Characters õ Human Sacrifice A Shocking Expose of Ritual Killings Worldwide

Human Sacrifice A Shocking Expose of Ritual Killings Worldwide

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As South America ritual killing is almost commonplace HUMAN SACRIFICE investigates the terrifying current spate of human sacrifices and ritual killings. Wow Bad Very bad Men on the Edge bad

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Human sacrifice still goes on uncomfortably close to home cases have been found in the US Europe and the United Kingdom In other parts of the world such. It is always diffi Visual Communication: Images with Messages 7th Edition been found in the US Europe and the United Kingdom In other parts of the world such. It is always diffi

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Jimmy Lee Shreeve draws on police reports and interviews with the victims' families to paint a horrifying picture of ritual sacrifice at home and abroa. Very informative n

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    The general topic is interesting enough it can't help but be The bizarre lengths humans will go to in order to try to get than their neighbor is always both shocking and intriguing The author however jumps right in the middle of his journalistic report and repeatedly inserts his experiences in magic to the point of complete distraction He comes off as narcissistic and in desperate need of attention While the subject matter is compelling the author is not

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    It is always difficult to review a friend's book especially when it is a signed gift a bad review might offend and a good review be distrusted Fortunately Jimmy Lee Shreeve is one of the least 'precious' of litterateurs a man who consciously models his style on American 'gonzo' journalism a man for whom criticism is like water off a duck's backSo it is with some pleasure that I can say that this book really is worth reading assuming that you have a strong stomach and that you take it for what it is and not for what you might like to beThe book is published by Barricade whose list includes uite a large number of conventional true crime books that concentrate on one of America's greatest gifts to the world the 'romance' of organised crime From this perspective 'Human Sacrifice' is definitely a bit offbeat because it is looking at murder not as business or art or compulsion but as religious toolShreeve's own perspective is basically Ayn Rand with balls But with a twist He has a finely tuned sense of the use of Magick of the shamanic of voodoo of imagination and of the 'irrational' The ambiguity of human sacrifice fascinates him First it was possibly what our own ancestors did Second it can be surprisingly sophisticated in its reasoning Third its religious component is often sincere people really do believe in the amoral spirit world that underpins the 'crime' Human sacrifice for 'spiritual' reasons certainly raises disturbing uestions about cultural relativism and 'savagery' that are extremely inconvenient in our politically correct ageThere are two aspects of this book worth mentioning style and content The style is very engaging if you are prepared to accept it as tabloid journalism without the stupidity In depth research Shreeve wears his learning lightly but he ticks all the right boxes here is combined with direct interviews with key figures personal experience when perhaps he gets most lyrical to the point of his reader not uite suppressing a smile at his booze fuelled adventures and meetings with Mr D some hearsay and transcripts of his radio showWith some writers this melange could have descended into a mess he is disarming about how he had problems with finishing a chapter or understanding an issue but somehow he makes it all hang togetherBut the book must rise or fall as 'true crime' on its content The style is not in the Truman Capote league but it does serves its purpose of keeping the reader going and stimulatedOver 300 or so pages he takes a look at the disturbing 'torso in the Thames' case where the victim a young boy seems likely to have been murdered for black magic purposes the 'muti' culture of Africa a key element in the recent 'District 9' film from South Africa 'Satanic' killings in Germany and the US often linked to disaffected youth in the heavy metal culture survivals of Andean human sacrifice and grave robbing for the Palo Moyembe cult in the hispanic communities of North AmericaThere are also passing references to the possible role of human sacrifice amongst the drug lords of Mexico and the well attested survival of human sacrifice in some Indian Tantric cults Apart from the murders linked to disturbed Western kids which it has to be said are rare nearly all these killings are linked to extremely deprived third world cultures which are being disrupted by modernisationShreeve is a liberal sort of guy with respect for other cultures though less respect for religion as a whole but it is hard not to draw the conclusion that some serious savagery is on the very edge of normal across parts of the so called South Worse this nightmare of cruelty that might have come from an HP Lovecraft tale as something 'other' appears to be leaching into the West through mass economic migrationKilling for criminal magical benefit is probably very rare in the West and not common in the South but the good folk of New Jersey and other East Coast cities are not inclined to feel very progressive when grannies' bones turn up in a cauldron in a nearby shaman's lair and the local migrants cannot see that they have done anything wrong in making use of themSimilarly the leaching of 'bad' religion is not just about the wrong end of 'Juju' or Muti but is also embedded in primitive Christianity and Islam On the one hand Christian activists have been persecuting non criminal pagans with tales of sorcery involving suggestions of human sacrifice while others of their type have been 'beating the devil' out of little girlsWestern social services are caught between the rock of liberal respect for other cultures and the hard place of the demand that the authorities police abuse amongst people of very low education with beliefs that are shall we say challenging Most nice middle class people do not see the rising new edge of this culture clash in the inner cities where village life is transported into a sophisticated welfare society by the simple expedient of getting on a jumbo jet and walking through some very weak border controlsBut let's be clear abuses are exceptional in their worst form though no doubt for each of these few cases there are tens of thousands of incidents of petty viciousness born of poverty and habit that go on behind closed doors and which are widely tolerated as customary The worry is that the reuirements of social order may mean that these abuses are allowed to continue and to be covered up rather than fear driving these cultures underground Poverty does breed crime and magical or shamanic practice is used to buttress the power of local drug lords Keeping things in the open and informally monitored is good policyOne of the themes of the book is how drug crime and political interests in the third world will resort to extreme magickal measures including killing in order to gain power and advantage Once this sort of thinking is embedded in society it becomes extremely difficult to eradicateThe authorities' approach to Palo Moyembe in the US for example is increasingly to treat it as a legitimate religion and then to try and contain and control grave robbing but one suspects that African 'Muti' may be a much formidable problem with body parts having a value that encourages a culture of killing where life is cheapUnfortunately this is not a well documented world Shreeve does his best but it is clear that at times and a reason for the four rather than five stars of the review he takes a story as a tabloid journalist might that could be true but turns it into something that is probably true as far as he is concerned The most extreme story in the book a truly gruesome story of horrific African sacrifice by 'two hundred cuts' has the feel of an urban legend from start to finishMost of the magical influx into the West is an eclectic and intensified perhaps neurotic version of tribal and cultural practices that were once suppressed with or less success by district administrators and priests Fifty years of failed decolonisation combined with the stresses and strains of globalisation have rebuilt a base for practices that are sometimes the last hope of extremely frightened and poor people so that it is very credible that extreme magickal solutions involving a revival of human sacrifice and murdering for body parts should emerge This is 'Ghost Dance' stuff rather than a genuine community based expression of traditionalist religious practiceIt is certainly uestionable just how prevalent all this is My guess is that the revival of radical traditionalist religions is a very real phenomenon and that the use of extreme solutions to problems is growing but that it is still mostly very extreme personalities who are engaging in the worst excesses Most people muddle along in their particular insanity without causing much harm to othersBut I am eually persuaded in reading this book that the liberal minded determination to deny that claims of extreme practices are just a form of racism are also unfounded These crimes are not perpetrated by 'black' people they are perpetrated by black or olive skinned people who just happen to be extremely ignorant frightened and poor As Shreeve points out when white people were extremely ignorant frightened and poor and living in their euivalent of the anarchic conditions of Africa upper Peru or the Mexican border they were also engaged in similar 'magickal' and shamanic projects that also resulted in attested cases of deliberate killing for 'spiritual' purposesThis raises a big policy issue for the West There are two different ways of dealing with the 'import' of magick since it cannot be suppressed partly because the oppressive act of suppression in itself binds the magickal effectively to their magickThe obvious way is to deal with the issues raised in the way that the US East Coast police authorities are handling Palo Moyembe through understanding dialogue and education of both sides in the communityIdeally the West would also be educating South Americans and Africans although the scale of the task is so huge there are no jobs for all the educated and third worlders themselves bridle at what they see as cultural imperialism by the back door The progressive impulse of the Western centre left drove policy in the direction of investment in the third world especially in education until recently as a means of bringing peasant populations into something approaching a cultural middle class The truth is however that the money has run out for this as a forward policy in the South Governments are going to be hard pressed even to maintain the programmes that they do have in their own inner citiesIt is only a matter of time before the pressure on budgets and on social expectations especially when the indigenous populations of the West get spooked are concentrated on specific abuses in which the authorities are ordered to take action against the culture and beiefs of migrants In the UK it took an inordinate amount of time to deal with forced marriages and honour killings because no one wanted to be 'racist' Courageous centre left political figures had to shift the agenda from one of racism to women's rights to get the matter dealt withAlthough not currently an immediate problem there are clues that third world 'spiritual' practices that involve abuse such as Christian fundamentalist treatment of children 'muti' and basic fraud are going to become an issue before too long much as child abuse in a signally dimwitted Catholic Church has become This is a powder keg in which different basic human rights and freedoms conflict with each other and with lack of resourcesShreeve's book though he does not go down this political route is an important starting point in opening up a debate ourselves before it is opened up in an infiniely nastier way by some social services failure or scandal It is also littered with interesting insights to magical and shamanic thinking Although none of it will be new to people who have moved in those circles it should be educative for anyone fascinated by true crime and who is used to books on forensics or the doings of the Lucchese familyShreeve for all his bragaddocio gun toting and gin and yes he presents that image in his real life despite being a Norfolk based family man is a very humane individual He could have followed tabloid instincts and presented a paradigm of Daily Mail savagery which would have sucked in every Aryan Brother or BNP member from miles around but he does not do so He sees the desire for magical succour and the actuality of shamanic experience as part of the human condition and one that eventually we will grow out of as we mature I am not at all convinced by his attempt to explain the human condition in his final chapter along left brainright brain lines a somewhat discredited theory but he is on the right path As I put to him in a private note reasoning or rationalism and magick or imagination are merely tools of a sophisticated 'rational' self that makes judgements that are not fully rational in the positivist sense but are rational from the perspective of that personHuman sacrifice thus becomes a rational crime based on deep belief under certain extreme conditions and in certain types of culture Having managed with much labour to push much of that type of thinking to one side in the educated and prosperous West it is now vital to stop its re entry by the back door of migration We have our native forms of adapted paganism and shamanism in the West They will be the first cultural victims of any excessive tolerance of what we should not be afraid to call imported savagery whether Christian fundamentalist or 'Muti'There is a separate public debate still suppressed by the bien pensants to be had about mass migration and national sustainability but this is not the same as a debate on a social commitment to an investment in monitoring social practices and containing abuse while showing respect for belief systems that have an important role in allowing village people to adjust to modern urban life If we are to have mass migration then let's not be irresponsible about its social effects

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    I saw this book on the shelf at the library and thought that this might well be a very interesting read But I was wrong The book was nothing than a ton of babble The author inserts himself and his experiences entirely too much in the book The cases he writes about though are interesting if you research them yourself on the net Interesting subject poorly written book

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    I love books on subjects like this but was very disappointed with this particular title I could not get past the author constantly segueing into personal stories that were irrelevant to the content Poorly written to the point where I could not even finish the book Would not recommend

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    Wow Bad Very bad

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    This is a really good one The author a journalist and seasoned traveller in the worlds of sex drugs rock music and alternative religion presents cases he's come across over the years involving ritual human sacrifice He makes an effort to seriously uestion the less clear cases and the motives of fundamentalist Christians who see Satan behind every crime committed by a dope smoking teenager He also makes a concerted effort to acclimate the reader to the alternative religions out there underline how panicky reactions by the ignorant can cause criminal investigations to go terribly wrong and even try to suggest how people can use whatever religion they follow a little wisely This is the sort of book that is likely to lead you in all sorts of worthwhile new directions Highly recommended even though the book did need a thorough copyediting

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    Very informative not only on the history of human sacrifice but also on the religions that participate in ritualistic sacrifice It also gives insight into the minds of the people who do participate in human sacrifice The author provides much needed laughter and levity with his experiences living his rock n roll lifestyle and how the occult has impacted it

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    I did not cover what I wanted it to but it did cover many polices cases of human sacrifice in the last 30 years

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    A lurid and sensationalized account by a non academic writer Mr Shreeve could easily be at home with a tabloid Entertaining as slumber party tales