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Norman Grubb explores the life story of Rees Howells He also looks at the foundation of the Bible. This book blew me away and stretched me spiritually like none other It's an old book that would likely not be a best seller in today's get rich uick health and wealth teachings passing as the Gospel This is a true man of God who gives the whole of his being to following and serving Jesus This is not your book if you're looking for a be happy healthy wealthy and popular by following these 7 steps kind of books If you're ready to go deep and be challenged check this book out

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At became the hallmark of Howells impacting as it did on national policy and international affairs. Norman Grubb did a great job illustrating the life of Rees Howells Choosing a life of devotion like Rees Howells is hard but it has eternal fruits and this book brings his life's testimony so near that one wishes to choose a life of surrender to If someone searches for real examples of victorious faith life 19s he sourly has to read this book I recommend it to all who are not satisfied whit their life 19s and are searching for the key of understanding Gods will This book humbled me because I realized that we are all the time expecting great things without to surrender and pay the price needed to give birth to great things and we are not realizing that the kingdom of God has his laws and we really can live according to them a victorious life

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College of Wales at Swansea perhaps the greatest legacy of his work and the intercessory prayer th. All I can say is that there are men and there are men In the vast economy of God's kingdom on earth there are those who were poured out completely as sweet smelling offering to Christ unlike their numerous classmates preferring to hold back the very thing that makes God progress with a man total surrender Rees Howells strikes me so much that I wondered and marvelled at the liberty the Holy Spirit had in working with and through him I gasped repeatedly in my spirit literally sighing at such depth of selflessness knowing fully well that this was not really about Rees but about Christ Cos this is no doubt a man who stands among the masterpieces of God in that gallery of faith clearly portraying the life of Jesus to the rest of us I was moved when I read it but my prayer is to actually move to this kind of life in all it's fullness living only for Christ's glory even at the expense of physical convenience

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Norman Percy Grubb was a missionary statesman writer and theological teacher

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