CHARACTERS í Fixing Families Parents Power and the Child Welfare System

Fixing Families Parents Power and the Child Welfare System

REVIEW Fixing Families Parents Power and the Child Welfare System

In Fixing Families Jennifer Reich takes us inside Child Protective Services for an in depth look at the entir.

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E organization Following families from the beginning of a case to its discharge Reich shows how parents negot. The Enlightenment parents negot.

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Iate with the state for custody of their children and how being held accountable to the state affects a famil.

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    Good introduction to the world of child welfare in the US I picked it up because my job reuires me to understand current child welfare legislation and I was looking for something comprehensive The book is circa 2005 so it's as up to date as it gets including info about the 2005 Deficit Reduction ActIt starts with a history of child welfare not long it only goes back to the mid 1800s Then goes through a few specific cases to present the nuances of the system She also tackles the biases against the poor among others Whichever side you tended towards either state intervention in family life or less you will forced to at least reconsider Though generally an advocate of government I find myself leaning towards less intervention How would you feel if some random social worker came into your house and judged your parenting skills? The first half of the book is better than the second half when she starts to get repetitive She finishes with a strong conclusion though with lots of good ideas for reform One of which being parents should be involved in designing their care plans as opposed to the state controlling everything Would likely give parents ownership and increase participation leading to better outcomes Amazing how everything always comes back to self empowerment

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    excellent informative book

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