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  • The Nonprofit Communications Handbook
  • Jeff McLinden
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  • 05 August 2018
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The Nonprofit Communications Handbook

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Consultant teacher and trainer McLinden reveals tools tactics and techniues that can help you create a powerful effective and profitable communications strategy With the struggle for donor dollars becoming increasingly competitive you can't afford to limp along hoping your direct mail appeals and newsletters are going to do the job in keeping volunteers members and donors actively engaged The Nonprofit Communications Handbook will help you reach your critical fundraising objectives and help you keep your donors partners and members engagedfor a LIFETI.

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Titive fundraising environmentIs Direct Mail dead as a fundraising vehicleHow you can write killer copy for fundraisingHow to communicate in times of crisis How can you employ cross channel marketing communications and new technologies to engage your stakeholders in meaningful conversations that raise money You'll learn the answers to these uestions and importantly learn how to apply them to your own nonprofit organization With three decades of experience working for some of the largest and most well known nonprofit organizations plus twenty years as a.

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Communicate or die That's what fundraising consultant and communications expert Jeff McLinden cautions nonprofit CEOs development directors and marketing managers in this practical handbook Designed to help you not only share your message to prospects and donors but to engage them for long term involvement with your cause you'll learn dozens of critical principles and best practices for effective and profitable donor communications What are the power channels that help you raise money How do you take best advantage of what's working in this hyper compe.