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The Serpentine Cave

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The past Marian discovers that her mother's art and her own identity are irrevocably tied into St Ives' biggest tragedy a lifeboat disaster of 1939 The Serpentine Cave is an imagined story containing a true one a powerful lovingly crafted novel of memory and loss birth and rebirth and past regrets that still have power over the present. Jill Patton Walsh is a terrific story teller She knows how to interject characters and weave them into her stories throughout the entire book This is a story of a grown woman Marian a daughter who holds deep resentments for her mother The mother used painting as an escape and moved them around constantlyShe never knew the identity of her father She felt lost and resentful Things get complicated when the mother suffers a serious stroke from which she never recovers and dies shortly thereafter Her own children join her after their grandmother's stroke and offer support Many of the best painting her mom did were from St Ives in Cornwall so she sets off to try to figure out whence she came and who her father was The story is told with feeling and in the end she comes to realize what both her mom had lost long ago and how her resentments had caused her to loose precious time with her mother

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R know about herself Regret and her mother's paintings the best of which are a series of landscapes set in St Ives Cornwall Marian's search for the truth takes her back to St Ives a village where artists and fisherman have coexisted for decades and where Marian and her mother lived for just a few years when Marian was young Digging into. Wanted a uick read after being immersed in the world of the Plantagenets This is a re read of a book I purchased and read many many years when we were on holiday in Cornwall I like to buy books which are set in the area where we are holidaying and much of this book is set in and around St Ives which we know well When Marion's mother is struck by a stroke and dies Marion realises she has left it too late to find out about her childhood and most importantly who her father was The only clue she is left with is a portrait of a young man and she is encouraged by Leo who enters her life on her mother's death along with her son and daughter to go down to St Ives to find out She finds that her past is linked to a past lifeboat tragedy finds the answers and peace she needs and is reconciled with her view of her mother therefore able to move forward with her life

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When her mother dies Marian Easton is confronted with the task of settling the affairs of a life she no longer knows for her mother an unconventional artist kept many secrets foremost among them the identity of Marian's father Now all Marian has to console herself with is regret over their uneasy relationship over everything she'll neve. A light enjoyable story of a woman finally finding herself after the sudden death of her mother It is nicely written with well rounded characters and believable dialogueMost of all though I enjoyed the setting in Cornwall England I spent many childhood holidays there and mentions of Hayle Slapton Sands and Gwithian amongst others brought back happy memories The author must have spent a lot of time there too because her descriptions of St Ives and its surrounds are spot onRead for a challenge but it was still a few hours well spent

  • Hardcover
  • 224
  • The Serpentine Cave
  • Jill Paton Walsh
  • English
  • 23 December 2019
  • 9780312169992

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