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  • Hot for You
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  • 05 October 2019
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Hot for You

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Ay Beneath Faith’s tough exterior is a heart of gold and the chemistry between them is four alarm hot But just as he finally convinces Summerville’s most confirmed bachelorette to take a chance on love an old girlfriend waltzes into town and drops a bombshell in Mick’s lapAs Faith and Mick come to terms with the shocking news Faith must choose let fear of repeating her mother’s mistakes send her running or have faith in the man she’s come to lo. I am loving this series from Jessie Evans In this second of the Fire Icing series we have the story of Faith Miller and Mick Whitehouse Faith is content sortof to continue living by her rules to not depend on anyone least of all a man She grew up watching her mother do this and has vowed that she will never lose herself to anyone else She is the lone female firefighter in town and fiercely independent and private Mick too is private but for differnet reasons; one because his sisters Naomi and Maddie are trying to be in his business but two because he has been burned by his last relationship and isn't looking for anything serious But he's drawn to Faith and after the scorching kiss they shared at the Fireman's Ball Mick is determined to get to know Faith better Faith and Mick have known each other since elementary school but as Faith says Mick's all grown up tempting as sugar coated sin and he is determined to seduce Faith into forgetting all her rulesSo despite the heat that is between them Faith is resistant and Mick is than determined to have her and get her out of his system Though he finds that the he is with Faith the he wants her for than just a uick anything I loved seeing the interaction between these two characters Loved how Mick is learning to love Faith just as she is and that Faith despite her fears is learning that Mick doesn't want to change her but wants to be her partner Faith is an anti princess and scoffs at the notion of anyone saving her and Mick tries hard to get her to see that though he wants to help her he knows she's capable of saving herself In many ways Faith is saving him and they are each others heroes in many ways Mick has had his fill of being with a damsel in distress as his psycho ex proves Jessie is getting better and better in each book the heat and intensity in this one was great I loved all the ways that the story weaves other Summerville characters and we get a sneak at Maddie and Jamison who I think are going to be even hotter Each of her books adds a bit sweetness and heat And I have come to know that I will always be smiling laughing and in some cases fanning myselfOne of my favorite lines is at the end and Faith has realized that what she and Mick have found is than a blessing After years of being so certain so sure so convinced that love was never going to find its way into her lonely corner of the world sometimes the happiness she'd found with Mick was almost painful It was like medicine applied to a wound hurting as it healed but a blessing no doubt about itI received an arc in exchange for an honest review but seriously this is an outstanding read Go get it today and if you haven't met the rest of Summervilee GA check them all out they are that good

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Too hot to handleFaith Miller has faith in two things her surrogate firehouse family and her own two hands and she needs a man in her life like a fish needs a bicycle Growing up watching her mom get used and discarded by one deadbeat boyfriend after another has left Faith jaded and determined not to fall into the same trap But when Mick Whitehouse moves back to Summerville Faith’s happy single life is turned upside down The hunky carpenter is a far cry. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis was the first book of the Summerville series I have read but will most definitely not be the last Faith and Mick are both such great characters and great togetherI was in love with this book by the third chapter If you're looking for a sweet romance check this one outI think you'll enjoy it too

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From the little boy she used to wrestle with on the playground in elementary school Mick’s all grown up tempting as sugar coated sin and determined to seduce Faith into forgetting all her rulesOne kiss under the mistletoe and Mick Whitehouse knows that he wants Faith Miller Bad After years of lukewarm relationships with the wrong kind of girls Mick is powerfully drawn to Summerville’s only female firefighter and determined not to let her push him aw. It's an Ok read First the story suddenly begins that make me wonder is the prologue missing Maybe I should read the previous stories cause this story begins with Faith escapes from her hometown after kisses Mick without description of what leads to the kiss and what their relationship is before this kissAlso the story contains too many clichés1 Hero and heroine's fear for commitmentMick is afraid of developing relationship with heroine due to his terrible ex; Faith fears to commit to anyone who may lead to her heartbreak because of her mother's loser boyfriends3 Family drama Faith's mother4 Hero's unsolved ex problem view spoilerMick's ex not only comes to find him but also very pregnant Of course she claims he is the father hide spoiler