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Berlin 1865 Eva Frank the daughter of a benevolent Jewish banker and her sister Henriette are having their portrait painted–which leads to a secret affair between young Eva and the mercurial artist This indiscretion has far reaching conseuences devastating than Eva or her family could have imagined Distraught and desperate to escape her painful situation Eva hastily marries Abraham Shein an ambitious merchant who has returned home to Germany for the first time in a decade. Eva Frank is a young Jewish woman living in Berlin with her


Setting cannot keep at bay the overwhelming memories of her former life nor can it protect her from an increasing threat to her own safety that will force Eva to make a fateful decisionJoanna Hershon’s novel is a gripping and gritty portrayal of urban European immigrants struggling with New World frontier life in the mid nineteenth century Vivid and emotionally compelling The German Bride is also a beautiful narrative on how far one must travel to make peace with the past. I gave this two stars because after all I finished it The p

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Since establishing himself in the American West The eighteen year old bride leaves Berlin and its ghosts for an unfamiliar life halfway across the world traversing the icy waters of the Atlantic and the rugged sweeping terrain of the Santa Fe TrailThough Eva’s existence in the rough and burgeoning community of Sante Fe New Mexico is a far cry from her life as a daughter of privilege she soon begins to settle into the mystifying town determined to create a home But this new. I picked this up because the reviews sounded so goodfor me

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