Which has the drawback that it probably won't connect terribly well for those without a similar foundation in faith Which worked great for me but likely limits the audience a good deal tooAnyway I'm going to give this a really soft four stars Parts of this moved me deeply and make it hard for me to go lower But there were uninteresting slumps where the humor wasn't connecting and I felt like skimming to the next chapter So a good read personally but I don't know that I'd recommend it for anyone else

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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5I absolutely loved When Life Gives You Pears The Healing Power of Family Faith and Funny People by Jeannie Gaffigan and if you can I highly recommend listening to it on audiobookJeannie Gaffigan is definitely one badass woman and I loved listening to her story The book touches on everything from family to faith and she talks about what happened from before she found out about the tumor to her recovery process I listened to the audiobook which has a forward by Jim Gaffigan and is read by both Jeannie and her sister Liz since her voice isn't back to normal I can only imagine how difficult it was for her to talk for hours just to record this book and how exhausting it must have been Her recovery process was no joke and I was deeply moved by everything she had to go throughI love Jim Gaffigan and now I love Jeannie just as much after this incredibly personal story When Life Gives You Pears also talks about how they met which I absolutely loved I really like knowing about them and their family and this book was really touching Although it does talk about faith it doesn't overpower the book so if you aren't a believer you should still enjoy it Songs the book brought to mind Un Lugar Celestial A Heavenly Place by Jaci VelasuezFinal Thought I could literally just spew wonderful things about this book all day long but I will wrap this up When Life Gives You Pears is full of humor and heart and you will definitely shed a few tears Jeannie's positivity is truly an inspiration and if you are a fan of the Gaffigan's this is definitely going to be a must readlisten

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    Being half of a comedy writing duo and married to a famous comedian doesn’t inoculate you from the bad thing in life But it does ensure that when you write a memoir about getting a pear shaped brain tumor as the mother of five young children at the peak of your career it’s going to be funny In fact Gaffigan’s writing takes a bad thing and finds a humorous and witty way to make well pear ade out of pears I met Jeannie Gaffigan outside the skanky women’s bathroom in the basement of NYC’s Town Hall where her husband Jim was performing at one of our early “Stand UP for Heroes” veteran fundraisers While suat peeing in the dusty basement bathroom my borrowed Cartier diamond bracelet dropped in the toilet And Jeannie was just the kind of friend to fish it right out with bare hands and without hesitating I’ve loved her ever since So beyond the humor black hearted honesty bald faced truisms and the universal parenting snapshots the book contains serious moments about faith what really matters and the many gifts of discovery in Jeannie’s miraculous recovery spoiler alert—she survives and is as funny as ever maybe so If Tina Fey had three kids and needed brain surgery God forbid this is the book she would write

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    What a great book I have to say Jeannie's ability to take a nightmare like a pearsized tumor on her brain stem and turn it into a delightful read is pretty amazing I laughed and cried reading this book and was inspired As a fellow lover of a to do list and mom of 5 who wears many hats I really related to her discussions on life and the struggle she experienced when she was out the desired of control mode I plan to strive to implement her encouraged to do list this next year 1 Spend uality time with your children 2 Spread goodness 3 Execute numbers 1 and 2 without getting a brain tumor I highly recommend this book especially to busy moms when may be addicted like me to getting things off the to do list and sometimes struggling to be fully present with the people that matter most

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    I'm sitting here in my Indianapolis home about two months after amputation of my left leg above the knee While this may sound dramatic it is it's simply the latest stop on my lifelong journey as a paraplegic with spina bifida who became a double below knee amputee in my early 20's The amputation happened after a 10 day hospitalization due to severe dehydration a high risk for folks with spina bifida that was coupled with severe infections I'm healing Well except my left leg It's gone I'm figuring out what it means to live this life I'm having to re learn almost every aspect of life from transfers to showering to getting into bed to toileting to how I sleep and how I drive I've been off work for two months and likely have another month to go I reflected on my own journey a lot while reading Jeannie Gaffigan's When Life Gives You Pears The Healing Power of Family Faith and Funny People If you like the comic Jim Gaffigan her husband and partner in all things creative including parenting and most of Jim's shows you'll likely love him after reading this book because this book makes him sound exactly like the Jim Gaffigan you want him to be You'll also learn a lot about Jeannie who is very much an eual partner in Jim's work yet who largely has spent her professional career working behind the scenes and out of the spotlight despite having her own background in theater You will likely adore her and either want to have coffee with her or want to do some theater with her The two make uite the pear Sorry I couldn't resist It's obvious that Jeannie is his co writer because as you read this book you'll likely start hearing Jim's voice at times They obviously have complementary senses of humor and you can feel that throughout the book If you've ever dealt with serious illness you'll likely appreciate When Life Gives You Pears even if you don't uite get into the rhythm of its humor I'm a huge Gaffigan fan and embraced the humor If you like stories about the importance of family or the importance of faith or the importance of a sense of humor during the hard times then you'll also likely embrace this book While Gaffigan doesn't overwhelm with the faith angle she's a devout Catholic the faith is there and she shows up authentically with it Jim and Jeannie have five kids so of course family is important They also both come from large families families that showed up en masse when Jeannie was diagnosed with a benign yet life threatening pear sized brain tumor I loved When Life Gives You Pears though I initially struggled a bit to get into its rhythm Do I think it's a 5 star book? Not uite I love that Gaffigan writes authentically At times you almost feel like she's having a conversation with you However at times it's also sort of stream of consciousness and that stream can interrupt a really good dramatic flow At times she diverts from a great story with an anecdote that's not necessarily so great I also found the ending a bit unsatisfying sort of anti climactic I mean yeah I knew she survived the the brain tumor It's really hard to write a book about surviving a brain tumor if you didn't actually survive the brain tumor but there's this abrupt shift about 30 40 pages from the end where we go from discussing hardcore medical concerns into basically the story of how Jim and Jeannie met then into I'm grateful for the tumor While the Jeannie meets Jim section sort of maintains the book's tone the whole I'm grateful just didn't uite click for me I mean I'm glad she's grateful and I get it it's just written differently and left me feeling differently than I'd felt the entire book There's one other aspect of the book that bothered me and I'm almost hesitant to mention it Yet I can't deny that it bothered me She writes an entire book about her experiences with a life threatening brain tumor Early on in the book she writes about the connections that helped her get seen uickly and essentially bypass the normal procedures and head straight up to see the head of Mt Sinai's Neurosurgery Department She writes about all the tests the surgeries the time in ICU the procedures the home health the professionals who entered her home and much I couldn't help but wonder if she realized the privilege that exists in all of these things She never at least that I can remember mentions the financial aspect of all of this journey I will assume she was insured though certainly she and Jim are major successes in the comedy field When she and Jim first met she was working with children who could be considered at risk Does she realize that she was privileged to have access to and to be able afford the top notch healthcare that she writes about? I really wanted somewhere in the book for her to acknowledge it not to apologize for it because she and Jim have worked hard for it and earned it but to acknowledge it because there's simply no denying that having access to uality consistent healthcare increases your likelihood of healing and recovery Maybe I'm a little in tune with this right now I'm sitting at home trying to learn how to put a wheelchair in my car because there's simply no way I can afford an accessible van that I now need I don't begrudge her having access to all those wonders that helped her heal but it's a privilege so many others simply don't have Jeannie and Jim sound like amazing people I wanted to get to know both of them here but this book was a golden opportunity not necessarily to go political but to be able to say thank you that I had enough to assemble this amazing team She thanks the amazing team which is awesome because they did amazing work She thanks her family profusely I mean I even get into my own sense of privilege I've been off two months but I'm still getting paid I still have a job to go back to I have insurance that has a maximum out of pocket expenditure I've lost everything in my life twice literally living in my car because of my body This time I didn't have that risk What a privilege Okay I'm off my soapbox nowSeriously I truly loved this book and while I think she could have done a little less rambling and taken the book into some even deeper places I think it's a vital book and an enjoyable read While I can't uite go the 5 star rating I'll easily give it up a thumbs up and 4 stars

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The Big Sick meets Dad is Fat in this funny and heartfelt New York Times bestselling memoir from writer director wife and mother Jeannie Gaffigan as she reflects on the life changing impact of her battle with a pear sized brain tumorIn 2017 Jeannie's life came to a crashing halt when she was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor As the mother of 5 kids 6 if you include her h. 45 stars Certainly Beans and Rice, Rice and Beans is Fat Lords of Misrule: Mardi Gras and the Politics of Race in New Orleans in this funny and heartfelt New York Times bestselling memoir from writer director wife and mother Jeannie Gaffigan as she reflects on the life changing The Miracle Match: Chappell, Lillee, Richards and the most electric moment in Australian Cricket impact of her battle with a pear sized brain tumorIn 2017 Jeannie's life came to a crashing halt when she was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor As the mother of 5 kids 6 The Dreadlock Journey if you Lunastus include her h. 45 stars Certainly

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O terms with feeling powerless and ferociously crabby while bedridden and unable to eat for a month; and how she ultimately learned re learned and re re learned to be present in lifeWith sincerity and hilarity Jeannie invites you into her heart and brain during this trying time emphasizing the importance of family faith and humor as keys to her recovery and leading a fulfilling life. ⭐️⭐️⭐️