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« Scott Sigler »Robinson kombiniert Mythen Wissenschaft und rasante Action wie kein anderer« ScienceThrillerscom »Unter den Autoren wissenschaftlicher Thriller schreibt Jeremy Robinson am spannendsten Würde man James Rollins 9 Punkte für Spannung geben dann steht Robinson bei 10« New Hampshire Magazine »Gerade wenn man glaubt dass die modernen Schriftsteller jede mögliche Art wie die Erde vernichtet wird durchgekaut haben – da taucht Jeremy Robinson auf?. 45 Stars

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Es bebt unter der Stadt Wie von Millionen Füßen Der hochbegabte Freeman lebt in einer perfekten friedlichen Welt Die Zeiten als die Menschen die Sklaven einer fremden Rasse waren sind lange vorbei Die »Herren« haben den Krieg gegen ihr Eigentum verloren Das zumindest hat man Freeman gesagt Doch warum hat er dann einen Beschützer der ihn auf Schritt und Tritt bewacht Und wieso durfte er die große Stadt noch nie betreten Dann wird er eines Nachts Zeuge wie ein. I can't believe I read another zombie book I have an aversion

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Mann ermordet wird und sich von den Toten erhebt Und plötzlich wimmelt es von lebenden Leichen die nach dem Fleisch der Lebenden gieren Freeman flieht in die Stadt Was ihn dort erwartet übersteigt allerdings seine kühnsten Träume und Albträume Der neue Thriller von Bestseller Autor Jeremy Robinson Booklist »Ein aufregender Mix aus Dystopie und Science Fiction« Kirkus Reviews »Vereint Elemente aus Der Zauberer von Oz Star Wars und Sam Raimis Evil Dead Filmen. Yes this is a zombie novel but no it is not like any other zo

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    This is the zombie apocalypse with a fantastic twist The zombies are late the robots have already wiped out humanity I'm not uite sure what inspired me to pick up this crazy sounding robots vs zombies story but I'm glad I did as it proved to be an engaging and compelling read stuffed full of action mystery cool sci fi and even a bit of romance Above all it characters one could really love and root for Freeman has lived a sheltered life Not a surprise considering he is only 16 days old That sheltered life is brought to a dramatic end when a trip to observe some plants and animals in the wild sees him and his bodyguard attacked by what appears to be a group of ravenous undead Freeman is shocked as none of this sounds like the world his friends in the Council have described to him The current society is a utopia It has been for the last 30 years since the people threw off the yoke of the cruel Masters that enslaved them Now the law dictates that no one can be kept as a slave or forced to do anything against their will It is a time of eualityor so Freeman was told As the zombie apocalypse goes into overdrive Freeman is forced to flee for his life He loses contact with his friends from the Council and finds new ones in the form of a few robots from the Lowers the outskirts of the city and discovers that they have a very different view on the current society than that which he has been taught It sounds a bit weird but was actually fantastic The action was intense and Jeremy Robinson's engaging writing style made it easy to get caught up in Freeman's tale of discovery and survival Freeman was a great character He was incredibly likeable and it was great to see how he inspired those around him to become than the sum of their parts This was a super fun sci fi thriller that proves that one does not need a heartbeat to be human Rating 5 starsAudio Note The story was brought to life superbly by RCBray

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    Thiswas a weird read This was a weird book and yetI really enjoyed it I don't think I'll ever re read it but I can say I enjoyed it much than I expected I could see this as a SyFy movie lol

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    I can't believe I read another zombie book I have an aversion to zombie fictions tracing back to the 70's from watching The Night of the Living Dead But this book happily had action than gore and was actually kind of fun You see it also has robots which I absolutely enjoy So kind of a yin yang experience for meAnyway the plot was interesting and what I thought were plot holes were actually attempts to misdirect The plot seemed a little choppy but it turned out very satisfying and served to develop an uniue universe I always enjoy seeing robots wrestle with the bigger uestions of existence and purpose In the not to distant future we have a robot uprising to protest civil rights violations by the human masters Well you can imagine how you would feel if all of a sudden your toaster started complaining about the heat in the kitchen The conflict escalated to apocalyptic proportions This results in a uniue take on the zombie element This is a fun read that is somewhat brain candy but you could probably guess that from the cover

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    Buy this book and put whatever you're currently reading downNever have I read a book as brilliant as Jeremy Robinson's new masterpiece XOM B and it's highly unlikely that I ever will againBeing an avid horror and sci fi fan I liked the idea of zombies and robots mixing it up in a novel Tittilated I purchased the kindle edition opened it up and read And read and read until it was all goneDid I say liked? I mean LOVEDSeamlessly written engaging and with a mind boggling twist that would give Shyamalan M Knight an aneurism if XOM B doesn't win awards and make its way into a movie I will be surprised than I was with the contents of this bookElegant and with Asimov like undertones XOM B is THE book of the decadeWell played Sir

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    Yes this is a zombie novel but no it is not like any other zombie novel you have ever read Jeremy Robinson has taken a subject matter that has been done in so many ways over the years and given a whole new take on zombies how they came to be what they are and what their reason and place in the world is It's hard to review this without giving away spoilers so I'll say this if you're a fan of Zombie stories read this; if you're not a fan of zombies particularly but like the post apocalyptic genre read this; if you're a fan of well written action packed sci fi thrillers read this your take home message READ THIS

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    This is the first uniue take I've seen on the zombie genre since the movie 28 Days Later I've seen a number of attempts at a science fictional rationale for zombies but only 28 Days Later really sold me on the plausibility of it Until now Whereas in 28 Days Later they aren't proper zombies but actually people suffering from a virulent form of rabies dubbed the rage virus which makes them behave like crazed zombies but they aren't actually undeadRobinson takes a different tack here but telling you how he's done it would give away the story entirely Suffice it to say it's wholly believable given the parameters he's set upThis is a tremendously fast read A full fifth of the book consists of a chase scene which at times felt gratuitous as Robinson apparently just kept thinking up another cool action bit to add but you realize at the end that it was necessaryIt reminds me in a good way of the kinetic pace of Logan's Run by William F Nolan or perhaps Roger Zelazny's Damnation Alley There's the euivalent of the ruined Washington DC here The two main characters are reminiscent of Logan and Jessica they meet characters similar to Box Francis and the Old Man They aren't one to one rip offs but I could see how someone could make the case for parallel bits In fact I wouldn't be surprised if you could map the story beats of Logan's Run directly to Xom B That's not a slam against Robinson sometimes the formula simply works and there's no reason to deviate from itAs I was reading I kept imagining how I would turn this into a movie This used to be a problem I had with every book I read wondering about the best way to adapt it what to cut what to include but I eventually cured myself of this because it was getting in the way of simply enjoying the story And getting in the way of finishing books as I would often drift off into my imagination This is one of the few books where that came roaring back full force like a hurricane of whimsy blowing away all my carefully contrived defensesI really want to make this into a movie It would be so much fun

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    Mini ReviewYa know this was not exactly the story I thought I would be getting when I got this book and yet it was very satisfying Within the framework of the story the characters plot were believable and cheer worthy I kind of wish that there was a follow up short story or seuel to continue the tale That's how much I enjoyed the characters setting An interesting mix of potential science philosophy psychology Great popcorn SF

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    45 Stars

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    In XOM B Jeremy Robinson once again immerses the reader in a world that in just a few short years could be our reality While I'm not generally a fan of zombie books' I AM a fan of Jeremy Robinson XOM B can almost be seen as a cautionary tale in some waysover the last few decades man has been increasingly dependent on technology especially computersWhere will this lead the human race? In XOM B Jeremy Robinson explores the slippery slope man might be on toward our own demise XOM B is definetely not your average zombie book but if you are a fan of the zombie genre you will LOVE this book With plot twists than a James Rollins' and things that would even give Stephen King nightmares XOM B is sure to keep you reading to the very last page

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    I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book robots zombies and great writing what does a person need from a book? So much so that as soon at it arrived and I was greeted with the choice of reading or sleep I chose to read and I definitely don't regret that decision As always Jeremy Robinson has written excellent characters that you love or and hate in eual measure I thought Xom B was fantastic it incorporates lots of thoughts on what it is to be human with nasty enemies and a few surprises I'm waiting for the announcement that it's going to be a movie because this is the sort of book that is crying out to be made We as an audience need it

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