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A Night of Living Dangerously

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Like Cinderella at the ballLilley's fairytale wish is about to be grantedi She'll swap her grey suits for a fabulous dress and killer heels and dance the night away with the. I actually liked a JL book wow I am still in shock Lilley is a very sweet but totally unconfident woman and Alessandro is the usual JL alphahole but in this one JL finally gives him enough POV to make him understandable and really kinda likeable He is an ass to Lilley several times in the book but Lilley really wasn't a doormat in my view She was very honest and very giving and very open about how she felt and what she loved She develops a lot of self insight over the course of the book and once she figured out her problems with how she handled new experiences she set out to have what she wanted Alessandro made some big idiotic mistakes because of his own personal short commings but I felt like he understood where he went wrong and I was also forgiving of how he came to be the person he was The usual trope of a past woman doing him wrong was given an unusual twist and I respected that and importantly I believed it There is an ugly scene where Alessandro denounces Lilley with the encouragement of his former mistress and in front of a huge crowd of people but IMO that scene was Lilley's shining moment You could see how far she had come in her own self respect at that moment and plus you know that Alessandro will be begging for a second chance really soon Alessandro did act like an idiot but he also finally figures out how to get his head out of his rear and he does come through with a really cute grand gesture at the end Not only does he make the GG but he also explains his idiocy to Lilley and his contrition comes across as very sincere I believed it anyway Overall I am still in shock that I liked this cause usually with JL I get tired of the melodramatic angst filled internal musings and I also think her H's are just too rotten to live with Happily none of this applied for me in this one cause JL managed to write a tension filled emotional story with characters that were understandably human and made some bad mistakes but I still wanted to see both of them be happy with each other

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Ing his Little Mouse secretary into bedi Lilley has never taken such a risk before but this is her night of living dangerouslyWho is going to call time on the fairytale endin. 122618 2nd readJust re read this and I have to admit it wasn't as good on second read I really wish he had been a better man and not judge her so much I know he did that epic grovel at the end but the whole Olivia thing and the things he said at the party just not nice Sorry I re read it I still love the h She was so wonderful21818 1st ReadI loved this book I liked the heroine so much I love when a heroine loves so much and is so selfless I know I am a dissenting opinion there but I just loved how her love made him a better man I liked her personality and I actually gave it a five star even though the H and his ex biatch were so horrid to her at the 2nd party There were a couple of parts that just made me cry She loved him so much and I liked that she didn't ever waver She was even strong enough to walk away and I loved that about her I want to find the other stories that are related to this I think I have read them before but it made me curious to go find them and put it all together This was actually a reread and I gave it a higher score even I do love Jennie Lucas however and as long as her hero's are faithful no matter how much pain they cause I root for themI really loved the ending too It was so sweet to see the hero do that for the heroine Whatever he had done before was forgiven

Download æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » Jennie Lucas

Man every other woman wantsbut only for one night When the clock strikes twelveAlessandro Caetani does not do happy ever aftersi In fact his charm extends only as far as gett. I didn't realize it but I've read this three times Okay read once skimmed it two timesMy problem with it is the hero if that is a term that could be usedForget the tropes of the poor pitiful virgin fleeing from her evil background she seems stupid but is actually Idiot savantly talented OTT makeover that drives H wild etc These tropes all pale in significance to the fact that the H would rather listen to his his evil bitch ex than the woman he unknowingly loves He reject the abandoned heroine when she arrives at his engagement party to the evil ex and only takes her on when she admits she is there because she's pregnant After a happy interlude he rejects her again humiliates and debases her in front of a whole party of people after the evil ex fiancee arrives with some info Go to hell heroThe author does tack on a OTT cutesy knight approach that only made me dislike the H

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • A Night of Living Dangerously
  • Jennie Lucas
  • English
  • 08 December 2019
  • 9780263890389

About the Author: Jennie Lucas

Jennie Lucas had a tragic beginning for any would be writer a very happy childhood Her parents owned a bookstore and she grew up surrounded by books dreaming about faraway lands Her mother read aloud to her in French when she was little; when she was ten her father secretly paid her a dollar for every classic novel Jane Eyre War and Peace that she read As a chubby teenager Jennie covere