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Lifting Tail for the Alpha

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Being a bobcat shifter in a pack full of wolves and gay on top of that made Xavier feel as though he doesn't belong To make matters worse he wants the future alpha of the pack Arsen But Arsen is arranged to marry a female wolf Xav didn't thi. Bad dirty talk is bad Baby when we get back to my place I plan on fucking the shit out of you in the shower I could talk about all the other silliness in this book but really silly I can deal with in PWP but it should at least be hot Bad dirty talk is not hot

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Night at a party feral cravings ignite in both of them Arsen realizes Xavier is his and will not let anyone or anything stand in his way of claiming him But not everyone is happy with the future alpha being mated to a bobcat or a male at th. A good storyI enjoyed reading the tale of these two alpha men This was a very romantic story of two different men who are very attracted to each other and get a great surprise that they are mates

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Nk Arsen was gay but that all changes when they find each other alone and realize they are mates Arsen is next in line to lead his pack and is supposed to be mated to a female but only desires Xav the bobcat shifter that keeps to himself One. Short and to the point Alpha v Alpha mate claiming with little else but hot if you don't need much than that

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