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    Edgy and a bit cringe worthy since I generally GASP dislike politics Still even with all my personality uirks I enjoyed this one a lot Every family had their traditions cAsher withdrew a roll of duct tape from his bag Henry made a slight choking sound which I translated to mean Dear God who gave Asher that duct tape and what is he planning on doing with it? “Mr Rhodes while I’m sure you do a passable Houdini impression I would prefer you not duct tape your hands together during class” cHe was grooming me as his heir attempting to mold me in his own image If I gave an inch he’d take a mile and I had no desire to be either molded or groomed Power Politics Game theory This was what passed for casual conversation in this house c“You’ll have checkmate in three moves” “Will I?” “Luckily for me I’ll have checkmate in two” cShockingly I made it through my Monday classes without developing the slightest inclination to sign up for the debate team c“So when one of the seniors on the lacrosse team was hazing the freshmen and you surreptitiously recorded said hazing and uploaded it as an attachment to his college applications that was   what exactly?” cHardwicke wasn’t a normal school Most days it didn’t even pretend to be c“I’ve never really excelled at doing what I’m supposed to” I said “Like talking to a wall” he muttered c“It’s really sweet in a completely inadvisable kind of way” сJohn Thomas leaned into my personal space I helped him out of it Forcibly c“Remind me again” I said “Is it performance art or organized protest that’s against the Hardwicke code of conduct?” c“Is that a threat?”“That’s a statement of probability” c“What kind of event?”“The kind at which your attendance was imperiously demanded” cThe air was cold in DC in November but I had Montana in my bloodThe chill didn’t bother me any than the insults of boys like John Thomas Wilcox cFrom the expression on his face he half expected Ivy to bite his head off for even asking cIf it came down to the rest of the world or you I would pick you every single time c“You do stoic well” c“We’ve established that you’re not okay and that I’m not okay Would it be weird to suggest we could be not okay while baking cookies?” cThese were the dates that lived forever in people’s memories—bright and detailed forever memorialized with a kind of visceral horror I couldn’t remember 911 let alone the Challenger or the day Kennedy was shot cLet’s talk about  ” She thought for a moment “The hedgehog”Henry wisely chose to keep any objections to himself c“If you can’t beat them join them?” cSome people do horrible things because of their beliefs And some people choose beliefs that let them do horrible things c“Every secret you’ve been keeping will find its way out Every decision you make will be uestioned You will be audited investigated and transferred to the most hellish nightmare of a desk job I can find Now get out of my way” cThat was why I would watch and wait and look for patterns hints that no one else would think to see cWhen I saw a problem I solved itI wouldn’t stay powerless for long c

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    wipes foreheadWell that was uite the wild ride Kudos to the author for actually writing a thrilling thriller this book was suspenseful and twisty and dark in a way that YA thrillers usually aren't I was never able to accurately predict what would happen and the surprises just kept comingThe Fixer moved a little bit away from the focus in book one on Tess's fixing like Olivia Pope in Scandal she spent a good deal of time as a uasi vigilante helping fellow students with their problems There is one fix in this book and Tess continues her role as a champion for the underdog which is nice But I'd say that this book moves firmly into political thriller category taking the events from book one and building on them to create a gripping and intricately plotted story that plunged Tess Vivvie Asher and Henry into a believably terrifying situation I love it when an author makes really gutsy narrative choices there were some things here that I definitely didn't see comingSo about that romance After the first book I was curious about what form if any the romance in this story was going to take There were two guys in the first book but not really any romance So I was totally waiting for a triangle to develop this author has used them in the past But in this book the whole romantic aspect took a very interesting turn Let's just say that I'm not sure things are exactly what they seem but who knows? That's been the case in the plot so maybe the romance will follow suitDefinitely recommended for readers of thrillers and especially political thrillersRead of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on Bloglovin Thanks to ATW ARC tours for loaning me an advance copy of this book to review

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    That was one of the best seuels I have ever readalso I'm a wreck of a human and I'll never be okay againlies facedown on the floor

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    Thank you Andye from readingteennet for letting me review thisPHEWOnce again that was an exciting adventure The story picks up close to when the first book ended and carries all the same elements that made the first book great It was full of amazing well rounded characters All of those darky twisty turns you didn't see coming or were in complete denial about It got my blood pumping so fast I couldn't put it down once I picked it upThis plot was politic focused than the last book and just as intricate What starts out as Tess doing Emilia a favor for her class president campaign uickly morphs intowell not merely a class prez campaign I didn't expect it to escalate so much but it did and boy was it juicyAND OHMYGOODNESS CAN WE TALK ABOUT SOME OF THOSE PLOT TWISTS IN A NON SPOILERY MANNER?? They hurt when they happened They hurt real bad I had no idea who to trust Tess and I had our eyes on everybodyThe romance definitely grew from what it was in the first book which was essentially nonexistent Tess nor any of the other characters are gooey romantics so it doesn't get steamy or scandalous but it's definitely cute to see the romantic tension grow when Tess is completely oblivious to rowdy behavior such as thatSo the book was great As hoped for and expected Can't wait for round threeHappy Reading

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    Raise your hand if you ever felt personally victimised by Jennifer Lynn BarnesNo? Not yet?Hold onto that If this is the final book in the series then I'm sorry it was fucking amazing but I'm a little annoyed because 1 I'm sad it's over already and 2 there are so many things left open

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    OMG HOW CAN THIS BE THE END????My heartMy heartMy heartGood lord can we get a kickstarter or something to fund getting a next book published I’m crying inside because there isn’t I sped through The Fixer in less than a day one of my challenges for myself this last part of the year is to read 6 books that have been on my shelf for way too long This fell in that category I’d heard how wonderful they were so mostly the delay in reading was just time related Now I’m just kicking myself that I waited so long After devouring The Fixer I grabbed The Long Game and now I’m a huge mess of feelings You know what the first sign of a good book is for me? I finished this series 24 hours ago and I’m still thinking about it I believe the main reason I’m still thinking about it is because I feel like I still don’t have all the answers I want That’s certainly isn’t to say that the story doesn’t wrap up nicely because word on the street is that there will never be a 3rd book it’s just to say that my heart is cracked in pieces and sneaky people are sneaky and OMG just give me So spoilers abound after this line so I’m warning you if you haven’t yet read these books WHICH YOU SHOULD then don’t read ahead view spoilerBarnes did an amazing job of creating a story filled with political intrigue betrayal suspense and friendship that I just don’t know what to do with myself now that it’s over I loved Tess I loved Bodie I loved Adam I loved Vivvie I loved Asher I loved Henry And I even loved Ivy I’m just going to be straight I figured out the twist between Ivy and Tess in the first book pretty early on so I wasn’t surprised about that It didn’t affect my feelings about the book it just meant that wasn’t a huge twist for me Do I understand Ivy’s motivations? Sure Do I understand Tess’s frustration and feelings of betrayal definitely So I’m glad that Barnes didn’t just sweep that under the rug and say well this issue is resolved now because that certainly isn’t how I would feel so I’m happy that this was still something that they were both dealing with in the second bookThe politics you guys all the moving pieces and the drama were just exactly what I wanted I will say this Barnes does not hold back on the violence that Tess witnesses so I hope that girl ended up with a good therapist in the end BUT – none of what happens in this book seems so far fetched especially in the world we’re living in today The one twist I wasn’t expecting Henry My heart my heart my heart I am seriously confused about how I am supposed to feel and the way that this story ended is crushing my soul because I feel like Tess and Henry’s story isn’t done yet I feel like there has to be Again not because the story doesn’t resolve in a way that works but because does taking a bullet for someone release you from the guilt you should feel over things you have done does no forgiveness actually end what was building between two characters? Honestly I feel like I know the answer after having gotten to know Tess but my heart wants something so so different even though I know how it went down was exactly how it should be hide spoiler

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    Jennifer Lynn Barnes uickly became one of my new favourite authors with her The Naturals series When I heard about The Fixer a YA Scandal type book I rushed to read it and loved it so much I knew I'd need to get The Long Game asap especially after seeing so many glowing reviewsThe Long Game does not disappoint Now that Tess knows that her sister Ivy is in fact her mother and she's also part of the prestigious Keyes family she realises her life will never be normal She continues to champion and fight for the underdog but when the President is shot and she becomes and drawn into real tangible threats her life is at risk and her name is just the beginningSo much happened in this book From the beginning there was no sort of lull we were thrust into the action from the get go and the various plots were just popping up here there and everywhere Tess knows she really shouldn't be doing any investigating but of course she doesn't listen and is put at risk so many times She has grown so much though from The Fixer She now accepts that her relationship with Ivy isn't normal but because of her name and position in the political elite of Washington she hasn't got time to worry about trivial things like that This book has all the feels let me tell you and not just in the cushy swoony type of feels I was scared angry sad happy and just about every other type of emotion I could be with this book especially at the end Because of how treacherous DC life is even Tess can't see everything coming and we got to see her vulnerability at times because of this and the betrayals she facedThere is some romance in this book but not too much because the plot is far important There's twist and turns everywhere and the romance is not immune to this I've got to say though if this is truly the last book in the series then it was just cruel It ended with not really a cliffhanger as such but there were so many threads that hadn't been resolved and we need to have a proper ending to the series

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    Wow This one left me a little speechless I'm not usually one for politics and that sort of story but I was sucked in by the first book and couldn't wait to read this one Tess and her group of friends are interesting I've always like Tess's headstrong personality She smart and conniving without being horrible and cold I love that she's all brains and that she's able to connect the dots in places others don't see However Asher will always be my favorite There is a lot going on in this book Every time I thought I had it figured out something would be revealed and it would blow my mind And I'm still reeling from the ending I can't wait for the next book Huge thanks to Bloomsbury and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review

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    It was so much than I expected Full review to come ♥

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