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Ician And he’s running for US President Suddenly Kate’s moving in with a family she never knew she had joining a campaign in support of a man she hardly knows and falling for a rebellious boy who may not have the purest motives This is Kate’s n. Rating 45 StarsWhat did The Wrong Side of Right manage to get right tha

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Kate uinn’s mom died last year leaving Kate parentless and reeling So when the unexpected shows up in her living room Kate must confront another reality she never thought possible or thought of at all Kate does have a father He’s a powerful polit. 35 stars Not your usual YA contemporary and I liked it The premise is v A Friend in Need or thought The Good Housekeeping Cookbook of at all Kate does have a father He’s a powerful polit. 35 stars Not your usual YA contemporary and I liked it The premise is v

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Ew life But who is Kate When what she truly believes flies in the face of the campaign’s talking points she must decide Does she turn to the family she barely knows the boy she knows but doesn’t necessarily trust or face a third even scarier opti. The Wrong Side of Right tells the story of Kate who's mother recently d 青春攻略本 第1巻 [Seishun Kouryakuhon, Vol. 01] (Manual to Teenage Life, of the campaign’s talking points she must decide Does she turn to the family she barely knows the boy she knows but doesn’t necessarily trust Lilac Hill or face a third even scarier My Prince opti. The Wrong Side Ike of Right tells the story Haunted of Kate who's mother recently d

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    His eyes burned into mine “No talking at all ’kay? Stand there and look pretty”He tapped me on the head and as he walked away something broke in me—snapped—so forcefully that I could have sworn it made a noise like two bits of flint knocking together My pulse stilled to a dead uiet I blinked and everything around me became crispLook prettyNo one had ever talked to me that way before I loved this book Completely unexpected I assure youThis book is about a young woman living in blissful obscurity until she is discovered to be a blue blooded presidential candidate's daughter At first glance this would seem to be the American version of The Princess Diaries I feel comparing it to The Princess Diaries would be doing it a disservice because this book is so much complex than a silly fluffy little readThe characters feel like real people They're all astoundingly refreshingly normal with the exception of her father's assistant who practically has devil horns But then again he's a Republican campaign manager The situations feel real The book despite the farfetchedness of its premise is entirely credibleThe Plot The premise is admittedly very familiar Kate uinn's beloved mother is one year dead She is sludging through life she has never known her father She currently lives with her aunt and uncle who has taken her in and to whom she is immensely grateful She is normal A good student A well behaved young woman The future is but a distant glimmer the shadow of her mother's death still looms over her Life goes on after a tragedy as it always doesUntil the day the media shows up literally on her doorsteps It turns out that her father is very much alive and he's none other than the Republican gasp of horror presidential candidate It's campaign year the presidential election is approaching in November and we're reminded of the looming deadline every chapterHonestly it looks pretty bad for the dude He's a Republican candidate for fuck's sakes and now the entire world has discovered that he had a child out of wedlock gasp while being married to his blue blooded Harvard professor wife double gasp It's a media field day and to be honest if this had happened in real life during a real presidential campaign I would be cackling my hands cupped like Mr Burns muttering ExxxxxxxcellentAnd now to mitigate the damage he wants her to come meet his family Meet the press Make it so that it looks like he has nothing to hide that his newfound daughter is a dream child that they're a perfect happy family however untraditionally they have come to beThis is not what Kate signed up for A life in the limelight is the last thing she wants Her newfound father despite being a politician clearly has no idea how to comfort a teenaged daughter “We My ” He started over “Seventeen years ago your mother and I made a mistake”Here goes I knew this wouldn’t be pretty but don’t cry“No Kate I’m ” He stood upright stumbling over the bottom of the slide “I’m trying to say that it wasn’t a mistake Not all of it I mean—here you are” He has his own family a picture perfect one How will they react to the sudden appearance of a very much unexpected unwanted stranger?Despite her reluctance Kate accepts his offer to come with him and meet his family Campaign with him even Her mother is dead She owes it to herself to get to know her surviving parent This isn’t about me at allBut did it matter?I didn’t know the senator well enough to trust him—that was a fact But if I said no now would I ever get the chance again? Kate's presence is planned every step of the way Her makeover consists of her being subjected to the criticism of a panel of voters Not uite Eliza Doolittle Her role is very well defined by the senator's campaign managers Kate is to stand still look pretty and most importantly keep her mouth shut Will she be a meek little ghost? “No I don’t feel ashamed”My voice ricocheted from the speakers echoed by a shriek of feedback I guess I’d spoken a little too loudly The crowd had fallen dead silent I saw that the senator had come back his hand hesitating inches from the microphone but what could he do? I was talking he couldn’t stop me His hand droppedI swallowed“There’s no shame in being born I don’t have to apologize for that Not uiteThe Characters Now this is where the book shines I am so easily annoyed by main characters and it is entirely too easy to write a generic clichéd as all fuck teen girl Take your fucking adorkable character and get out of my sight I like a character who is normal who is smart who is imperfect who is believable Kate is just that She is a teenager a loner but a realistic one She doesn't try to be different She doesn't try to rebel too much I feel like if I were her I would do much the same thing as she did throughout the book She is really really likableHer loneliness is there of course but never to the extent where the book is drowned in teenaged angst She suffers from feeling unwanted but for good reason Her grief for her mother is not overblown It was strange I’d tried for months to keep the thought of my mom at bay and now it wouldn’t come The harder I tried the she seemed to blur She feels an understandable sense of alienation from her new family I had the sudden sense that if I interrupted this moment the whole scene around me would crumble—trees sky family all of it It would have been so easy to completely vilify her new stepmother thankfully the book does not go anywhere near this route This Stepford wife character is so only in appearance She is portrayed as a strong intelligent rational woman who is while not perfectly warm and cuddly uite resaonable and sensitive towards Kate She is a campaign wife with all the pressures that entails and I feel a lot of admiration for everything she has to endure She sighed “This is not an easy situation”I nodded through my disappointment Of course it wasn’t easy She’d put up a good front this weekend but I could see the effort behind it Every smile was strained like she was sick and pretending to be healthy Except she wasn’t sick Just sad EmbarrassedHer name was on the news now too She was being called a victim all across America Something told me that was not a role this woman relished The politics I'm happy to say that politics is not brushed aside in this book given that the background is that of a presidential campaign There's your typical digs at Fox “Munson on Fox News is with us on this—the word heroic is out there” She looked over her shoulder gauging the senator’s reaction“But that’s Fox”“That’s Fox” she repeated Which made me giggle Her father is a Republican She is not She disagrees with him in many stances and this is addressed very well in the book All summer I’d managed to keep that policy binder buried ignoring any mention of immigration on the news or in the senator’s stump speeches But here surrounded by thousands of screaming supporters there was no escaping the party line It was a hard line all rightMore than hard Unbearable As a solid Democrat I didn't have a headache with this book at allThis is not to say that this is a joyless book despite its political slant There's a lot of humor a lot of political snarkiness The characters are funny and witty The situations never too outrageous I've read so much crap lately and I'm so happy to have this book to get me out of a reading slump

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    35 stars Not your usual YA contemporary and I liked it The premise is very interesting and intriguing Kate who lost her mom last year is now being bombarded with the truth about the existence of a father she has never known since birth But her father is no ordinary man He’s a senator and is currently a presidential candidate so you could just imagine the massive change Kate’s life is about to undergo and I was caught right in the whirlwind that is Kate’s life as she gets to finally know her dad her dad’s wife and her siblings the media the world of politics and last but definitely not the least the popular heartthrob and rud troublemaker son of the president Andy The story has the right amount of everything in it and is also able to address several social and political issues anyone will be able to relate with and some of the conflicts in the stories even managed to make me swallow back lumps forming in my throat Given the profile of Andy I thought the romance was going to be clichéd and predictable but it turns out it’s really very cute and refreshing It’s weird that this time I liked the guy better than the gal Kate is likeable enough She’s obedient patient and adaptable but I just wish her character was stronger Majority of the first half of the book is focused on her so it was a bit of a challenge to get into the story when the gal seems to just go with the tide and that’s probably my major complaint about the book but generally the novel is still enjoyable and I would keep an eye on this author

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    This is an update review I absolutely adore this book it got me into so much tears eventually I have to stop and calm my breathing This book is about a girl name Kate uinn her mother died last year leaving her to be parentless and downhearted So suddenly when her father shows up she's shocked What's weirder is that her father is actually a powerful politician running for the US president And there her life has turned upside down running for campaigns meeting her new family and falling in love with the wrong person who might has his own conspiracies Set against a backdrop of politics family and first love this is a story of personal responsibility complicated romance and trying to discover who you are even as everyone tells you who you should be perfect description of what the book is about Starting from the protagonist Kate I really do like her She's strong and smart occasionally she could be reckless But considering the fact that she gone through so much and was still able to keep herself together and without falling apart is really admirable The other thing I love a lot about her is that she's kind and polite My mom used to tell me that words had power You should save the harshest ones for times when you really need them So you see she doesn't even swears when her life got all screwed up Moving on to the secondary characters her father stepmother and her stepsister and stepbrother I felt that they are portrayed as such true characters it took them a few weeks times to actually love Kate I mean common if all of a sudden you realise your father or husband has another daughter you won't immediately learn to love her Right? As for Kate's love interest Andy well he is a likeable character but I don't feel attached to him in any level The romance did not overloaded the plot as it focused a lot on Kate's overall journeyOH and I absolutely love the author's writing style It's amazing how much one person can change the world even if they don't know they're doing it Overall I really do enjoy reading this book but I do have some minor issues with it the story itself is actually predictable but it's the way that the author told the story captivated me

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    Rating 45 StarsWhat did The Wrong Side of Right manage to get right that so many other YA Contemporary novels have gotten wrong? Nearly everything Thorne's debut is a story of family friendship and finding your voice even in changing situations Kate was brought up by her single mother a woman who worked for NGOs and kept out of politics in LA as far away from Washington DC as you can get When her mother passes away in a car accident Kate is sent to live with her uncle and aunt in South Carolina only to find out one day that her father is running for President The Senator immediately whisks Kate away to DC where she meets Meg his wife and his twin children Gracie and Gabe all while reeling from the shock that her mother had an affair with a married man while working on his campaign sixteen years ago As Kate struggles to ingratiate herself into her father's family though she must work the campaign trail fend off the current President's persistent and very handsome son and find her voice in a home where every word is scripted debriefed and debated over From the first page itself I found myself drawn to Kate Her voice is simple but relate able and Kate is the type of heroine I'd pick as my best friend Not only is she hardworking and intelligent she is polite and kind and willing to make the best of any situation she is thrown into Although she is shocked to find out that her father is a famous politician she instantly tries to spin her existence in a positive light for the campaign reading up on his policies and accompanying him on his travels Her younger siblings Gracie and Gabe are absolutely adorable and her growing relationship with them was an instant favorite Surprisingly I loved Meg the senator's wife and Kate's stepmother even than I thought I would Meg is brilliant compassionate and welcomes Kate into their family Instead of throwing her weight as the scorned woman Meg supports her husband and her relationship with Kate is one that I found myself rooting for and tearing up at The persistent problem at the center of this story is Kate's relationship to her father The Senator is busy constantly living and breathing the campaign traveling non stop and determined to win the Presidency That leaves him very little time to get to know his daughter and it was hard for me and for Kate to feel as if the senator even cared Not only that but the head of his campaign Eli is rude disrespectful and disdainful of Kate's presence in the senator's life For Kate who simply wants her father to like her and yearns to be a part of his life this all leads to her keeping her mouth shut and following orders; doing her best to keep out of trouble and be a good girl I understood Kate implicitly and as her situation on the campaign becomes worse I was glad to see her finally find her voice and stand up for herself Kate's growth is so well timed and she never feels like a character who lacks a backbone she simply feels very real Yet one of the best aspects of this novel are the friendships Kate sustains Her best friend from LA Penny calls and keeps in touch with her constantly but winds up playing a vital role to the plot of the story which I greatly appreciated Penny's parents are undocumented residents who escaped the drug wars of Mexico to give a better life to their children three US citizens growing up in LA Kate's father is staunchly opposed to giving undocumented residents any type of leeway in their lack of citizenship but Penny is Kate's best friend and the fact that her father supports deporting her parents is difficult for her to swallow I truly loved that Thorne not only touches upon the subject of undocumented residents in America but gives them a voice in this novel It's an important vital issue that affects so many people in our country not to mention our economy and regardless of your stance on this issue Thorne's approach to it is bipartisan and merely thoughtful which I truly salute Another impeccably written portion of the story is the romance Andy the son of the current President who is running for re election is disillusioned with the campaign trail Kate is one of the few people who understands what his life is like and when we reaches out to her the two form a fast friendship meeting whenever they get the chance talking late into the phone and exchanging campaign stories Though their friendship is hidden from the press enemies and all that the development of their romance is truly perfect a slow burn that I found myself grinning over like a fool I really enjoyed Andy and Kate's interactions and though the romance is by no means a large aspect to the story it's certainly the icing on the cake Kate uinn carries this novel forward She is a formidable heroine that I couldn't stop rooting for and her steady acceptance into the senator's life becoming an older sister a stepdaughter a daughter a friend a girlfriend etc The Wrong Side of Right is thoughtful thought provoking and forces readers to think about than just their stance on politics I love that it was about a normal teenage girl who simply wanted to fit in and find a family; about a girl who wanted to be heard but also didn't want to be a bother I feel as if girls today are constantly torn between societal boxes and their own desires and Kate is a perfect example of someone not who rises above societal expectations or norms but one who struggles with it and does her best to be true to herself too And frankly that's the best we can all do So for those of you who haven't read or heard of this novel read it at least for yourself and for Kate and to feel a little less alone if not for anything else

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    45 stars Talk about a timely read you guys if you’re sick of the rhetoric in the current campaign that’s happening in real life this book might just be the perfect escape Kate uinn’s mother died last year leaving Kate in the care of her aunt and uncle She’s never known her father and in all her thoughts about it she definitely never would have imagined him to be a politician vying for the presidency of the United States but that’s exactly who he is Kate is suddenly thrown into a life that she isn’t in the least bit prepared for Determined to get to know her new family her twin sister and brother and her step mom she throws herself into her father’s life and campaign yet he continues to remain a bit of stranger as the countdown to the election continues One person she has no problem connecting with is Andrew Lawrence rebellious son of the competition and the one who knows exactly what the campaign trail can do to a person Kate has to decide to toe the party line or stand up for what she truly believes and feels and it’s definitely a bumpy ride First I have to say that I truly loved Kate I can’t imagine her predicament but I loved that she put the effort into the relationships around her Even when things got tough and believe me they get tough she doesn’t throw in the towel and give up on these people who are now her immediate familyThe relationships in this story are completely complicated and I was waiting for Meg Kate’s step mom to be this evil person as stepmom’s often are depicted But she never did When the Senator didn’t step up to the plate and wasn’t there emotionally for Kate Meg absolutely was and after the circumstances that Kate appears it had to be a hard pill to swallow for her The relationship that forms between them was lovely and exactly what I wanted to read I also loved the bond that formed between Grace and Gabe her half siblings These two 8 year olds were adorable and I thought the mix of trepidation and acceptance was done incredibly well I’m going to mention Andy here too – I was worried I’m not going to lie I wanted him to be everything that he was being portrayed as and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed He’s sweet and swoony and I loved that these two bonded over their situations Now for the complicated I struggled with the political parts of this story NOT because it wasn’t believable because it most certainly was but because it was seriously heartbreaking I can’t tell you how many times I felt my heart crack just a little bit as the days passed and Kate’s father didn’t reach out to her or Elliott was condescending or cruel and I was honestly so angry at so many points in this story on behalf of Kate The Wrong Side of Right was an engrossing story the characters so incredibly layered and complicated and in an election year in real life incredibly timely and fun to read Definitely pick this one up if you’re looking for a fun read filled with complicated family issues politics and a sweet love story

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    I have read this book than thirty times and I still rather enjoy it ;

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    I CANNOT ANYMOREThe first few pages was so very Princess Diaries like and I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM with that I actually liked the concept of this story and how it all started But the main character Kate was such a bore She puts me to sleepAnd also she was such a pushover I like the fact that she was not angry and that she doesn't have hurty feelings towards his father But oh my god it's like she doesn't have any feelings Another reason why this didn't work for me is the focus on the politics And I'm just not into that So this is really of a personal reason The book wasn't bad at all except maybe the bland main character A lot of readers really loved this book and that's cool It's just not really for me

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    The Wrong Side of Right tells the story of Kate who's mother recently died and unexpectedly discovers her father's identity which comes as a massive shock an even bigger shock is the fact that her father is a senator and on top of that is a presidential candidate Kate who wasn't really that bothered about politics except to pass her AP classes is now thrust into the political world On top of having to deal with being thrust into the public light Kate has to deal with the fact that she has now has a father a stepmother and siblings and how she fits into the family dynamicI really enjoyed the realness of Kate's characters She never appeared too 'perfect' and you could always tell that whilst she may be appearing calm and is dealing with the situation on the outside on the inside there is a vulnerability that just endeared Kate to me even I'm currently 20 years old and am dealing with my political views in the run up to the general election which I can now vote in I felt for Kate greatly at times as she was struggling to deal with her father's Republican policies but had no way to show her displeasure as she was part of the campaign's public personaAndy Lawrence was an amazing male lead and the interactions between himself and Kate were so beautiful that I just wished there were I understood Kate's wariness in becoming close with Andy and I thought this aspect of their relationship seemed so real and made the whole book appear relatable and enjoyable The epilogue was perfection it was everything I could ever want with the exception of a seuel just about their relationshipBy far by favourite feature of this book was seeing the family grow closer and closer especially between Kate and her new found siblings The scenes between Kate and Gabe were by favourite as they seemed really similar and brought out the best in each other All in all this was an exceptional debut by Thorne and I can't wait to read from her in the future

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    I thought I had to tone down my rating for this book because of Republicans but I like how the author handled the ending This is such a cute read I finished it immediately

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      “It’s amazing how much one person can change the world even if they don’t know they’re doing it” This book gave me the feels  And I freakin' loved itThis book at first seemed so familiar with any YA Contemporary book but after reading it you realize how different it was There was so much this book offered than the romance Thank goodness I hate it when contemporary books pretend to be anything other than what they really are It pretends to be some deep story about hopelessness depression and pain But when you read it There was none of that in there It's either none or there is a little bit of it but they just feed you a little bit of it and the solely focus on the romance because that's what we all want right? Noooo A big fat no I am so happy that this book is nothing like those pretentious books Read the synopsis and that is what you are going to get And  Don't be fooled by the colorful book cover This isn't just some fluffy YA romance book It's something And it's one of the things I love about it   Today would not be like yesterday Today I would be prepared  But of course she wasn't prepared when she found out who her dad was But let me start from the beginning So the story followed a girl name Kate who grew up without a father Her mother never told her who he was and she never really given it much thought either She passed away and was staying with her aunt and uncle who were great by the way Then one day a day that she thought would be like any other she finds out that she has a father His name is Mark Copper possibly the next President of the United States of America  My father I have a father Maybe Probably Oh my God  And just like that Kate's life changed  She now not only have a father but also a stepmother named Meg or Margaret and two siblings Gracie and Gabe who I both love  Suddenly the world had cracked open and everything was possible     KATE  I loved Kate She is such a great and refreshing character I liked how she was so level headed the entire time I'm so sick and tired of main protagonists overreacting over stuff over and over again on YA books also on NA books sometimes Of course being 16 I think she still had her immature moments Moments where she doesn't think things through and it was fine I get it But there were maturity in her character which makes her a good role model for younger readers Also another thing I liked was how easy it was to relate to Kate and to root for her The author made you care about her and I think it's a very important thing for a main protagonist for a Contemporary book to have  THE COOPERS  I liked how the authors didn't make the Coopers the villain in this story Basically there wasn't any main antagonist in the story aside from maybe the situation that they are currently in It was so easy to just make them all the bad guys But the author didn't choose the cliched route so I was happy Let me start with Meg I loved Meg She wasn't the evil stepmother that usually lurks around YA books Horraaay She was so understanding and loving and is overall a decent human being Of all the people in this book I feel that she is the person most affected and hurt about this entire situation But she being the strong woman that she is took the situation with grace and understanding Meg did not throw a tantrum She did not start a war with her husband I can't express how much love I have for this woman YA books need to have parents like Meg Gabe and Gracie are Kate's half siblings And they're the cutest especially Gabe With Mark Cooper the dad I was a bit dubious I wasn't exactly sure what I was feeling about him You really don't get to know what was important to him and I liked that His intentions were clouded throughout the book but becomes apparent towards the end I didn't really expect that that was how it was going to end for him but I really ended up liking it  IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT ROMANCE Horraaayyy  Yes You heard that right This book did not focus too much on the romance This is one of the things that really made me happy about this book For those of you who detest insta love like me you would really like the romance aspect in this book Because it is almost close to none It focused on the friendship aspect than anything It was so refreshing to read about a YA contemporary book that deals with the romance part realistically  FAMILY  In this book you would see the different types of families and how important family is to each and every one of the characters Would you choose family over your own views in life? Would you disregard a family member just because of your own personal goals? Would you do something your parents won't approve because you think it's right?  These are just some of the uestions that this book dealt with  THE POLITICS WASN'T BRUSHED ASIDE  I think I mentioned early on how sometimes books tend to be pretentious How a book is marketed as something like a horror book but tend to be completely different after reading it This book did not do that You know that this book sort of has politics in it Kate's father is a Republican Senator running for President But those are just not in words The author showed you what it's like being a candidate for these things and how it affects the person running for the position and their family She shows you what kind of pressure the family of these candidates must be going through and I loved that  I'm not going to say that I'm an expert with American Politics but it made me believe that whatever I was reading is possible So kudos to Ms Thorne for that  EVERYONE HAD THEIR CHARACTER ARC  The story was not entirely just about Kate and her struggle It was about everyone in the story Everyone had their own part in the story No character was just there to fill in the space  It wasn't only Kate that matured throughout this book but also her Dad  THE WRITING  The author's writing is so good I cannot stop reading I literally couldn't stop It has been a while since I was this invested in a YA Contemporary I usually just steer clear of them because they just don't click with me But this one was so spot on on all levels It hit all the right notes for me And I want   THAT COVER WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT COVER  Anyone who would tell me that this cover is ugly I would recommend to visit an Optometrist to get their eyes checked   ANDY LAWRENCE  I'm not going to spoil you guys on who this guy is But I just didn't feel him Of all the characters in this book he was the one I did not really get or care about He had his issues that I don't think were really solved I dunno I just don't feel him  ROCKY START  I have to agree with my friend Cam this book started out pretty rocky The beginning happened so fast that it wouldn't even give you time to breath It sort of throws everything out there in a chapter It was so hurried it doesn't give the reader enough time to absorbed what just happened to Kate  FAST AND THE FURIOUS ENDING  The issue that I had with the ending is the same as the beginning It was so hurried It tried to cram everything in a chapter just to end it That's how it felt like to me I wish there was time for all the information to sink in I'm not angry at the ending It was an okay ending It was just soo fast  All in all this book was a great read I read it in a few days which was surprising Haha I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is in need of a contemporary book then I would highly recommend this The situation may look farfetched but believe me this book read like it really happened to someone and wrote a memoir about it  I walked out of the safe zone into the roaming spotlight and felt it catch me and stick hot and blinding vaguely registered the Jumbotron broadcasting my giant face remembered late to smile and wave and thought of all things of Andy Lawrence what he said on the phone last week I'm on   

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