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  • Hardcover
  • 250
  • Cooking with Italian Grandmothers
  • Jessica Theroux
  • English
  • 25 April 2018
  • 9781599620893

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Cooking with Italian Grandmothers

Jessica Theroux Ð 2 Read

WINNER 2011 IACP Judges Choice Cookbook Award International Association of Culinary ProfessionalsWINNER 2011 IPPY Gold Award Independent Publisher Book AwardsBest Italian Cookbook of 2010 Publisher's WeeklyAmerican chef Jessica Theroux spent a year traveling throughout Italy cooking and talking with Italian grandmothers learning their secrets and listening to their stories The result is a charming and authentic collection of recipes techniues anecdotes and photographs that cel. This book is a treasure As a young chef Jessica spent a year in Italy learning from Italian grandmothers about food and about life She spent several weeks with each of the twelve women and dedicated a chapter to each one and her recipes The women's life stories and wisdom are interwoven with a wonderful collection of truly mouth watering recipesHere is one of my favorite uotesCarluccia taught me to pay attention to each little thing in my cooking Where is this fruit or vegetable in its life cycle Is the meat from a young animal or an older one And what part of the animal is it from Where are we in the season Has the weather been damp or dry sunny or cold lately How fresh is the flour Is the water hard or soft What can I infer about my ingredient's flavor and texture And who am I feeding Are they happy or in need of comfort Are they cold to the bone from being out in the rain or hot and sweaty Ultimately what is the most appropriate way for me to cook this food to bring out the best it has to offer for my friends and familyI found Italian Grandmothers at the library but I'm now dying to have my own copy Learning how to cook a time honored Italian dish from an Italian nonna is one of the most delightful experiences in the world This book is the next best thing

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Ebrate the rustic and sustainable culinary traditions of Italy’s most experienced home cooks Cooking with Italian Grandmothers features the histories and menus of fifteen grandmothers each of whom welcomed Ms Theroux into their kitchens and pantries and shared both their favorite dishes and personal wisdoms From the dramatic winter shores if Ustica to the blooming hills of Tuscany in spring readers will journey through Italy’s most divers regions and seasons to discover th. This cookbook is a mixture of stories about the Italian grandmothers Jessica spends a year in Italy cooking with as well recipes that come from those meetings The cookbook's goal seems to be geared towards authenticity than accessabilityThere are lots of recipes that are time consuming andor contain hard to find ingredients But unlike some cookbooks Theroux fully explains techniues needed for these recipes Some people might have a problem with the fact that the some of the recipes aren't super accessible but I think there are plenty of cookbooks full of accessible recipes The authenticity of both the stories and recipes is what's great about this one I will also say that Theroux's stories are full of admiration for the people she meets rather than the self admiration that can come from travelogues

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E country’s most delectable dishes from the traditional to the unexpected and meet the storied women who make them Part travel diary part photo essay part cookbook Cooking with Italian Grandmothers features over 100 time honored recipes from the perfect panna cotta to the classic meat lasagna IncludesRecipes and wisdom from 12 Italian grandmothers100 classic Italian recipesA number of regional and seasonal menus complete from appetizer to dessertOver 150 full color photograp. I borrowed this from a friend Before the halfway mark it became clear I'll have to buy a copy I loved these grandmothers especially Daria we might be kindred cussing spirits

About the Author: Jessica Theroux

Chef teacher and author Jessica Theroux comes from both a culinary and artistic background Her artistic background involves a year long photographic residency at the Maine Photographic Workshops and a degree in Visual Arts from Brown University In 2003 Jessica was awarded the Arnold Fellowship to spend a year in Italy documenting culinary traditions Her book Cooking with Italian Grandmothers