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Summary Betrayal on the Border

Sponsible for the massive ambush that left only her and investigative journalist Chris Mason alive Yet with suspicion and danger targeting Maddie and Chris and a kille. Betrayal on the Border from author Jill Elizabeth Nelson offers a strong appealing female

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Former army communications specialist Maddie Jerrard may not remember the details of the deadly mission on the Texas Mexico border but she knows one thing She's not re. Given Maddie and Chris' past history their unwillingness to work together at least on Mad

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R on their trail partnering up is the only solution But as Maddie and Chris get closer to uncovering the truth they'll have to trust each other to make it through aliv. I love when the main character is a strong woman who knows how to handle herself This is

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    Before I delve into my feelings about this book I feel I should preface this with the fact that I read this as an assignment At the library where I work every year we are assigned different reading tasks which we have dubbed CORE in order to make sure our reference work is well balanced This year I had to pick two titles outside of my comfort zone Anything in the Inspirational section is outside my comfort zone and I'm not huge on crime fiction so this fit uite well It was not a horrible read I've definitely suffered worse Just not my cup of tea; so even if this book is awesome for other people it wasn't going to get a high rating from me to begin with All things considered giving this a 2 is a good grade Now onward CHEESE So much cheese Even with clean fiction I feel authors do not need to pepper their stories with excessively cheesy dialogue and awkward phrases I could be okay with it if the characters were introduced as having a particular uirk in that fashion or if the area had a certain dialect Neither of those situations were presented to me so I was left a tad baffled by the author's choice of many words Maddie and Chris our protagonists are introduced as late twenty somethings However by how they talk I would have guessed late thirties to forty easy I'm 26 and I have never heard someone my age use such phrasing Happier than a mustang in high grass Don't count your chickadees before they hatch buckaroo Are these people ranchers? Nope And Chris is often enough described with laugh lines around his eyes How much have you been smiling that you have crow's feet before you're 30? I just think the author was writing her age and not the age she assigned her characters Oh one Took me a minute to realize what this line was Come flashflood or hot place Just say Hell or High Water Christian fiction can still say Hell Story wise it was decent Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the characters involved the mystery was enjoyable However the confrontation was incredibly short and abrupt Happened in the last ten minutes of the book Lots of looking and snooping and researching and then suddenly Oh We're there We know everything The end It could have been mapped out better For the romance please refer back to the CHEESE It wasn't very believable for me We are told that Maddie and Chris have a slightly saucy past but the flashbacks are random and inconclusive Their current interactions obviously yield attraction but again I'm only being TOLD not SHOWN Overall for the right patron I would recommend this book and others like it The Love Inspired Suspense covers uite a bit of the shelves and they are indeed popular with the right crowd So if you're looking for a bit of NCIS with characters who are less developed and a tad awkward a small evangelical lesson and absolutely no smut couple kisses pick it up Odds are you'll like it

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    Given Maddie and Chris' past history their unwillingness to work together at least on Maddie's part made sense I loved that unraveling the mystery reuired both Chris' investigative journalism skills and Maddie's ranger skills This was a satisfying mystery where everything worked together and the characters were likeable

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    Very well written; however there were so many unanswered uestions remaining at the end

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    This was a nail biting edge of your seat and a very interesting book to read

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    4 STARSBetrayal on the Border is a Love Inspired Suspense It kept the suspense for most of the book and then they had to prove it It is also a fast clean read I enjoyed the novelFormer army communications specialist Maddie Jerrard survived attack on her unit They were on a joint mission to go across the border and raid a drug cartel Someone gave them up Maddie was injured and can't remember a lot of what happened that night She was debriefed and cleared Then she went into hiding On three different times someone had tried to kill her She was using a different nameMaddie is now a apartment repairman She was sent into a apartment to fix something and saw that they had been fixing a bomb She was searching for the bomb when the owners came back in She took them down and asked them where the bomb was The news on tv showed that a reporter's car was bombedMaddie got her to go bag and was leaving on the run again The bomb was not meant for her but the other survivor of the border attack investigative journalist Chris MasonIt was close to her apartment building Plus once the cops started taking prints in the bomb makers apartment they would be asking uestions about her being theirChris learned a lot from when he was able to be thier as the task force was training and getting ready for thier mission One thing he learned from Maddie was always start your car from key chain before you get to close He was not in his car But he did find Maddie's carMaddie does not trust that Chris was not the informer to the cartel but teamed up with him to figure out who was They started searching and uestioning those who knew about the mission and second stop they found a agent dead just barelyNow they were wanted for uestioning The they find the action and danger occursI really could see the story as Jill described it and got involved in the case I will read of Jill's work in the futureI was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from NetgalleyPublisher Love Inspired Suspense December 1 2012 pages 224 ASIN B0092ML93O

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    Betrayal on the Border from author Jill Elizabeth Nelson offers a strong appealing female lead and a hunky hero who is man enough to follow a capable woman Maddie Jerrard was a dedicated army communications specialist who survived the ambush at the Rio Grande which annihilated the special forces team of which she was a member The only other survivor is Chris Mason an investigative journalist A year after the tragedy Maddie's memories of what occurred remain jumbled However the killers remember her and Chris very well and when new threats come to the surface Maddie and Chris are reunited and on the run for their lives Although Maddie joins in fugitive flight with Chris she dares not fully trust him Dealing with a lifetime of abandonment and betrayal issues has left Maddie with many uestions of faith One thing is clear and that is her innate sense of what is right and what is wrong Chris is a determined news hound sniffing out the truth no matter how much it places him in peril Can these two hearts find the truth and conuer their fears as well as their enemy? Will a burgeoning love survive all and come into full bloom and will faith find its rightful place? Great characters with an intriguing role reversal and a dynamic story line come together for a compelling and enjoyable romantic suspense read

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    Loved it Maddie is on the run She is a former army specialist whose whole unit got ambushed and killed on the Mexican border Only she and Chris a famous reporter survived Since leaving the hospital after her recovery someone has tried to kill her multiple times and she can't even remember what happened that night She knows she didn't betray her unit and country so it had to be Chrisright?I felt so bad for Maddie She is strong tough and completely alone She is wonderfully trained thanks to the military and she has had to call upon them to stay alive Chris is a strong steady man whose determination to find the truth makes Maddie want to trust him but she just can't risk it I liked the fact faith was not shattered but shaken in this book Woven through the story it fits and isn't forced Plenty of suspense and a spark or two of romanceA definite 55 I'm keeping this oneThank you to netgalley for the review copy of this book I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine

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    Betrayal on the Border pulled me in right from the beginning and just didn't let up This is one action packed bookMaddie Jerrard and Chris Mason are on the run They survived an attack a year earlier but can they survive the next few days as they try to discover who was behind the attack? Maddie must also contend with memory loss from the event She really does not know who to trust She longs to trust Chris with all of her heart but fears that he was behind the betrayal a year earlierBetrayal on the Border is full of action political intrigue and lots of romance The author did an amazing job creating tension and attraction between Maddie and ChrisI received a free copy of the book through a contest on Suspense Sisters I was not reuired to write a review but happily do so

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    I love when the main character is a strong woman who knows how to handle herself This is a great mystery story with a hint of Christianity in it I liked how the author kept the main characters true to their character You believe the actions they take are really ones they have thought about and would take if they were real people I liked how the romance developed over the story and thought the story ended well I gave this book 55 stars I would recommend it to anyone who likes a Christian fiction book with mystery and romance This was a great readI would like to thank the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read

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    Maddie is a former Army Ranger on the run from a bunch if crooked federal agents in league with a drug cartelShe kicks seriousahem you know slids across the hoods of cars and even this isn't a spoiler it's in the first chapter jumps onto the hood of a moving carI was like this chick is AWESOMEChris who she thought was dead is also on the run He's a well known tv journalistLots of action lots of real world corruption of officials and a big payoff at the end Maggie was tough but eventually her emotions caught up with her and by the end she cries at practically anything

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