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A low common girl a total stranger the coal merchant's daughterPoor Ginny Bloggs The handsome Lord Gerald de Fremney himself had pledged to keep the unruly relatives in hand He thought he understood thoroughly Hmmm I'm guessing unlikable characters are Marion Chesney's thing I don't normally mind them but I can't read several stories featuring them back to back I think I'm going to take a break from this series for a bit and see what else the Romance Package has to offer

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Modern women Her reluctant guardians thought they understood societyPoor Ginny Bloggs As delicate as a china doll as bold as brass She understood them all She would have to teach them what it meant to be a lad DifferentThis book was not as whiny as the others and there was some spice It's set in the Edwardian Period and had a little bit of murder mystery to it

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Poor Ginny Bloggs She had inherited a fortune a magnificent country estate and her benefactor's disgruntled relatives a uartet of uerulous schemers who were horrified to find themselves suddenly at the mercy of He recovered and raised one skeletal old hand holding a handkerchief to his mouth “All I possess” he went on “will go to Miss Ginny Bloggs” “MISS GINNY BLOGGS” screamed four voices in unison MC Beaton Ginny Kindle Locations 113 115 Constable Robinson Kindle Edition I could've loved this book if the hero wasn't such a big stuffy prudish hypocritical and judgemental asshole The romantic storyline wasn't exactly captivating but the novel itself was highly entertaining It's the story about the orphan 19 yr old coalmine heiress who also inherits all the property and money from a wealthy aristocratic bachelor called Mr Frayne Ginny's late father had saved old Mr Frayne's life and the latter since he also despised his relatives decided to beueath all his wealth to the heroine This novel was a very humorous look at how the snobbish aristocrats in the Edwardian Era treated people who were beneath their notice Old Mr Frayne's 4 surviving relatives were all lazy and avaricious; they'd been anticipating their inheritance since they all belong to the impoverished gentry class and felt that they were entitled to their uncle's wealth and property even though they didn't care about the man The hero is Mr Frayne's 30 yr old neighbour Lord Gerald de Fremney and he was the old man's best friend Gerald was even richer than Mr Frayne so he didn't need or want the old man's money The 4 relatives Tansy Barbara Jeffrey and Cyril were determined to treat Ginny like crap All had been outraged at the idea of a member of the lower middle classes inheriting Courtney Lord Gerald had visited the Frayne mansion two days before to find it alive with comments such as“Bound to smell of the shop” “No breeding mark my words” “Probably got a common accent” “How can we socialize with someone who could be one’s scullery maid” And so on MC Beaton Ginny Kindle Locations 160 163 Constable Robinson Kindle Edition I was almost scared for the poor heroine because I expected her to be yet another one of those weak pitiful goody two shoes type of Mary Sues who are afraid of everyone and too polite to stand up for herself However I was pleasantly surprised Ginny was magnificent She was bold confident beautiful witty sarcastic in a soft feminine manner and she immediately showed them all that she wasn't going to be a pushover or a fashion disaster like they'd expected her to be She countered every nasty insult with the best and classiest of verbal parries “Welcome to Courtney” Lord Gerald was saying “I am your next door neighbor” “Oh good” said Ginny with a dazzling smile “We shall be able to have long chats over the fence” “Long chats over the fence” said Tansy with a bray of laughter “My dear Miss Bloggs we’re not in Bolton now” Ginny gave Tansy a bewildered look “Of course we are not” she said gently “We are at Courtney in the county of Kent” And then she added in an undertone that was somehow perfectly audible to the listening guests “Poor poor lady Imagine not knowing where you are But then it’s said there is one in every family” MC Beaton Ginny Kindle Locations 213 219 Constable Robinson Kindle Edition They all expected her to be a mousy plain provincial who was uneducated and unable to speak in a refined manner and when they saw her for the first time they were all shocked bowled over by her confidence beauty and poiseGinny was than a match for all of these aristocratic snobs and she kept up with and deflected all of the nasty things they tried to do her including practical jokes schemes to compromise her into marrying fat Jeffrey or skinny dandyish Cyril They all thought she was just another blonde bimbo airhead but the young heroine was educated refined knew exactly what they were up to and also had a good head for business This is GinnyBut this represents Ginny's attitude to life and to all of these other whining and nasty charactersAnd F them up she did And I loved it because it's rare to read about a heroine who's dainty soft feminine beautiful and has the ability to stand up for herself in a polite but determined and vastly humorous manner The H Gerald is the one who annoyed me He's a beta type of hero who's not a manwhore but who thinks he's entitled to universal female adoration He also underestimated Ginny since he believed that the petite and feminine heroine was not as intelligent as the usual type of women he courted He felt comfortable with his court of hard bitten chain smoking intelligent women who he felt sure admired him for his mind alone MC Beaton Ginny Kindle Locations 173 174 Constable Robinson Kindle Edition Gerald had been content to lap all the adulation he received from his female admirers particularly a plain and starchy spinster called Alicia He planned to eventually propose to dull and mousy Alicia even though he wasn't the tiniest bit attracted to her This is GeraldGerald was a little intimidated by the confident heroine but he didn't show it and he also despised himself for the intense sexual attraction he felt for her He had been celibate for 4 yrs and was proud of his self control around women but Ginny put an end to all of this The part of their relationship that I enjoyed the most was Ginny's superficially condescending attitude to Gerald The H would often kiss her and then afterwards tell her in a mean way that it meant nothing Unlike other heroines Ginny always rallied and would shrug her shoulders in an uncaring manner and merely respond to him like this This always stunned the H because he thought she'd be simpering and begging for his attention Ginny did have strong feelings for him but she had an even stronger degree of pride and self preservation and I found this commendable There were a few funny scenes in this story where Ginny manages to get the best of the 4 cousins and their aristocratic neighbours In one scene Ginny provides payback for the scheming Cyril by allowing that idiot to get himself into a compromising situation with the spoiled daughter of the local bishop Cyril ends up having to become engaged to the woman Then there was an even comic scene where Jeffrey is waiting in an abandoned cottage to try and seduce Ginny into marrying his ugly ass Ginny deliberately misunderstands the situation and uses her cunning skills to make Jeffrey drink a nasty potion that makes him sick for a couple of days Barbara ends up being the one who actually gets fed up of all the other schemes and decides to murder the heroine Several serious attempts are made on the heroine's life and Gerald ends up saving her a couple of times If Gerald had been a nicer hero then this would've been a 5 star novel since the story was fabulous I did enjoy it a lot but I still thought that a splendid heroine like Ginny deserved a guy who was of a match for her