How I Left the Great State of Tennessee and Went on toBetter Things Read Ø 100

How I Left the Great State of Tennessee and Went on toBetter Things

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In the waning days of one of the most unrecognized American exoduses of the twentieth century millions of broken people have left the strip mines of Appalachia in search of better things In 1961 two of these yearning souls Dahlia Jean Coker the teenage daughter of a sluttish mother and a deadbeat Daddy and Twitch an ex con descended from the legendary outlaw Younger clan are looking for their own wa. This book is very similar to a number of Michael Malone books what with the epic uests the myriad of eccentric characters and epiphanies at the end of the journey However this book is thoughtful and solidly written than Malone's whimsical style and plot lines Still I can't give this book than three stars because the author runs out of steam just before the ending and while the finale is appropriate by the time you get there you just feel like shrugging and closing the book because all of the best parts have already been so vividly experienced Joe Jackson is mainly known for his nonfiction which is why a number of his characters are so beautifully real despite the outlandish plot twists I highly recommend him if you'd like to immerse yourself in a Southern Gothic yarn that will make you want to relive the exuisite parts of your youth fear the bitterness and cycnism that lays ahead if you're not careful and help you scratch that itch of wanderlust

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Elist determined civil rights activists eually determined Klansmen and the unfortunate wife of an adulterous NASA scientist Battling a Tennessee flood of biblical proportions and a looming Florida hurricane Dahlia Twitch and their improbable traveling companions all land up at Dahlia's daddy's houseboat The final showdown with a fortune and dreams of a better life at stake will have readers marvelin. This is one my all time favorite books Its packed full of action adventure has uirky southern characters that will make you laugh I found it to be a fast paced page turner

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Ys out After a botched robbery by Twitch Dahlia takes the lead with Twitch's loot and his teenage son while the old man gives chase with revenge in his heart and Dahlia's mother by his side Through the South and finally on to a Key West reeling from the Bay of Pigs debacle the chase is at once thrilling heartbreaking murderous dark and hilarious Along the way readers encounter a snake handling evang. This book has so much happening so fast that I need to take periodic breaks from it or I will be overwhelmed

  • Paperback
  • 336
  • How I Left the Great State of Tennessee and Went on toBetter Things
  • Joe Jackson
  • English
  • 19 November 2018
  • 9780786712847

About the Author: Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson is the author of seven works of nonfiction and a novel His nonfiction includes Leavenworth Train a finalist for the 2002 Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime; Dead Run The Shocking Story of Dennis Stockton and Life on Death Row in America with co author William F Burke and an introduction by William Styron; A Furnace Afloat The Wreck of the Hornet and the Harrowing 4300 mile of its

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