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Bar Napkins and Bathroom Stalls

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A poetry collection about the bright the shady and the ugly side of the unlucky man's lifeTable of ContentsThe Ballad of a Fox Named DaisyThe Bit Who Took My HeartThe Greatest Poem in the WorldSmoking on the JobConversation with a dope fiendDamn it AllEven Deadbeats Get the.

Review Ð PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó Jimmy Pudge

BluesThe Death of Pancho VillaHot DogFool’s GoldFriday Night at a Seedy BarA Bright Eyed Innocent Beauty FadesLast GoodbyeMelindaA Drug Deal in a Circuit City parking Lot on a Rainy DayAn Old Ghost Eating Ice Cream in the Mall Parking Lot on a Rainy DayPsychopath Sex Sce.

Jimmy Pudge Ó 2 Characters

NeChildren of the NightThe woman who stepped on my heartWhat my friends up to on a Friday nightYou Never Realize How Lonely You AreTall TalesThe Devil CallsEating a Taco Salad in a Mexican RestaurantWalking to WorkFor Peaches on New Year’s EveA Description of My Boy Tommy.

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