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Wn determined to find answers to the unsolved case When the attacks start she knows she’s close to the truthtoo close But with policeman Levi Hawk volunteerin. An enjoyabl

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Her father’s killer is back and now he’s after herAttorney Vanessa Ford was only a child when her father was murdered but now she’s returned to her hometo. One of the Men on the Edge now he’s after herAttorney Vanessa Ford was only a child when her father was murdered but Nikhil now she’s returned to her hometo. One of the

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G to work with her on the investigation can Vanessa finally find answersor will deadly trouble strike them firstFrom Love Inspired Suspense Courage Danger Faith. This book h

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    Cue the scary music and grab your favourite blankie before you settle down to start in on Justice at Morgan Mesaand you might want to have the lights on All of them Seriously breath snatching heart hammering shoulder checking opening scene that tips the creep o meter scale PhewBut don't worrythings settle down a bit after thatwell not exactly but at least Levi shows up to provide a swoonworthy distraction Love a tense cold case mystery and this one is definitely that Vanessa has stirred up a heap of trouble when she starts making inuiries about her father's murder and then suddenly the twenty year old cold case is anything but coldLove the balance between suspense and romance A specter of danger looms over Vanessa throughout but there are some sweet and heated scenes between the hair raising ones Levi and Vanessa come from two different worlds but that doesn't hinder their attraction though both are reticent to act on it Love the pushpull that kept me on romantical edge right to the very endAnd whoa that ending Stay in your seats and keep your seat belts buckled until it's all over A riveting romantic suspenseMy thanks to the author for providing me with copy of this book

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    One of the BEST LIS books I've read The first chapter was hands down the creepiest start to a book EVER Loved this book so much

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    My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Justice At Morgan Mesa Jenna is a fairly new author to LIS but she is an awesome writer This story is well written action packed and full of adventure I know you are going to love this bookLos Vegas Attorney Vanessa Ford returns to her hometown for a few weeks to help her grandfather He and some of his friends have bought land to open Silver Horse Guest Ranch While she is here she intends to investigate her father's murder She stands at the edge of Morgan Mesa when she hears someone whistling a creepy tune A twig snaps as someone steps on it but when she turns no one was there She has no bars on her cell phone and she was too close to the edge She sees a man with a hammer A voice tells her to run She takes off but the only place to hide is at the Heaton House She breaks into the Heaton House and caused the alarm to go off also the alarm of her car; but the man breaks down the door with his hammer She hides in the den but he comes after herTorchlight Police Lieutenant Levi Hawk answers the call about the alarm at the Heaton House Probably some kids When he arrives he finds a car with four slashed tires with the alarm screaming along with the house alarm The door is broken in he calls for backup He find a woman hiding in the den; the a door badly beaten by a hammer or axe He doesn't try to follow the guy he needs to help the woman She is obviously in some kind of trouble Can he help her find her father's killer before the man kills her?A journey of terror as they search for information on her fathers death They must learn to trust each other and trust God will deliver them from the killer God has a plan for these two a plan for a future and a hope God has a plan for you too a good plan and not for evil Give Him your heart and watch Him work in your life

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    An enjoyable and uniue little thriller The heroine returns to her old hometown only to realize that the unknown perps who killed her father years ago are going to chase her out of town or kill her trying to That raises her fighting spirit and with the help of a handsome local lawman she decides she’s going down fighting Now the race is on to find out who they are before they kill her too

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    I like Jenna Night She starts of with something happening to Vanessa But as to who is doing it is the mystery and why? Then we meet Levi who is trying to solve what is a foot I love the way Jenna draws you into the story The reason for the mystery is the death of Vannesa's father many years ago I love how Jenna makes it a mystery to who killed Vannesa's dad There is abit of mystery thru out the whole book As well as abit of creepyness in it But the other thing to come to light is why it was kept a secret I found myself turning the pages to find out why things were happening But the biggest surprise was who did it and why it was kept a secret Its a great book and worth a read It gives you food for thought when everything comes to light I loved the way Jenna blended the story She made the book fun I didn't think of it til we were talking about it online But I loved the story for it kept me up late which tells me something about a great story No sleep

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    I have been excited to read this one for several weeks since I won it in a giveaway at the BestReads blog I am happy to say it lived up to my expectations A fellow reviewer commented that it had the CREEPIEST first chapter ever and she was RIGHT Wowza that first chapter was a doozy If you read this book I recommend NOT starting it at bedtime A great unsolved mystery plus the attacks on Vanessa since she is trying to solve the unsolved murder of her father 20 years before combine for an exciting mystery Levi is a perfect love interest and police officer trying his best to solve the murder and keep Vanessa safe Solid LIS read

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    Attorney Vanessa Ford wants answers It's been 20 years and her father's killer has never been found Only the truth will give her peace and closure But finding that truth is going to take courage and fortitude I am a truth seeker so I can relate to Vanessa's need to uncover the truth especially since it was her father that was murdered But not everyone wants the truth to be found Just like real life the truth is worth finding

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    WowActionaction and actionThis one starts off hot and fast and never slows downMysterythrills and suspense along with a nice love interestI'll be looking forward to reading from this author

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    This book had a stunning introductory chapter which I absolutely loved The rest of the book didn’t uite keep up the intensity but there was still a satisfying romance and intriguing suspense story Well worth a read

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    violence violence toward women I thought the idea of a police officer allowing a lawyer to tag along as he uestioned people was a little out there I also thought some of the attacks were not realistic The mystery was okay but I found it predictable

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