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Tailored Learning Designing the Blend That Fits

characters Tailored Learning Designing the Blend That Fits

You have a bewildering array of choices when it comes to designing and delivering effective training programs And these options are even daunting when you consider the ever increasing pace of change the availability of many new teaching technologies and the realities of working in a diverse global economy With so many decisi.

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Velopment of a blended learning solution for ABC Company From examining the organization's business goals and training needs through considering individual objectives and managerial considerations this real life example walks you through the process of selecting an ideal combination of training options for a specific scenari.

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Ons to make designing an effective learning experience that meets individual and organizational needs can be difficult In Tailored Learning Design the Blend That Fits learn about the pros and cons of various training options in the context of a detailed case study that follows a design team you and the authors through the de.

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